Okie Pinokie

Okie Pinokie is a supposed haunted site in Indiana. And what I am about to tell you is completely true. Whether you believe me or not is completely up to you.

So in July 2, 2016, which was actually yesterday for me. My sister Sarah, her friend Zach, and me went to Okie Pinokie. Now Sarah and Zach had gone before with some of their friends. I was supposed to go with them, but my father didn’t want me to do to the fact that if I were to come home, it would be around 2:00 AM. And they experienced some of what was supposed to happen when they went. I won’t go into that without their permission and it would also take more time than I want to spend. I didn’t sleep much last night.

So anyway, we were supposed to have two other friends with us, but they were unable to make it. So we headed to Okie Pinokie, which was in Peru and is about 45 minutes from where I live. And since all the spooky stuff was supposed to start at twelve, we obviously went around that time. We pulled into the long dirt road that led through the field and to the strip of woods. At the end of the path right in front of the woods, there’s a large circle. And I guess somebody used to keep up on it but that must have been a long time ago. Everything was over grown. In the center there used to be a small barn. But it burned down a long time ago. There is still the reminisce of it though. Like burnt wood, some barbed wire, all that kind of stuff.

I had brought my machete because we went in the day time to check it out and like I said, it was all over grown. So me and Zach went and hacked away a little path while Sarah stayed up in the car. We hadn’t seen anything while we were doing that, but that’s because we hadn’t whistled. The legend goes along the lines that when you whistle, you start hearing animals. Such as owls and dogs and whatever. And then eventually you’re supposed to hear the sounds of children being tortured and screaming. Because back in the industrial revolution era when children were used mostly in the factories, the ‘bad’ children were sent there to be, as you can probably guess, tortured.

So I whistled. We didn’t really hear anything. I whistled again and after a little bit, we heard the bushes and trees rustle. Not like an animal was coming through them. But like someone was being very careful not to cause a bunch of noise while sneaking through them. But it was all around us. And there was no wind. I should also mention that it was a warm night. Until we went down through the strip of woods. When we started to go through it, there was a massive temperature drop. Now remember, this is in Indiana, so the weather isn’t real reliable. But changing from 80 degrees to 50 in 2 minutes just in one spot, isn’t exactly natural.

So we start hearing the bushes and of course we’re careful to be as silent as we can. And then we start hearing dogs off in the distance. Sort of like they’re far away, but the echo makes it seem like the barks are coming at us, only to fall short in the field.

Sarah and Zach said they heard a child mixed in with the barks. But I didn’t notice it. After about five minutes, Sarah made us go back up to the car. I didn’t think about it at the time, but it was probably because one of the legends said you were supposed to get out in five minutes or you would die or something.

As we were going back, I could hear what sounded like whispers in the air. I hadn’t thought of it too much when we were down there because I had dismissed it as wind. But I got to thinking about it and I realized that there was no wind. I wasn’t able to listen to it because Sarah was rushing us to get to the car. The whispers were really light. Almost like the wind through the trees but they weren’t.

We got in the car and drove down the dirt path back to the country road. We had just gotten onto the road when I look back at the woods. And I noticed that fires were popping up along the tree line. Not in the trees, but on the ground close to the edge. As we drove along the fires seemed to follow us. But stop where the woods stopped. I had looked up what theories and reasons people had for this online. And they were all relatively the same. The fires were where the camps were. Where the children were tortured and brutally murdered.

I brought my GeekPro with me and had the chest strap with me. I haven’t viewed it yet though. So maybe if I’ve found something on it I’ll write about it and post it on YouTube or something. And I might write about some of the emotions and effects of what happened to me. But that’s for another time…