Garfield Eats Jon

I am freaking out right now. What I have seen is beyond anything I have ever imagined before. I’m not sure if I should even be writing this. I’m scared that if the wrong person reads this, something awful might happen to me. But I can’t keep this to myself. Unless I tell SOMEONE, I won’t be able to sleep anymore. All I ask of you is that you understand that this is all true.

Like most people, I grew up with Garfield the cat. I read the comics most every day. I appreciate how their printed at the bottom of the page, saving the best for last. I also watched the old cartoon series and most of the movies as well. I haven’t seen either of the live-action films, but from what I have heard, that is not a big loss.

I was reading the latest strip while I was on my lunch break at work the other day when this guy commented on it. Now I don’t know my co-workers all that well; I don’t even know most of their names. However, I AM pretty good about remembering their faces, and I was certain that I had never seen this guy before. Even so, I didn’t think anything of it at the time. We had a brief conversation about the strip, and just before we parted ways, he gave me the address to a website that he said was for a special short story that Jim Davis never released to the public.

I had to work overtime that day, so it was late by the time I got home, but I decided to check out the site before I went to bed. It had the same design as a Sunday comics page and started out with the usual slapstick: Jon Arbuckle was carrying a big load of laundry that obstructs his vision, when he trips over his own two feet and falls down a flight of stairs. But at the bottom, he hits his head and his neck produces a huge crack sound effect. The next panel shows him lying motionless on the floor while a text box explains that if you break your neck in a certain way, you’ll remain alive and conscious and fully aware of everything happening around you, but you will be unable to move or talk at all. Garfield then comes in and starts demanding that Jon get up and feed him. He spends several panels acting like a rude little a*s, but then he realizes that something is very wrong. He start frantically begging Jon to get up, but of course he can’t, and the only sign that he’s even alive is a single thought bubble begging Garfield to get help. Garfield eventually breaks down and spends ten whole panels crying in despair. When he calms down, he promises Jon that he’ll make sure that they will be together forever.

By this point, I realized that something very wrong was about to happen. I thought about closing the site, erasing it from my browsing history and just going to bed, but I kept reading out of sheer morbid curiosity.

The scene then cut to the kitchen. Jon is lying naked on the table, alongside two fondue pots labelled “cheese” and “oil”. Odie is standing on the table, dressed in a waiter’s uniform. Garfield, sitting in a chair, says that he’ll start with a hand. Odie nods and pulls out a long-stemmed fork and a huge knife. He then then stabs Jon’s right hand with the fork before cutting it off. Blood is gushing everywhere while Jon mentally screams in agony. Odie then passes the fork with the hand sticking on it to Garfield , who dips it into the oil pot. When he pulls it out, it is drawn in an extremely realistic fashion, almost like an actual deep-fried human hand had been photoshoped into the panel. Garfield then eats it in his usual fashion before asking for a foot next. He dips this one into the cheese fondue.

One by one, Garfield and Odie proceed to go through Jon’s other hand and foot, the individual parts of his legs and arms, his ears, and even his g******s. Each time a part of him is cooked, the art for that part becomes hyper realistic. All the while Jon is silently screaming in agony, until halfway through when it seems like it has become e****c, as if he has gone insane and began to regard the pain as pleasurable. When he is nothing but a head on a torso, Odie cuts his chest open.

I was unable to take it anymore by this point, so I rushed to the bathroom to upchuck everything I had eaten that day. Then I just sat there on the bathroom floor and cried for awhile, asking myself who could have made something so horrible. There was no way Jim Davis could have made it, yet the art was a perfect match for his.

I went back to my tablet; for some reason I don’t fully understand, I was determined to finish reading through. But then I noticed something: each panel was actually a link. When I clicked on one of them, it opened a photo of three real people. They were all wearing white masks with no features except for holes for their eyes and mouths. One was naked and strapped to a table, just like Jon. Whenever I clicked on a panel where Jon was being cut up, the image would show the two guys doing the same to their victim. I swear to you, none of it was fake; the blood and gore was just too realistic to be fake.

I quickly stopped clicking the panels and just powered my way through the rest of the page as Garfield devoured Jon’s intestines, liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs and heart, and then cut up the rest of his body and ate those pieces as well before he finally finished with the head, which somehow was still alive and gave off one last moan of deranged pleasure before Garfield chomped down on it.

By now, Garfield is horribly bloated, with drool dribbling down his entire lower jaw. He leans back in his chair, and the last panel shows him thinking “Liz”.

I can’t sleep after seeing what I did. Every time I close my eyes I keep seeing all of those horrible images. Sometimes I even imagine that I’m on that table. I have to tell the police about this. Yeah, that’s probably what I should have done first. I’m not thinking straight right now.

I have to go now.

  • Cali_Katrice

    Its a great creepypasta, but its a bit disturbing…

  • Key

    Amazing, is a part 2 coming anytime soon?Or Pictures?

  • J

    Creepy, funny, well written

  • Yeet

    jon where is my lasaga

  • Terrible

    Bahahahaha, terrible. Another ‘Me Too’ attempt at twisting childhood media for scare factors using violence and even sexual content. Some simple grammatical errors peppered throughout. Hope to hear a Bad CreepyPasta Reading on this to laugh at a second time.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was actually pretty creepy. I think the part where Jon started getting turned on made it a little try-hard, but all in all, it wasn’t bad.

  • Gamer

    creepy as fook
    Disturbing as hell
    And garfield is ruined for me

    Thank you