Jack in Black Pt. 4 Final




Shut up!

Shut the f**k up!

Let me think!


Did I forget?

I said to SHUT THE F**K UP!






Got it.


Here we go.

So, Malik and stuff did stuff.

What stuff?




What the hell is wrong with my head?!



It’s aaaaall okay.

We both looked up at Malik, “I’m sorry, Jack…”

He swung the axe down.

It hit me.


I was his friend!

He betrayed me!


The axe went through my head.

But of course…

It came.

Why can’t I just die?

The blackness put my head back together, forcing the axe up with great force. The power of it broke Malik’s wrists. He looked at me with frightened eyes.

This made me angry.

I grabbed the alien and threw it in the air. It went flying, seemingly miles, away. Then I looked at Malik. He was whimpering with pain. I stared into his eyes, “YOU WILL PAY, MALIK!”

I knocked him back, breaking the tree.

I heard sirens.

The police rushed into the park and shot as soon as they saw me.

Their puny pistol shots barely pierced my skin.

A few of them grabbed shotguns from their cars.

Slightly more damage but still the blackness healed me.

I ran at the police. Within seconds, they all lied on the ground-each with deep claw marks through their necks.

I turned back around and slowly walked towards Malik. He started to recuperate. He looked at me with one eye. The other had a large splinter in it with blood pouring out.

He tried to run but tripped.

I noticed a piece of wood lodged in his abdomen.

I took the wood out with a quick yank. Malik screamed in pain as his organs fell out of him.

“I’ll take that,” I said as I put my hand on his mouth, absorbing it.

I then grabbed his body and started to eat him alive. He screamed but couldn’t. The sound wasn’t any louder than a calm voice.

His body went into my mouth. It went down my throat. Since I no longer had a stomache, I felt him just melt. The green smoke, like the alien, came out of pockets from my chest. It also came from my mouth.

The alien body had no digestive system. How the hell did aliens create this? They WERE gods. They HAD to be.

I stood up from a pool of blood. Nothing (besides blood of course) was left of Malik.

Leaves rustled. I turned around and saw the alien in the woods in the ‘Jack Form’.

It frowned, “Now I have to get a form.”

I smiled, “Good, run along now, kitty!”

As if I’d predicted it, Jack turned into a pink, furless cat and ran off into the woods.

I started to walk to a street outside the park. I turned back into the woman.

I turned around as to see Malik one last time but only to grab the scarf and rap it around my neck again.

I didn’t know anyone by the name ‘Malik’.

Neither anybody known as ‘Jack’

I was now¬†Martha Titswor….


What kind of name is Martha Titsworth?

I continued to walk, snickering to myself.

A police officer ran up to me, “Are you okay, ma’am?”

It took me by suprise, “Uh, yeah, I was hiding from the al… Those things…”

The officer took me into his patrol car, “We’re just going down to the station to ask some questions. I’m Officer Brad by the way-I’m the only officer that thing didn’t kill.”

“Oh, not for long!” I said, smiling, as I stuck my hand into the officer’s shoulder.

Later that day.

I walked out of the car. I had killed the officer before he was completely absorbed which meaned he had died before he turned.

He was drained from all color.

He was a lifeless body.

I was still very hungry so I tried to eat him. The blackness healed him even though he was dead.

I learned from my mistake-Eat them or absorb them, not both. I dug him a deep grave and buried him-to hide him from authorities, not to be respectful.

I drove the car (Which I knew how to thanks to the memories of Brad) to the police station. I told the questioning officers that every officer besides me were dead. They told me to take a day off as they left to see the park.

I went home to Brad’s wife and kids.

“What happened, honey?” His wife asked, “I was worried sick.”

I told her what happened, “Do you believe me?”

“Of course,” She hugged me.

I started to cry.

No-Brad-started to cry.

His wife comforted me.

I looked at her.

I smiled happily back.


The noise came from my stomache.

“Here, honey,” The woman placed a plate of human food in front of me.

I almost threw up.

I-er-Brad picked up a fork and took a bite.

Then I DID throw up.

I turned back into my original form.

The black, stretchy one.

Why would I turn into Jack?

I was never Jack.


You’re wrong.



No. Yes, no, is the right answer.

My face grew a mouth-Malik’s mouth.

The woman tried to scream but I had my hand around her mouth within seconds.

She tried to pull away but, even though I only had one hand on her, she couldn’t escape.

I took a bite out of her frontal lobe.

She fell unconscious.

I quickly ate the rest of her and walked down a hall to the elder daughter’s room.

I ate her too.

But she managed to scream before I got hold of her.

Her two sisters ran into the room.

They soon suffered the same fate.


Now, I wander.

I wander around, absorbing people to fit in.

When I ate, no one ever caught me.

Why would I ever be mortal?

This is way more fulfilling.





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