The “Gift”

Hi, I’m a small town guy with religious roots and stories of my childhood and early adulthood… This is my history and it may help you understand the events that I will tell of later on.

Some back ground into my childhood. When I was about six years old I started having really strange dreams. These weren’t really scary, but as a child I couldn’t make any sense of them. I told my mother and she took me to my family doctor. He ruled out night terrors being that I had not awoken in a screaming panic, or even really looked disturbed in my sleep. He tossed around a couple possible diagnosis’, but none of them sounded like what I was experiencing. So my mom did the only other thing she could think of and took me to my Great Aunt. Our family called her the witch doctor as a joke, but it was much closer to the truth than most of the other adults in my small family would ever know.

As we walked into my Aunt’s house as we have many times before I could tell something felt different even as a kid. When we sat down around the kitchen table me and my mom began to explain the situation I was in. Then my Aunt stopped us and started speaking of things I had not yet spoke of such as some of the recurring things I would see, and sensations I would feel. I told her everything she said was correct . Then she told us I was a lucid dreamer, and that it was an incredibly unique gift.

For those of you who do not know, a lucid dream can be very different from person to person. For some it could be just a very vivid dream for others they may feel the pain of injuries in the dream after awaking, but one thing that nearly all have in common is they require someone who has control over the dreams to induce them. My aunt was one these very rare people. I on the other hand was about to learn that my “Gift” was a whole lot stronger than my Aunts.

She asked me to enter the living room and sit in the big recliner, and I did. She walked out of the room for a moment and upon returning she carried a white candlestick with a cross carved in it, a dusty old book, and a small vial of what looked like water. My Aunt had a concerned look on her face when my Mom asked her what these items were for. Her response was “Just in case.” As she continued gathering and moving things she handed me the candle and then lit it. She sat down in a wooden rocking chair in front of me and began to say a prayer. She put the liquid that was contained in the vile on my forehead. I now know that it was holy water. She the raised my hands sat the old book in my lap and directed me to hold the candle tightly with both hands and rest them on the book. All the while she was still praying. She paused but did not open her eyes she told me to direct all my focus on the candle’s flame. She then continued to pray but everything had gone dark and cold before she ever said amen.

I want to take a moment to remind you this is not a story this is my childhood. And is in all reality a true experience.

I was in a dark void but I still held the candle in my hands. There was a familiar sensation and I realised I was dreaming again. I began to walk the empty void in search of something familiar, as I continued I seen a little speck of white. I walked towards it for what seemed like hours to my small body. I stopped and closed my eyes just to rest for a moment then something around me changed I opened my eyes and then the little white speck had begun to grow and race towards me. I turned and ran through the emptiness scared with no sense of direction. But the light was catching up to me. Suddenly I couldn’t run anymore froze in place and within the second I was enveloped in the immense light. I couldn’t see anything but white not even the candle or my own body, I could not hear my voice trying to call out for my Mom and Aunt. I was just a small child and was terrified. I closed my eyes and just tried to picture my mom’s face then all of a sudden the light was gone and I was back in the living room but something wasn’t right.

As I looked around I seen my mom sitting on the couch still praying but I could not hear either of them. Then I seen myself still laying on the couch holding the candle. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I began to panic again scared and confused I dropped the candle and ran to my mom I tried to grab her hands but mine just passed right through her’s. I looked around and all the halls and rooms besides the living room had gone dark as if there was nothing but darkness beyond the doorway. The candle that my body was still holding had began to flicker violently. I could see that my Aunt noticed she stopped praying opened her eyes and pointed at the candle as a tear rolled down her cheek. The room started to grow darker and darker so I ran for the candle, before I picked it up I looked towards the hall that led to the guest bedroom and seen faces with glowing eyes start breaking through darkness and it was the same with the other two door ways. These faces were undoubtedly not human. I frantically grabbed the candle, gripped it as tight as I could, shut my eyes, and began to cry but nothing happened.

I opened my eyes, the creatures were gone, all the room were lit, and my Aunt had resumed praying. I sat down in the middle of the floor crossed my legs and closed my eyes once more. Then I started to hear my Aunt’s prayer and something told me to say it with her. So after hearing her say it in its entirety when she started to repeat it I joined in. Word for word I said the prayer and after I had finished I found myself in the same void I had entered in. But something was guiding me through nothingness until I came across a large stone door with scribbles and words I did not know. But I pushed on it as hard as I could, as I was pushing I just fell through I felt the sensation of falling for just a split second, then I slammed awoke in the living room with my Aunt and Mom.

My Aunt knew every detail of what happened while I was “gone”. And began to explain to my mom, she was mortified by what she heard. So my Aunt Julie gave me a charm that could wake me if I held it tightly and said the prayer she had been repeating. Me and my Mom left my Aunt’s that day scared and confused. But relieved I had made it back.

This was my first true experience with my “gift”… The ability to let my soul walk free from my body. If you’d like to hear more about my experiences let me know.

  • Arnoldas Jurevičius

    It was very interesting, would like to know more about your “gift”.

  • Hydra Gaming


  • Hydra Gaming

    Have you done it more than once? We need more!

    • Sean Chrisjohn

      It’s happened to me many times and still does I will continue posting some of the morning terrifying and amazing experiences I’ve had

  • Alex

    Please continue to talk about your gift more. It’s really interesting

  • Kate Bella

    Dude one word….. Insidious

  • Shivam Rastogi

    Was that out of body experience.? If yes how do u do it. I have been trying it for years but it always induce a lucid

  • Sean Chrisjohn

    Would like suggestions please

  • Sonia

    Maybe the movie Insidious was based on your life or at least your gift?

  • Cynthia

    You have the same gift as me. 🙂