Nobody Believed Me

It was dark that night. The night he disappeared… my best friend. I tried to tell them but… nobody believed me. “I saw it happen! It wasn’t me it was the thing!” Is what I told everyone. But they didn’t believe me and I was the suspect. I cried for the six months until I had to go to court. My family was poor, and still they didn’t believe me, so I had no lawyer. I was only 12 at the time and didn’t have many phobias, but it was scary. All the people there… staring at me… I felt goosebumps crawl up my neck, and began to sob. Everyone there thought it was because I was guilty so I had to go to prison for 3 years.

I got beaten up, starved and embarrassed, but I stayed strong. At visiting time, nobody came, but tears. And I wiped them. After half a year, I had found things to use and escape. That night, another half a year later, I had gathered all the materials I needed, and made my break. I used a stolen baton to smash through the wall and ripped the plaster away. Next I used plastic scissors I made with a fire and my toothbrush to snip through the barbed wires. Finally I zig-zagged through the look out’s lights and I had gone. I escaped into the forest and slept on a rock with a pile of leaves as a duvet.

At about 2 AM I suddenly awoke. I looked around, and saw something. The thing that killed Jake. I saw its eyes, glowing in the moonlight, as it charged for me. I immediately ducked behind a rock and saw it. Thankfully, it was just a moose chasing its prey. But I ran. I ran for minutes, but what seemed like hours. Eventually I stopped. I had a stitch. I had never ran that fast or for that long in my life. Something was off. I was lost. I tried to look at the moss, since it only grows facing the north, and I live in the south. But there was none. No life. Just dying trees. This was the scariest thing in my life. I finally hit a tree thanks to the fog, and passed out.

It was daytime and I could see. I could see and smell food. “Home!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t, but it was another lost person. I asked where Dartemeny St. was, but they didn’t know. That night I slept like a baby. Crying and screaming all night. It was like this for weeks, until the lost girl left. I had told her where I was from, but no answers. And she left. Unknown where she could be, I collected up branches, roots and twigs and made a tent. How could anything get worse than this? Long story short, they did…

At 12 AM, I felt breathing on the back of my neck. “The girl is back!” It wasn’t her though. I looked through the corner of my eye, and what I saw was horrifying.

It was a goat’s skull, with antlers of a fully grown deer, and a furry black coat with a faun’s legs. I stared into its eye sockets and saw everyone it killed. I saw Jake. It was Jake. I blinked, and saw him in front of me. He hugged me, but suddenly scratched and bit me. He transformed back. With my last breath, I whispered, “Monster.”

My name is Mitchel. I was thirteen when this happened, now I am fifteen. Search teams came and tried to find me. I was presumed missing, but alive. I have three things to say before this story ends.

It’s the Wendigo.