Pasta War: Slenderman (3)

“Ah!!!” I woke up in a cold sweat. I was coughing and wheezing, trying to breathe. The room I was in was old and dusty. I stood up and hit my head off of a board hanging from the broken ceiling. The board fell and dust filled my once clean air. I began coughing more and the dust continued to spread.

The door to my room slowly opened and I had another vision. It was one of Slenderman, I was shaking his hand and Zalgo’s face was up in the night sky. I looked back at the door and saw Jeff’s face poke in the door. He looked at me, it seemed like a “happy” look.

“So I’ve got good news and bad news for you and I,” said Jeff. “Good news is that I get my powers and we’re a team. Bad news is that I don’t get my powers and you don’t get your freedom, unless we do old Slendy a favor.”

“What favor?”

“We have to help him kill a common enemy of the Creepypasta world… and your world.”

“Don’t tell me it’s-”

“Zalgo. Look, I’m as thrilled as much as you are. But we have to do this, for the sack of your world and mine.”

“I am a little confused… really confused. You’re a blood craving murderer, why the hell are you being so nice?!”

“Look! I am being smart this time. If I act like I am cooperating with this faceless freak, I’ll hopefully gain some of his trust and get the chance to kill him. You don’t know how much I need to spill some blood!”

“Well… Don’t spill mine, I kind of need that.”

“Huh, I’m gonna take a walk through the neighborhood to… Satisfy my craving.” Jeff left me alone in the room.

I walked out and found myself in a large mansion living room. It was made of a fine dark oak wood and nice smooth stone. It was a little dusty, but so lovely. There were old church style windows all over the place, each with a Creepypasta figure on them. In front of the Slenderman window was a tall figure. He had no face and was wearing a tuxedo. It was Slenderman.

“Hey, tall guy with no face! Yo, Slenderman!”

The man turned around and faced me, my ears popped. I heard a static noise and my vision was blurred. Then I saw something again, it was a blurred vision of me kneeling to Slenderman. I slowly kneeled in front of him.

“Good obedience,” he said with a deep and dark voice. “Now rise.”

The pain and noise were gone. I slowly got up and regained my eyesight. I looked at his feet and avoided staring at his face again. “Look, I have to ask you something. Why do you need my help?”

“I cannot beat Zalgo alone, but I maybe able to with some help. You have other abilities, extraordinary ones. You can track people, read minds, tell the future, and much more than that.”

“Why should I help?”

“Your world and mine are at stake here. If total war does break out and the apocalypse happens, Zalgo will open his eighth mouth and sing the song of destruction. It will rip a hole right through the Earth and Hell will rise. It will spread until the universe is corrupted and dies. Zalgo will rule all and he will make the universe in his own image.”

“Fine, I’ll help you. But first, what is my story? What happens to the chosen one?”

“You will become friends with us Creepypastas and become one of us. Someone will betray you and… Let’s just say we have a chance of winning in the end.”

“A chance, how much of a chance?”

“It is said that there are at least a trillion different outcomes, but-”

“But what?!”

“We only win in one of them.”

I knew that I should at least try, my world was doomed anyways. I shook Slenderman’s hand and another vision appeared in my head. I saw a huge hole ripped through… this very spot. Everyone lied dead on the ground and Zalgo was singing a song that sounded so beautiful yet, so dark. I hear the cries of children and the screams of tormented souls.

My mind returned to normal and I looked around, Slenderman was gone. Jeff walked back in, wielding a large knife. He pointed the bloody blade at me. “There, it’s satisfied. Two people are dead,” said Jeff.

“Great, you’re back. At least there’s only two of you.”

Someone was standing behind me. I didn’t notice until they said,”hello.”

I jumped back in fright, only to see that it was…

“There you have it, I saw the Slenderman and Jeff the killer. As for that other one… You’ll have to find out later. I’ll update you on the situation as soon as I can.”

  • Tate’yana Knight

    Someone saw Infinity War.

    • JaneTheReader

      That is exactly what I was thinking! I thought I was going insane.. A Dr strange reference, and I’m pretty sure zalgo is inspired by Thanos. Interesting story, though.