Omaha Beach

As I am currently writing this, I am being chased down by the souls of the damned and forgotten deep under the surface of Omaha Beach.

I came here to simply visit the historical sight in remembrance of the second world war. But I never wanted THIS. I never wanted my dog to be found flat as a pancake underneath a god-forbidden bunker!

i n e v e r w a n t e d t o d i e h e r e

It all started at 6 in the morning. I decided it would be nice to take the dog on a walk down the long shores of Omaha. But halfway through the walk, I perceived something that looked like an entrance to a bunker. I’m very squeamish in dark and forsaken places like bunkers that harbored the corpses of many soldiers. So I decided not to enter. When I kept walking however, I saw the exact same entrance, further even had the little red cross on the sidewall.

I thought I was going crazy, but I swore that I saw a person in a german uniform. Since I’d lost my way on the beach, I overcame my fears and entered to ask this man for directions.

As I entered, the tone changed.
It. Changed.
I looked behind me, the doorway had been sealed. I see corpses littering the floor and hear mortar fire from outside.

Where did my dog go?

Suddenly a German dressed in a full SS uniform comes up to me and yells “Eile! Die Amerikaner kommen uns näher!”

I didn’t understand but I followed anyway.
It seemed as if I traveled back in time to D-day. But then I noticed something terribly wrong.

The whole place was changing before my eyes, shifting from one time to another, and I swore I saw my dog, mangled, oozing blood with me by his side, also seemingly dying. But then it turned dark.

A candle was lit, but nobody was there…
I was no longer in a bunker, no, now I was in a cave, with blood on the walls and a demonic shrieking coming from the end of it.

My dog’s leash was on the floor adjacent to the way in.

I started running, screaming my dog’s name, all I wanted now was to be in the company of that dog.

There isn’t a thi

I hear something behind me, fast, loud. I need to run, I can’t waste time writing anymo-

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    Oh…. Boy…..

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    That was pretty good