What Happened To Morgan Patrish

The lights flickered off, leaving the vast road invisible to me. However, I continued to drive down the concrete guide until I saw one single street light still illuminating the left hand corner where a small figure was sitting. Slowing the speed of my car, I got a clear view of her body, but not her face. She had dark brown hair that dangled off her shoulders, reaching the floor almost. Her body was covered in a baby blue pleated sleeveless dress and a slightly lighter long-sleeved shoulderless shirt. White tights neatly rested on her small legs, baby blue platform shoes still intact. A little white flower was tightly held in her hair for decoration.

“Are you okay, Sweet? It’s getting dark.” I asked, hoping for a response. As if she had grown used to that position, she moved her neck stiffly and looked up at me, and by Jesus, I wished she hadn’t. Her eyes were fully black and didn’t look like they functioned as eyes at this point; her pale white skin had deep purple lines around her mouth like extremely defined veins. She didn’t answer me for a few seconds until the corners of her lips snapped upwards with no fluid movement – like it had transitioned from straight to a twisted grin.

“I’m waiting.” Her voice was scratchy but sweet at the same time. My first thought was to drive away instantly but I didn’t. She looked like she was only a child and, from the time it was already, I would’ve felt guilty if I had left her on her own. She was about 4’11 and looked around the age of 10, so it was a bit bad in my mind. Why is she out here on her own anyway?

“How old are you, honey?” I asked, hoping to get some more information from her. She snapped her neck off to the side, staring down the pitch black road. It was quite cold out, usual for England. I stared at her more and then I noticed it – her eyes looked normal. They had turned white, like anyone else’s, but her irises were purple. “Honey?” As soon as she heard my voice again, her neck snapped back into its original position. With the one swift movement of staring off down the road back to me, her eyes managed to change to a light blue-grey colour.

“I’m 17, I’m just really short. My name’s Morgan Aria Patrish. My brother’s coming to pick me up.” She choked out, not breaking eye contact. A more masculine voice called out from the other side, captivating both of us with the melodic sound. It was a male with pale skin and black hair. He wasn’t wearing any colours besides black and white. His smile was insane and with each word, it sounded like he was trying to contain laughter that had been stuck in his throat for years.

“Morgan, the car’s over here.” He called out, motioning over to the other side of the road to… nothing. There wasn’t a car over there. Morgan stood up, preparing to bolt over to the male on the other side of the road, but I didn’t trust him. There wasn’t a car and he looked like he was on the edge of insanity.

“Sugar, I don’t think it’s safe for you to go to him. I’ll-” She darted across the road to her brother, only for a car to speed up the road and hit her. Gasping, I opened the door and ran over to the other side. She was lying on the floor but the car that had hit her and her “brother” had disappeared entirely. Looking at both sides of the road, I darted over to her when I was sure there were no cars. She stayed lifeless on the floor until I heard a chuckle come from behind me. Catching me off guard, I looked up to see her “brother” looming over me. This wasted time since there was a dead 17-year-old on the floor. Looking back down at the girl in fear since I felt movement, I saw her eyes wide open. They were black, and the last thing I’d see before she lunged at me.

  • Edz