God is Satan’s Favorite Demon

God is Satan’s servant. My name is carter and no I am no conspiracy theorist, I don’t hear voices in my head, or at least I use to not hear them… I am about to reveal the truth to the public and even face the truth myself. About a year ago, I moved to the west of Ireland, with my beautiful wife Ciara and our 2 kids William and Jay. Ciara and I met at a bar about 5 years ago. It started off with just a normal conversation between me and her, she was a waitress and I was just a drunken man trying to flirt with this stunning young woman. The only reason she stuck around was because I was somewhat charming and very funny even while I was drunk. Her words not mine. After her shift was over we went back to her place, had a few bottles of whisky and wine but we never actually proceeded to move to the bedroom. Instead we looked up at the stars and laughed and marveled at the pretty site.

Her house wasn’t the biggest but where she lived was by a river with fireflies twinkling through the air and crickets chirping and the site was just so beautiful. There wasn’t even one mosquito anywhere near us. After talking and laughing for a while longer, we went to sit on a swing near the river. It fell silent and a few moments later we looked at each other and kissed. She then fell asleep in my arms and we laid there underneath the bright dots that mapped out the sky, and dare I say they were like bright lights labeling out heaven.

Two years later we decided to marry. I proposed to her the same night we shared our first kiss and she cried and said yes. The wedding was so serene and magical. Then as soon as we knew it, we bought our first house. Had two twins and we were happy, but as time went on… Ciara and I fought almost every single night, our boys would hide in their room and lock the door and sit there for hours not moving an inch. Her and I fought about our financial struggles and how I was always out late and she even accused me of cheating. I, as you all would have guessed, was not happy about these accusations that were being put on my so I defended myself and we fought and fought.

One night it became so bad she stormed out of the house with the boys and left. For months I sat in our old bed we used to share, drinking my sorrows away and my thoughts of if she ever would return. I was now labeled the town drunk and I was going to lose my house and have to move somewhere else. On a Sunday evening I had a knock on the front door. Thinking it was a friend of mine that was supposed to come help me move, I of course opened it. But who I saw sent hatred down my spine and out the top of my head. It was my wife, she left for 6 months, without contacting me or even letting me see my own children.

“What the hell do you want Ciara?” I said with complete and utter anger. “I need you to sign these divorce papers, I don’t want you anymore Carter, I found a new man.” Hearing this, I stumbled with my words and a tear rolled down my cheek. “After this… I am gone forever,” she said softly. “Will I ever get to see William and Jay?” “No Carter, they will be with me until they are 18 and get to decide if they want to see you.” I sighed and then cursed at her out of shock, anger and sadness then shut the door on her. I know it was wrong but I didn’t care.

Three months had gone by and I still haven’t signed those papers, how could I? I still loved her. Every night I got a text asking me if I had signed the papers yet. I just ignored them. Everything finally changed one fateful day. I was driving home after going to the bar by myself and while I was driving I thought about all the bad things that has happened to me and I screamed. Loud, as loud as I could and at some point I drove of the road and hit something.

I woke up, still dazed and I had a huge headache that pounded on my head like no other. I could barely see, and I felt extremely nauseous. Once I regained my bearings I noticed that… I was not in my car nor did I see my bottles of beer or any strip of land for that matter. It was just light, no darkness no light, just a vast place of white. Then I heard a voice, it was loud. “Greetings my child welcome to your final paradise in the silver city. I will make sure you feel safe and at home like you were back on Earth.” I froze, “Who said that? Where am I? Am I dead?” I had so many questions. “My child, you died on Earth but your sorrows and losses have been healed by my hand and I brought you here,” it said to me. “Are… are you god?” I asked sounding afraid. “Yes I am God and I will show you the way to the gates of heaven. Just follow my voice.” I was getting freaked out but I followed his voice, all he was saying to me was, “Follow me my child.” It was a little weird but he was god so I wasn’t going to question him.

Soon we came upon what I thought was the gates of Heaven. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, doves flew in front of the gate and the golden bars shined brightly that it almost blinded me, songs of peace and harmony floated through the whole sky. I was stunned. “It is ok my child you may enter the gates,” God said to me in a smooth relaxing voice. I headed towards the gate thinking of all the family I would see there, but it was not meant to be. As soon as I touched the gate… a deafening noise shook me and I covered my ears but it wouldn’t stop. Eventually I passed out. I awoke to sweat dripping down my face and the temperature I was experiencing was so hot it made me want to throw up, and I did. The knew place I was in was dark, just pure darkness. It wasn’t the heaven I was previously at. “Where the hell am I?” I whispered.

I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I was chained to the ground, then I heard two voices fill the area. “Haha I heard this one was a drunken scum back in Ireland!” the first voice said in a raspy voice like it had been smoking for years. “I also heard he treated his family like absolute s**t,” the second voice said laughing. I knew exactly what they were talking about, they were talking about me. Then I soon saw them, they were hunched over with noses that looked like shard daggers and warts covered them up from head to toe. They wore black robes and hand metal shoes and each had one lantern. “Get up you f*****g scum,” one shouted. “Yea or I’ll beat you with my light.” They both snickered and laughed at me.

“Go to hell,” I said to both of them. “I am afraid we already are, but you are to so it even out nicely,” said the second one. It all made sense, the burning hotness of the temperature and the darkness could only mean one thing… I was in Hell… actual hell and I was powerless. “What? Did you think you were going to go to Heaven? There is no Heaven! At least not anymore,” one said. They both laughed at their own jokes. “What do you want with me? I have nothing to give to you!” I said yelling at them. One of them got really angry with me and he looked me in the eyes. In his eyes, I could see pure torture and agony in his eyes and it filled my mind.

Then he put his finger on my head and I felt the worst burning sensation and it filled my head and my body with boiling pain and I fell back to the dark ground screaming for it to stop. “If you ever raise your voice at me again boy, I won’t be so relenting,” he said scolding me. Then soon the other unchained me. “Where are you taking me?” I asked worryingly. “To see the boss, he says you’re a special one and he needs to talk with you” “Lucifer…?” I said with fear. I did not want to see the devil at all. “Shut up!” the other yelled at me. Soon, we arrived in a well-lit room and they dropped me off. “Have fun with the boss, he has been waiting for you so just hear him out, understand?” I nodded. As soon as they left I got up and started looking around and picked up a bottle of beer and almost poured a glass but before I did a voice startled me. “I wouldn’t do that unless you really know what your about to drink,” the voice said.

I knew who it was and I almost fell down in fear. “Face me Carter!” He knew my name and it scared me to the bone. “Yes I know your name, who you are and what you have done as deserve,” he said to me. His voice was scruffy but at the same time soothing. I reluctantly turned around to face him… “Ah… there we go Carter, now come sit down and have a drink at talk with me for a moment.” He wasn’t anything like I thought he looked like. He wore a very nice tux, the nicest thing I had ever seen to be honest. His hair was neatly done and he looked like a normal person. He was probably 6”4 and his shoes were very shiny and nicely polished.

“Carter I am going to cut right to the chase, you are something else entirely, and I have no idea why. You are just as bad as any scumbag here and quite frankly, I have no idea why the hell I’m not damning you to eternal Hell. Carter you have been through a lot and you have put others through a lot yourself, haven’t you?” “I… I guess so,” I said shakily. “Please have a drink” “Thank you I guess… Why was I brought here? A while ago I was at the gate to Heaven then–” He cut me off with a laugh that startled me. “Oh my boy there is no gate to heaven that was a trick to lure you to Hell, there is no existing Heaven, at least not anymore.”

Those men with the black cloaks said the same thing I thought. “Why do you say that?” I asked confidently and curious to hear Lucifer’s answer. Then he spoke again, “Carter, in the bible it said I started a revolution against God which is true but it also says I lost, I did not lose.” I knew what he was talking about, he continued, “Your so called loving god lost the fight because he was too weak to destroy me and I brought Heaven to its knees and I crushed it and burned it all away. Those who survived I turned into my demons that torture your kind every single day, the voice you heard while you were the white vastness surrounded you and that led you to the gate was my most trusted demon.” “Who was that?” I asked him.

He got up and poured another glass, them he got up and walked to a pair of windows that showed orange light. “Carter stand up.” I reluctantly walked over to him by the windows. “All of this was once Heaven, but now it is my playground and I control it all.” “Why are you showing me this?” “Carter my greatest accomplishment out of all of this was making your god, my pet. I control him, he is my most trusted demon at work and I make him lure lost souls like your here to their eternal damnation.” I fell back in shock. “It isn’t true!” I screamed.

He knelt down to touch my hair. With a soft voice he spoke, “Carter this isn’t your hell, I made a mistake but I will send you to it,” his voice became demonically dark and his eyes shot blood red. “CARTER!!” he yelled. “You will spend the rest of your miserable life back home wishing and regretting, drinking and living in paranoia and know the truth of what awaits you back after the after life! Not being able to tell anyone without them thinking your crazy and only to return here, to spend your life back into Hell where you will see me again!”

At some point I passed out, I awoke in a hospital where I was pronounced dead but only to come back to life five hours later. Doctors were surprised and shocked. About a month later I was back in my house but it didn’t feel like a house. I knew what awaited me after this life and everyone else’s. Sometimes I hear voices whispering the words, “God is my demon,” in my head over and over again, sometimes in the mirror I will look and see myself smiling and only to get blood red eyes. I would cower on the bathroom floor for hours sometimes days. I haven’t left my house for any other reason other than to get groceries. Yesterday I came back to find words written on my bedroom wall saying, “This is what you deserve,” in blood red letters and I have tried to wash it off but it is stuck there. The past few months I have been trying to find a way to live longer because once we all die, we never see joy or happiness again…