That’s the only thing she could mouth to her little sister, Sapphire. Their dad has gone on a murderous rampage after coming home drunk and seeing that mom had her brother over, their Uncle Bobby. He grew extremely jealous, the alcohol not allowing him to recognize the man.

Who is ‘she’ ? Well, she’s just a thirteen year old girl, who once had a life, and a sister to protect. She was Jasper.
Jasper gripped her sister’s hand and pulled her downstairs, away from their father. “J-Jassie….I’m scared…” Sapphire whispered to her as her little hand tried to grip her’s tighter. Jasper led them into a closet that she discovered a while ago when her dad was out.

The teen held her little sister close to her chest, “I know… but this will all be over soon.” She was quite scared herself; she didn’t know what would happen… The thumping of their father’s shoes grew louder as he drew nearer. ‘Hopefully he doesn’t know about this secret room…’ Jasper hoped and believed it was true. Sapphire knew to stay quiet and buried her face into her sister’s shoulder and sat a still as she could.

Several more agonizing minutes passed… the door knob started to turn. Jasper held on tightly to her dear sister, whispering how much she loves her. “I love you so much Sapphire, no matter what happens… don’t let go of me and do NOT look back at dad.”  She gripped onto Sapphire as the door opened to show an angry father. Jasper kicked him in the leg and dashed out as fast as she could, her little sister still hiding her face and holding on tightly.

Their dad held a knife. He screamed furiously as he fell to the ground clutching his knee where Jasper had kicked him. Before they could run out of reach, however, he managed to swing his arm; the one holding the knife; and made a deep cut on Sapphire’s left side, just under her rib cage.

Jasper kicked the door open and dashed out into the woods behind her house. Once she was sure her dad was off their tail, she sat Sapphire down on a patch of grass in a clearing. “nonononnononono…” She muttered to herself. She has already lost so much blood and it still continued to pour onto the grass. Sapphire’s skin was an unhealthy pale, the sparkle in her green eyes gone. In fact they’ve dulled completely. “I’m not going to make it am I?” She said in all seriousness. Jasper flinched as she let out a shaky breath. She knew the truth, she was gonna die… and she couldn’t stop it.

Sapphire was breathing, but barely. “Jassie…I’m cold…” “I k-know you are, h-here.” She took off her jacket and gave it to her, wrapping it around her and pulled the hood over her small head. Jasper held her close, holding her sister small hand as tears streamed down her face. “Just think, Laughie Sapphie…You get to see mommy again.” She smiled through her tears down at her seeing her trying to pout at the nickname. “And she’ll back you your favorite b-butterscotch cake a-and… And more special movie nights, Skipper will be there to sleep in the bed with you if your ever scared.” “B-but I’m scared now…” “Don’t be…everything will be alright, as long as I get to have one more moment with you…” She sang her favorite lullaby for her, whimpering at the end when she finally went limp in her arms.

The gravity of everything that had happened had suddenly hit her. She screamed at the sky and held her sister close. She fell to the ground feeling a burning sensation  everywhere on her body. Once it stopped, her humanity and sanity slowly slipped from her. She looked into a nearby stream. She let out a pleasured gasp at what she saw. Her skin was charred black, as black as the inside of her eyes now were. Her hair was snow white and ebony horns above her head. Her eyes began to burn and she blinked it off seeing one turquois and the other just dark.

She walked out into the night, killing like it was all a fun game…starting with her father, but…that death was a story for another day. Her sister, Sapphire, always stayed glued to her mind. Like one of those memories that make you so happy, but makes you want to cry at the same time. After every kill, she would write, “I wish I had one moment more…” in the victim’s blood…referring to her sister.


(Ok this is my first story and I’m learning everything. Idk, but you might consider it a troll pasta but I’ll leave that up to you)

  • Lost Boy

    Nice story out of all honesty

    • Chloe


  • Simon

    Well, it ain’t great, but as far as “Something bad happened in my life and now I’m a bloodthirsty killer because that’s definitely how mental illnesses work” stories go, this one atleast gave a better reasoning for the character’s sudden outburst than 90% of the other crap out there(though anything is better than “I got bullied that one time and now I am MAAAAAAAD”). Her turning into an African-American albino or whatever was out of place though. Next time don’t have “spooky” stuff happen for the sake of having “spooky” stuff in your story.

    • Chloe

      Well thanks for the feedback. THis is my first story after all but I appreciate it. I’ll work harder to make more detailed and more….bearable to read. Thanks for atleast reading it over.

  • Ellpa Elgae

    At first, I thought it was really good. But when she turned into a demon, it got pretty lame. It had potential, though. Also turn on spell-check, because there are a few grammar errors. And maybe add a little backstory. It kinda felt like I was reading a private diary. Try to write another one though, because it wasn’t really that bad. Just not that good.

  • Eagerest Spider

    I love the emotion that Chloe put into this and hope that if they make more stories they will continue to use those emotions