Dark, Scary Rainbows (Part 2)

I could taste the little childs blood that flowed from my beautiful knife perfectly inserted into her head. I pulled away my knife, giving a sickened smile towards the nanny cam posted on top of the television set. I skipped away, grabbing food on my way towards the door. I knew the exact layout of the house, after babysitting for the parents a few times. I specifically knew how I wanted to kill each and every one of those brats.

I was on my way home from making the massive killing. I watched as all the sirens from police cruisers blared past me. Death was a mystical thing, yet very tragic when it happens to someone you deeply love. Like my husband for example, he died from a car accident a few years back. Which started my instant killing rampage. Tonight was just a game compared to the previous nights.

I parked into the motel that I was stating in. I cleaned off all the stupid make-up. I knew that I was beautiful. A wonderful tan, brown, wavy hair, and lips that curved into a smile. But my soul was ugly, and I loved it. I stripped out of the rainbow costume that I was wearing, and tucked it under the bed. I went to the bathroom to grab a shower. I stared at myself in the mirror, growing a bit nostalgic as time went by. I remembered my childhood. Back when my dad used to beat my and my uncle would always touch me in places. Wow you actually believed something that cheesy? No, I was never beat by my dad or r***d by my uncle. But my ex was a different situation. He was a freak, a rodeo clown. Every saturday we would go out for drinks, but eventually he stopped being nice and turned into a stalker. He would always wait right outside my bedroom window. Lets just make this short. He was there, my dad owned a gun, my dad is in prison now. You can imagine the story?

I stepped into the shower, my nostalgia gone after leaving the mirror. I cleaned off, rubbing at the stab wounds from the child that had already healed. I was special, no doubt about it. I could be whatever I want. I was like a shapeshifter, but that’s not the point. I walked out of the shower, drying off using a towel from the clean laundry. I rubbed at my hair, that had a light red tint because of the blood from the child.

Grabbing my keys, I slipped into my flip-flops and walked out the door towards my truck. I started up and backed out of the parking lot. I drove to the gas station, thinking about whether or not I should grab milk? I noticed something awkward when I walked in. Maybe it was the guys aiming guns at me as the cashier put all the money in a plastic shopping bag. I smiled and walked toward the guy armed with a shotgun.
Sadly the a*****e shot me.
“You trigger-happy f****r!” I screamed in his face, as he stared at the wound heal.
“W-what the f**k are you!” He screamed in reply.
I punched him, forcing my hand into his body and rubbing out his intestines. I giggled.
“Oops, did that hurt?”

I let his body slide down the wall, after hearing his partner run out the front door. I glanced at the cashier, he knew my face. I couldn’t let him live. I walked up to him and grabbed his head. I started squeezing his thick skull, listening to it crack while giggling at the faces he made. His imploded from the extreme pressure, and I let him drop. I walked out, stepped into my car, and drove away.

The wind blew my hair out of my face as I drove towards the motel I stayed at. I had some “personal things” that needed to be picked up. I had to hurry, knowing the police would be storming the road any minute. I unlocked the door and headed inside. Turning the light on, I noticed a few things were wrong. The bathroom door, was open, I knew that I closed it before leaving. I slowly walked towards the currently opened door, peeking inside I saw something I hated. There was a hound, yes the dog, sniffing through the drawers that I had my “thing” hiding in. Damnit! The hound gripped at the amulet I was going to grab. The animal then began to shape into a human, growing taller as time passed by.

“So Steph, still as beautiful as ever,” It began to speak.
“Yep, still sneaking in and stealing Amulets?” I replied.
“You killed civilians Steph, we can’t have that kind of hostility around the streets.”
“They were robbing a store, and they attacked me!” I began to walk towards him.
“You were sent to handle a family, not justify the random civilians.”
“Do not make me have to fight for the amulet James!” I threatened.
“Steph, you know that im stronger, and I have full authority to kill you.”
“You wouldn’t kill a woman.”
“Dont be so sure about that accusation.”
I gulped, James was way more experienced than me, but I couldn’t let him take my amulet.

I lunged at him, scratching at his neck. He grabbed my wrist and slammed me against the wall. I couldn’t feel pain and was invincible to everything but the amulet. But I was weak. James could feel pain and he could die from any damage to the heart. But he was very, very strong.

He winced at the movement with his neck. I stood up and began to run for the door, I had the amulet. Until he grabbed mt wrist and pulled me back, kicking my shins after I fell. He stomped at my ankles, hearing the bones crack and shatter from the pressure. He grabbed the amulet, smiling at me.

I pounded my head on the floor, “Damnit James…why are you such a d**k?”
He chuckled, “Just doing my job.”

He flipped me over, then stepped on my stomach to stop me from moving. He aimed the sharpest part of the amulet at my heart.

“Wait. James!”
“What Steph?”
“What did they call the magic owl?”
“Who-dini,” I twisted his ankle and forced it off my body. I jumped up and slammed him against the wall, shoving my elbow into his ribs, listening to them shatter. I grabbed the amulet and ran.

I started my truck and slammed the vehicle into reverse. I backed out of the parking lot and sped away from the motel. James would be back.

But I would be waiting.

  • Daniel Pro

    Oh what kind of creatures are these I wonder

    • B76

      Thats your choice what you want them to be. But i refer to them as fallen angels

  • Josh Alvarez

    Cool story

  • Simon

    Well, the first part was completely pointless…