Pasta War: Jeff the Killer (2)

There I was, walking with Jeff the killer. We were walking back to my apartment to get my car. Jeff needed something from me and he could only get it from one place, the forest. I wasn’t too happy walking with a murderer, so I decided to talk to pass the time.

“So Jeff, how long have you been in that book? I know it’s a weird question to ask,” I said.

“Time doesn’t pass in there, it’s just a loop of memories and images. I can’t say how long it’s been,” said Jeff.

“Oh… Why are you even offering to help me? I thought you were a murderer.”

“True, but I want vengeance. I really need your help.”

“Why? Why me?”

“Because you are the chosen one… You will save us and the universe from extinction and one of you..

Little helpers will turn against you.”

“Chosen one,” I said confused.

“Well you see, you have this power to see into the future. You will have these visions that allow you to see into the future.”

“What’s the catch?”

“The catch is that every time you use your powers, Zalgo can track where you last used it.”

“But I can control it, right?” When there was no answer from Jeff, I grew worried. If I couldn’t control this power, we wouldn’t be able to hide anywhere. “Right?!,” I shouted.

Jeff looked dead into my eyes. “No, you can’t control them… yet. Now come on, we don’t have any time to waste.”

“Who are we up against?”

“We… We aren’t up against anyone. You on the other hand, have to fight Zalgo. I must get revenge on Slenderman. By myself.”

“But what if we joined forces? Like Batman and Robin. Or-”

“Or like Zalgo and Slenderman!”

“Who are they?”

“Enemies, like you and I will be if you don’t leave me alone. I go alone, not in a pair. I crave for blood and death, not teamwork.”

We got to my apartment and walked inside. Jeff scanned through my house and in my refrigerator. He grabbed a bottle of whisky and popped it open.

“Hey,” I said. “This is my house, you can’t just take whatever you want!”

“Actually, I can. I will stay here until you take me to Slenderman. Or else!”

“Why can’t you just walk there or find someone else to take you?”

“I need you for something else. When we find him, I must give him something. I must give him my allegiance and something else, in exchange for great power.”

I walked over to the hot water pot and poured some into a cup. I put some coffee grounds and creamer in the cup before mixing it with a spoon. As I sipped it, I looked at Jeff. I stopped and said,”so you’re giving him me.”

“It’s temporary. After I get my powers, I will kill him. Then you’ll be free.”

“What about Zalgo?”

“You’re on your own with that one. You see, no one can stop him. But you can, it’s your destiny. Now let’s go.”


“Excuse me, don’t make me have to hurt you!”

All of a sudden, my body was frozen. I saw something, an image in my head. I saw Jeff beating me and murdering me after killing Slenderman. Then I saw the world on fire and a large creature walking on its surface. It was Zalgo.

I quickly grabbed a knife and stabbed Jeff in the neck. I ran out the door and got in my car, locking the car doors and putting the key in the ignition. I had to find Slenderman, maybe he could help. Jeff’s fist suddenly shattered my window and he stabbed my shoulder. I hit him in the nose and drove away as fast as I could. I through his knife out the shattered window and looked back.

He was not in my driveway, I couldn’t see him. Then someone grabbed my neck from behind my seat and I spun the car out of control. The last thing I saw before passing out was the front of my car, on fire in the forest.

“This was my first encounter with a Creepypasta and it was strange and terrifying, but it wasn’t so bad. I hope I can gain Slenderman’s trust. I’ll update you on the situation as soon as I can.”

  • Sora Quinn

    Awesome Story

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    This so cool. Keep it up!

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    I need help I am a kid and love the concept of killing and other stuff