Dogs are Cute

This is my first story, more from the point of sharing than writing. Enjoy and please leave feedback. Thankyou

This is no intense story, but good enough to get you thinking about it. Also, this is based on a real life story.

So this dates back in 2009 when I was a kid, about seven years old. We used to live in a small house, a little isolated from the city. By a little, I mean the closest human you could find would be a 100m away, in any direction. We basically lived in the center of a forest 100m in radius. Around our house was a circular road. It was uncooked, made of mud, had patches of tar and plenty of holes and dents. Right in front of our main entrance, there used to be one straight road that would connect the main road to the circular road around our house. This road wasn’t in a very good condition either.

You ask why do I call my neighborhood a forest because it truly is a damn forest. It has every single grass and shrub you could ever imagine, every single creature you could imagine. Forget deer and dogs, we had antidotes of King Cobra and two other local breeds. Sighting them in our house was common. The entire “forest” was walkable but didn’t seem that inviting. I wasn’t scared of them. I was scared of a dog(at least that’s what I thought it was,  but it never did fit its size). It was huge, about two and three fourth of a  feet tall and four and a quarter feet long. It was black, with some brown patches. Its face had one big white patch. Its eyes were green. Its pupil were black, not brown. It had no tail or years. Its teeth were whiter than what you see in any toothpaste advertisement. It’s funny how animals don’t give a s**t about their oral hygiene but keep their mouth way better than ours. You can imagine how scary the creature was to a seven-year-old kid.

Whenever that dog saw me alone, it chased me and I ran. The only time I would be safe would be with my family. Whenever I told my parents about it, they would say”Of all the creatures you were to get scared of, you found that dog. C’mon its just a dog, when you see it act normal, don’t run and it will be all right”. I wasn’t that dumb, I had tried acting normal and it was of no use. So one fine day I felt adventurous, and to add to that my mum asked me to call my dad for dinner, who was roaming outside and was on a call.

I forgot about the dog and started walking towards my dad. Thirty seconds in I remembered that there is a creature who is usually after me. This was the longest I have been outside alone without the dog attacking me. I was now at the junction where the main road to circular road connector road met the circular road. I was heading towards the main road as I turned left, I met a horrific sight. It was what I assumed to be left of the dog. It was lying stomach up, all four legs were torn apart. Lying in a closed figure right next to it. Its stomach had an “X” shaped cut, it was bleeding, it was fresh. Its head was separated from its body it was kept at the center of the “X” shaped cut. Eyes closed it was looking right towards me.  I didn’t scream, I was too scared for a squeak.

Suddenly its eyes opened, it tried a bark, all that came out was the remaining blood in his body, rather head. I screamed, I ran, ran towards my dad, the fastest I could. I jumped on him almost throwing him off balance. I held him as tight as I could. That was plain too much for a seven-year-old. I told him everything I saw in a matter of 10 seconds. He took me home. He told everything to my mum. He said he will go out and see the corpse. I was shocked. I couldn’t say anything. He came back five minutes later, he said: “Couldn’t find anything”. I was shocked. My mother hushed me to sleep. I have no idea what happened after that.

Next morning some locals came asking donations for the death of a dog in our locality. Language was an issue but we could figure out it was near our house, near to the place where I saw it. Next day I was out on the streets walking along with my dad, he wanted me to get out of the trauma. After coming back we realized my dad dropped his wallet. I forgot about the dog and started searching for my dad’s wallet. I found it. I bend down and pick it up.

Small problem, that dog was between me and my house, he was all real with his face and legs and everything fixed and I lost myself at that point, like I  do as I write the sentence now. It scares me till date. My not so dumb brain worked, and perhaps the best it has worked till date. I decided instead of running through the dog. I will run the long way around since the path was a circle. I started, already sweating, panting, giving my best. I didn’t dare look back, I had no doubt it was following me. We started off with a twenty feet gap, half way though it was about half. This meant my survival would be a close call. I didn’t close my eyes, I kept running, thinking about my life, my house. I saw my house, thirty feet, twenty feet, ten feet, five feet and I felt it. I was wearing slippers, I felt its teeth on my ankle. I keep running. I cross the porch, ran through the main door and crash on the ground.

I wasn’t able to convince my parents that the episode I narrated was real. They thought I had been emotionally traumatized by the death of the dog. They took me on a vacation and due to job issues we left the place quite soon. Trust me, I wasn’t fantasizing, it was real, its tooth didn’t do any damage but it did leave a light scratch on my skin which got me convinced but not the world. Since then I have started forgetting parts of it and have no problem with dogs today. But dogs aren’t always that cute…….


  • MaddieLovesHorror

    I really like the idea of having a true/partially true stories on here! You should keep writing them like this! BTW I think you should steer clear of that place it sounds like devil worshipping is happening there :/

    • Ameer Hamza

      I agree with u…it kinda sounds like Satanic ritual or something or maybe it is that…but the eyes were green not red…So yeah

  • Fiver

    The story is not the intriguing or scary. It is such a rushed jumble that it is difficult to figure out what is going on half the time. You are forcing g your way through the story before your reader can even get a grip as to what’s going on. It would help to slow down and integrate imagery as the plot goes on. Using auditory, tactile, and scent imagery may also help. Proofreading would also be helpful in fixing these and other, smaller issues.
    This story can’t really be saved though. You didn’t really pick a scary subject and insisting it is scary doesn’t actually help. You describe a dog, just a dog. You even gave a link to the dog and humans. While the experience may be unsettling for a child it does not make a scary story.

  • Konner

    Where the hell did you live? South America? You have tar in your driveway, trees are 100m around you in every direction, you hadn’t been out of your house for more than thirty minutes, and you said that “language was an issue” with the locals.

  • John

    I liked it. No, it wasn’t perfect, but it was entertaining. I also liked how it was real!

  • Ameer Hamza

    The starting was great…a person with normal mind can easily picture that so u get an “A” for that but after the description of the dog(a great description again), u began to rush things which just wiped off the horror…u need to make a story in a way the reader thinks he’s in ur shoes and gets all the thrills….Other than that, a great start for a starter

  • sharkblast95

    Your grammar gave me AIDS.