Mummy Dearest

I’ve been lying in bitter agony for centuries until I met her. Her hair was like rays of sunshine that played lightly around her face. Her eyes were the of color fresh Earth. I’m not certain when I awoke my slumber but when I did it was her soft features that met my gaze. Her skin was golden like an endless ocean of sand. When she cared for me she would tell me about her day that was my favorite part hearing her voice. It was soft and angelic like everything else about her. If only I could express my feelings to her; if she knew the way I felt we would be together.

One day I noticed she was wearing heavy make-up but I have special eyes, I could see what she was hiding beneath, a black eye. As if she heard my concern she said in a voice as smooth as honey, “ Oh, don’t mind that my husband is a good man. It’s just yesterday he had a bad day and I shouldn’t have interrupted his game. It really isn’t a big deal.” Oh my poor sweet! how could any man do such a thing to your delicate bones? When I regain my strength I’ll kill him the you and I will run away together. I could give you anything you heart desires for I once ruled Egypt and I known many things. She then went back to checking my wraps and making sure my sarcophagus was to my comfort. She always took great lengths to insure my most comfortable stay. Who could’ve guessed that after centuries I’d finally find love. I only need to regain some power and find my organs which I was sure were close because one can sense those things. I lie in wait for a lunar eclipse only then will I have enough strength to get my organs and confess to my love. Soon it will be time she is the best company I could ask for. Her day was long her older sister was getting married for the third time and finally asked her to be a part of the wedding. How could her own family treat her in such a way. I love how she confides in me surely the feelings are mutual.

I can feel that tonight is the night already I can wiggle my toes. Yes I feel the eclipse beginning I can open my eyes fully. My love is in her office she usually stays late after the lights shut off. Oh I remember the first time I gazed upon her she smiled warmly and said, “ Hello Khafra Ma’at I am Catherine Shelling and I’ll be your new curator while you’re staying with us. If there’s anything you need don’t be afraid to ask.” Then she laughed and it was like hearing morning birds and the feeling of a spring breeze all at once. Now I can sit up I turn my attention to all my possessions on display. Oh at last my organs ! I climb out of my sarcophagus but it’s still hard to walk so i take my time to get over I should still have ten more minutes to get to the my jars. Once I arrive at the clear container holding them I break it and quickly open my heart jar first and drink its’ dust. Soon all the jars are broken at my feet and I hear a shrill scream.

I was working at my desk when I heard what sounded like broken glass. I go to see what it was and standing before me was a mummy that was now more alive than dead. I was cut off guard by his chiseled physique. I screamed, “AAAAAAA!!” I was not expecting what happened next.

He looked startled but as his green eyes met mine he smiled a dazzling smile. “ Catherine do not be afraid for my love for you brought me back.” His voice was deep but caring. “ H-How do you know my name?” was all I could muster. “You told me it the first day we met. Don’t you remember?” he asked walking closer to her, “ I remember and everyday since then. Hearing your voice brought me back; smelling your sweet perfume seeing your brilliant smile. I am here because of you. My thoughts are of you and nothing else.” He was very close now and his eyes lowered he seemed a bit shaken and without thought I reached out and took his hand. His eyes picked up and he leaned into my ear and whispered, “Please let me love you.” By this time my hands were around him as he gently pushed himself against me. Our lips inter tangled I grasped for air and regained some sense and pushed him away, “Um (trying to catch my breath) I um uh huu I have a husband.” He didn’t seem upset he just nodded and said “ Yes the one that hits you.” How could he know that? I wondered but then he gently caressed my cheek and spoke gently , “ I can make him go away if that is what you wish. I want to be with you Catherine I am but your slave.” He then came in close then began to kiss my neck all the willpower I had left me at that point and I fell into his kiss, into his spell and it was delicious. Our bodies moved as one that night it was as if we were intertwined and we were trying to find our way apart. Never before have I experienced anything more passionate nor beautiful.

When we ended it was already daylight and reality was catching up to me. “We have to go before someone sees you.” He laughed and smiled, “ You worry too much.” and he leaned in for a kiss, “We have to get you out of here before people come in and you can’t go out in that.” “Wouldn’t want everyone to know I’m a mummy you resurrected back to life. Hahahahaha.” his laugh was music to my ears and I caught my reflection and could see that I was in fact smiling like an idiot. What are we gonna do about my husband I pondered while looking through the lost and found for clothes. Perfect a pair of sweats and a plain back tee. As he got dressed I looked away and he noticed, “Please you have nothing to be embarrassed about.” his body was that of someone in their early twenties.
“ How do you have a young body wouldn’t you come back the age you died?” he chuckled and said, “ I died when I was in my twenty-seventh year of rule. I already achieved many things I built temples and pyramids, statues of splendor i could only begin to describe.” He closed his eyes and smiled, “ I had many children and even more wives but the only women I love was my mother she was a Goddess among women. Like you she had a good husband by all accounts but when he had too much wine he would always come after her. Everytime she hid it well and proceeded to her duties with dignity. It was from her I learned how to rule. However I did gain my father’s rage which lead to me being seen as a tyrant by my people.” He clinched his eyes and I saw a tear, “ I have so many regrets I did terrible things. I once had a mother watch as her first born was fed to crocodiles because he met my gaze. Something as simple as looking at me got you killed. I was feared not loved. That will not happen in this lifetime.” He wiped his eyes and smiled, “That doesn’t really answer your question death does wonder for the skin. Mummification has been used since forever as far as I know but I have yet to hear of pass kings rising.They probably never fell in love.”

He looked me in the eyes and kissed me tenderly.
“ We have to get going.” I sighed. “ Lead the way.” He said and we were off going to the front desk where Debbie was typing away, s**t. “ Oh hello there Catherine. Here all night?” Debbie said without looking up. “Yea long night really beat see you tomorrow.” I said as Khafra and I ran through the door to the open streets of Cairo. It was busy as always cars zooming past. Bicycles were weaving through traffic as well. I’ve lived in Egypt my whole life and never have I seen something as alluring as the city that day. What was even more fascinating was the Pharaoh’s response to the beautifully chaotic Cairo. He kept blinking and it almost looked liked his mind was exploding. I grabbed his hand as we made our way through the streets. He numbly followed behind as we approached my apartment which was one of many apartments stacked into a massive building. Please don’t be home, I prayed the whole way. As we made it to the doorway my husband opened the door.
He looked quite furious and he grabbed me by my hair “ WHERE THE F**K HAVE YOU BEEN B***H!” and throw me in the house he wasn’t expecting Khafra to follow in after him. “ WHO THE F**K IS THIS DICKHEAD?! YOU GOTTA PROBLEM BUDDY. ME AND MY OLD LADY NEED PRIVACY.” and he shoved Khafra. Khafra remained cool and even which pissed my husband even off more. “I’m leaving you Ahmad.” I stammered and he turned his attention to me, “ What did you just say?!” I couldn’t keep from shaking, “I’m leaving you for good. You can keep everything…” “ YOU’RE NOT LEAVING ANYWHERE YOU F*****G W***E! WHO IS THIS! DID YOU F**K HIM!?” and with that he clipped me in the lip and throw a punch at Khafra. Khafra was like stone and easily moved out of the way and came to me. He helped me up before my husband knew what happened, “You can do this.” he whispered in my ear then handed me a narrow blade he was so calm. But I looked at him in horror and he took my head brought it close to mine and said, “Do this and he’ll never hurt you again.” and that was all I needed.

My husband came towards us and started to say something but when he saw the blade he laughed, “ What are you going to do with that? Put it down you’ll hurt yourself.” That f*****g b*****d I thought and a rage filled within me and before I knew it I was upon him plunging the knife into his soft skin over and over again. A first he look more hurt than anything. That hurt in his eyes will haunt me but it did not stop me it felt so good, the blood splashing on my face like cool ocean air. The sound of the knife penetrating his body was like a fined tune violin and the sound of it coming out a wonderful crescendo. Eventually he stopped moving and I kept creating beautiful music out of his freshly dead body. I hadn’t notice Khafra come over until he grabbed my hand and looked me deep in my eyes.
I smiled, leaned and kissed him. He pulled away first and said, “We have to go. In any century walking around covered in blood can’t be good.” He handed me a blanket hat was on the couch. I headed towards the bathroom looked myself in the mirror and smiled I finally liked who I saw. I washed up then packed a bag of clothes. As we stepped over his dead body Khafra looked at me I mean truly saw me and said, “ You and I forever never look back.” and with that we were off.

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