My Crazy Night

Ever since I can remember I have always seen a black shadow man standing in the corner of my room, his arms so thin and long they touch the floor and his hands seem to drag when he walks. His head reaches over the doorframe and has no facial features, just a blank canvas. I was in my bed one night trying to fall asleep with the TV light on with little to no sound. I turn to the other side of my bed and look in the corner of my room.

My heart stoped, my eyes open with fear. I quickly put something over my head so I can’t see him anymore. I can still feel him watching me. I tried with all my might to ignore him and go to bed but, the curious side of me wanted another look. I took a deep breath in and slowly moved whatever I found off my head. He was still there. I quickly put the thing over my head and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and to my surprise there where scratches all over my back and bruises all over my legs in a shape of a hand. I freaked out and ran upstairs to tell my parents but they brushed it off and told me I must have done it in my sleep. That night I was going to bed and saw the same shadow man but this time as my eyes where closed I heard voices “come here” and “help me”. I looked around my room and shouted at the top of my lungs, “Leave me alone. I don’t want you here!” I then fell asleep and woke up with scratched along my legs and more bruises.

To this day years later I still see the man, hear the voice’s and get scratched and new bruises. Don’t mind much anymore. Some nights, he still freaks me out and gives me a scare but I laugh it off and go to sleep.