My Dead Girlfriend

It was 12:34 A.M. when we got hit. I’ll never forget the screams. Or the rolling car and broken glass.

Me and my girlfriend were driving home from a party. I was drunk but I thought I could handle the driving. I wanted to get home fast so I was going 50 instead of the 40 speed limit. Then all of a sudden I lost control and we flipped. Her window was open and she ended up hanging half way out…that was when the car rolled over her.

That was 2 months ago. Now I was healed and actually talking to another girl. She finally was going to get a webcam so me and her could video chat. I was happy when my computer made that all familiar “bing” sound.
Baby girl: Hey
Me: Hey!!
Baby girl: Finally got the webcam
Me: Awesome. Get it hooked up so we can talk silly!!
Baby girl: Okay hold on.
Baby girl is offline.

It felt like forever before I heard the amazing noise. My screen had a text bubble.

Baby girl is calling you

I accepted the call.
She was more stunning than I imagined. Her skin was perfect against the luminescence of the computer screen. She had long straight black hair. Her skin was white, but not too white. Finally her lips, they were perfect and looked like they felt like clouds. It was going great until something weird happened.

I was getting a call from someone.
Their name read.

Your Girlfriend.

My ex. But how? Shes been dead for two months. I answered the call and was greeted by a distorted figure. It was her. She had a destroyed nose, missed half of her jaw and her eyes…she had no eyes. I spoke.

Me: How…
All that happened was a low-pitched ringing sound. I shivered with goosebumps.

Me: Who the hell is this!!
Finally a reply

Her: Its me. Your girlfriend. The one you just let go after everything I did for you. I thought you loved me. I thought we would be together forever. Please. Come back to me. Now.

Her voice was demanding. She sounded pissed. But how did I let her go. I didn’t mean to crash the car. It was an accident. The ringing suddenly got deafening. I hit the ground in pain from the sudden shriek of noises. What the hell was happening. I didn’t understand. I stood up finally only to fall back down. My legs. They felt like they were smashed….just like her legs were. All of a sudden I felt my whole body start getting in extreme pain. I felt nauseous. I couldn’t handle it. I passed out. I awoke in the chair. I was on the phone with my girlfriend, not the dead one. I dismissed whatever happened as a dream. I then told my girlfriend about it. She seemed pretty spooked. We both laughed at the absurdity of all of it. She made fun of it at first.Till something happened. I was getting a call. The name read.

Your Girlfriend.

  • cutekityplays

    Dis is duh best!!!

    • B76

      Thank you

  • Korben Vashon

    Yo you need to continue this if possible

    • B76

      I will try to make a continuation of the story.

  • Adam Pack

    Interesting but very similar to “webcam offline”.

    • SkullNboNes

      I agree, its pretty similar to my story but at least the ending changed a bit?

      • dachelle johnson

        I was thinking the same thing

        • B76

          Webcam Offline was an inspiration

  • Carlos Castellon

    Love this! Pretty spooky.

  • Saphirine Willow

    Hey I have a suggestion. Can you make it to where you realize your ” alive gf ” is actually the dead one and it was a hallucination and hes actually dead too?

    • FinalHope

      That sounds confusing…

      • B76

        It does sound confusing, but i understand it. What hes saying is that he is completely hallucinating his new girlfriend to be alive, when she is actually dead. And he is dead, but hadnt realized it

  • B76

    If there is any suggestions to future stories that any of you may wanna see, just let me know. My email is [email protected] and my kik is ThatHunterNigga