My New School

One day, I got sent to a private school because I was considered a risk to human being. I got into fights, broke the school rules, and smoked weed. Now my mom said to me that she can not take it anymore. She sent me to this school and when I got there, the teachers were… weird. Not in a bad way, in a good way. If I did something bad, they would not get mad. They just did nothing, they paid no attention to me. I was not mad, but it was still weird. How can they not get mad eventually? I forgot about it.

One night, I was sleeping and heard banging. I got out of bed and went towards it. It led me to a dark side of the school, the part that looked old and frail and almost ready to break apart. The banging lead me to a wooden door. Then I heard yelling and someone saying, “Get the hammer,” then I just heard splat. After that, I heard footsteps coming from the door getting closer. All I was able to do was run and hide because my dorm was too far to run back to. I saw one of the teachers come out of the door and five others follow then they left.

Being curious, I went down the steps and what I saw almost made me scream, even throw up. It was three students dead. They look almost tortured… no they were tortured. It was… it was… I almost passed out. I noticed one of them say a faint, “Run…”

A hand touched my shoulder. I look behind me and saw what looked like a demon, but also a human. It cuts me. I fell to the ground and then, with little strength I had, I ran back to the good side of the halls. I started to scream as loud as I can. Everyone came out their dorms, then I passed out due to blood lost.

I woke up in a hospital. My mom came in the room crying like she never did before. I went home. The day after I went back to that school, I remembered that the teachers never got mad. The kids I saw were never seen again and reported missing. I thought that the teachers killed to not get angry or they’re just crazy. I’ll never know. What I do know is that the banging keeps getting louder every night. I keep hearing the yelling get louder.

  • trixie

    wowwwwwwwwwwww! part 2?