I am a total pasta enthusiast. And so that is why I freaked the hell out when I heard a soft tick tock in the middle of the night. Unless she killed my dog it would be unfair to everyone. 1. My mom was the only adult home (my dad was away on a business trip) 2. My sister is very young and unless she grows up to be f**king Hitler! Stay the hell away from her. 3. I am just getting to that age where I can actually make my parent’s lives a little easier.

So I was freaking out as I heard it go… Farther away. Which could only mean she was going to my parent’s bedroom. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry but that wouldn’t do anybody any good. So I hopped out of bed and followed Clockwork. Screw slippers I can stand cold feet. I almost grabbed one of the many knives stashed around the house but then I realized if I hurt her I would have a lot more then Clockwork to deal with. So I decided to make a distraction. I yelled. Not the best idea but at least it would hopefully distract her. I started running. Fast. Occasionally knocking things over not just to make more noise but also maybe it would slow her down just a little. It’s not like I’m on a track team or anything. I probably can’t outrun her. But maybe, just maybe I can climb up a tree or something. No. I ran to the bomb shelter in our backyard (it was there when we bought the house) I climbed in and made a lot of noise. I heard someone coming down the ladder and I dove under one of the beds. I heard the soft tick tock come closer and closer. Then I peeked out and saw she was RIGHT there. I muffled my own scream and hid farther under the bed. I squeaked and Clockwork immediately checked under the bed. “your time is up” she said and yanked me out from under the bed. The last thing I said was “Don’t touch my family. Please” And then she stabbed me. Over and over again. She did leave my family alone. None of the pastas touched them. They mourned my death but could not for the life of them figure out how I died. They knew it was a stab wound but they didn’t know WHO stabbed me. I was actually rereading Clockwork’s pasta when she appeared and I just shoved my phone in my pocket. They noticed that I was reading the pasta but they just figured I was reading it then got up to get a glass of water and saw a burglar or something and bolted to the bomb shelter. They had no leads they had nothing. I hadn’t taken any pictures or written anything down so they had squat. They said they were working on it for exactly five months until my family gave up. They just mourned my death and moved on for the most part. I was never forgotten. But they figured if they became engulfed in grief then everything in their home would go to hell. So they just locked up my room with everything in it. I was never mentioned again in that house.

  • Sierra Grimes

    I like how this story is kinda mysterious in the beginning and you don’t really know what she’s running from until the end. It kinda just throws facts in there without any description or background context. I like it.

    • Simon

      “So I hopped out of bed and followed Clockwork.”
      This is right at the beginning of the second paragraph…

    • Tails Doll

      I liked it also, a little War with the bomb shelter

  • Alexia Steveson

    I actually am like the main character in several ways. Only I live in a much smaller house with no bomb shelter

  • Tails Doll

    The story was kinda short, how can your sister become Hitler in germany. And how did your sister stabbed you that you were not going to be in that house. But, it was pretty good though.

  • Netor Ananab

    Confusion. It is random. The first paragraph is confusing, listing random things. So you hear about ‘unless she killed my dog it would be unfair to everyone.’ Hang on… What? Um, racism to dogs, or a jumble? I don’t even know. How could your sister become Hitler? What does that have to do with /anything?!/ And, um, grammar is a big problem as well. Thanks, my brain is scrambled, my eyes are bleeding, and- wait, what’s that? Okay, the wind just whistled sounding like it said clockwork. Aha, coincidences. But now… Ill be revenged for dislikng this pasta. Oh, darn! No wait please no AHHHHHHDJDHDHDJSKSJVDJSBDHDBSHELPMEHELPMEBDJSLALAAAAAHHAHAHAH

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    I… Have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. I’m sorry, y’all, it s u c k e d