Everything is Black Since

I lost my twin sister when we were 20 years old. It’s been five years since and up to this day, she was still not found. As time went by, the chances of her being alive were growing smaller and it seemed like everybody was starting to accept the fact that she was probably dead. Although, for me, it felt like half of my body and my soul were slowly being ripped apart.

It took me a long time, therapy and a lot of patience from my friends and family to be put back on the right path, but things were finally settling down. I was now a 25 years old man with a job, I had a car and a nice place to live. I moved away from my childhood home to the other side of the town when I was 20 because I needed to be closer to my office and away from all the memories, the demons and angels surrounding that place.

One evening, as I got away from work earlier, I decided to visit my parents. However, I forgot to fill up my tank, and on my way there, I ran out of gas. How convenient… I was right next to my old school, not far from my parents’ house, so I thought I could just walk my way there and maybe borrow some gas from my dad’s car on my way back. It was about 6.30 P.M. when I got out of the car.

“If I hurry, I will get there before the sun sets,” so I started walking. The wind was gently blowing, and the view of the so familiar fields at sunset was wonderful, it was such a beautiful and peaceful moment. Wherever I looked I could see happy memories of me and my sister playing with our dog, or going to school, or swimming by the lake… I snapped back to reality as a thought of the lake passed my mind. Something inside my head told me that I needed to go there, like an attraction that made my legs move on their own and all of a sudden I was heading towards the lake. As I was getting closer, the pressure, the urge to get there was growing. I started sprinting and I was running out of breath but I didn’t care, I needed to get to the lake. Finally, I could see the willow covering it in the distance. I was overwhelmed with a crazy amount of happiness and satisfaction as I got there. It looked exactly like I remembered it except for the water that was now filthy. I inspected the zone, then sat on the ground and just stared. My dream was interrupted when a familiar voice spoke to me, it was my dad. He was asking me what I was doing there and to go to the house, and I didn’t fight back, it was a weird situation anyways. I spent the night at my parents’ house because it was already too late to go back, however all I could think about was that damn lake. The next morning I heroically managed to resist the temptation to go back there.

Weeks went by and the distress was getting almost unbearable. I started having horrible nightmares and I wasn’t eating much. I lost my job and I was isolating myself from everyone. I was miserable… but I knew exactly what I needed to do, I had to get to the lake. One short trip there and I could get my life back, I would be happy again. And so I did. In less than an hour I was already there. The feelings were ten times stronger now, so strong that I was crying tears of joy. Without thinking a second before, or without caring to take my clothes off, I jumped into the filthy water and all of a sudden it all made sense. She was wearing the same clothes since the last day I saw her. She was so beautiful, just as I remembered her. The rotting skin was peeling off her face exposing portions of muscle and bones, the lower part of her mandibula was hanging loosely and she didn’t have teeth anymore. She was looking at me with her green, scared eyes. I reached for her hand, it was stiff and cold with skinny long fingers. It felt so familiar. I knew she wasn’t dead, I knew it all along.

The next thing I remember is the cops closing my eyes and covering me with tin foil… then my funeral. I couldn’t see anything or move any part of my body but I could hear my parents crying next to me and the voices of my friends and relatives praying. Right before the coffin was closed I felt a so familiar presence and then a pair of cold hands with skinny long fingers touched my face and my hands.

Everything is black since.