Page 666

This is a story why you should never worship Satan or do satanic things, and all of this happened to my friend who did Satanic things. This is his story to tell.

I was reading my 1000 page book when I came home from school. Then I came across page 666. The page was blank. Then these bloody letters appeared in blood that said, “Scream the words.” I am lonely. So, I screamed those words. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw a hallway that felt infinite. And I heard a voice, it sounded like a faint cry. And there was blood on the walls.

When I got to the end, I picked up a knife that said in blood, “Leave.” Then I left. I found a gun, saying in blood, “Your turn.” So, I shot myself. But I did not die. Then, everything started floating above me. Then, I saw this little girl, she was crying, she said to me, “You are not in your body, you are not loved, you have no one, you are lonely.” Then her eyes turned black, she turned her head with a bloody smile. She turned her back, grabbed a rope, and hung herself. After that, I cried because I was too stressed. Then I decided to grab the knife that said leave, and as soon as I killed myself, I woke up. Then I realized it was all fake and stupid. Or is it?