Marry-an-ette Origin – Part 3

I wake up, kind of stiff. Not knowing whats happening I try to move but find it hard and then realise I was tied up. I couldn’t see anything as it was pitch black, but I could tell I was in a car, as it there were small bumps and hear vrooming, every once in a while. What I didn’t realise till now was that my body felt weird. Like it wasn’t mine. I, not knowing what to do just do nothing. After what seems like an hour, the car finally stops. I could hear someone moving to where I was. I was scared at that point and pretended to sleep. After I close my eyes, the door opened.

I heard, “Well, take it to the lab and inspect it.” I knew that voice. It was William. At that moment, I was scared but also angry at what he did to me. Now that I thought about, I didn’t feel any pain anywhere. That wasn’t my biggest problems as I was now being cared like a sack-o-potatoes. The man was carrying me, took me to what I’m assuming is a lab and lays me down on a hard bed like thing. He then left the room. I then opened my eyes and got up. I was not tied up at that moment. I checked my body to find some wound or any blood. Nothing. I then realise that I was in a completely different outfit. I remember this outfit somewhere, but I don’t know where.

Then I realise that my skin was¬†inhumanly smooth, something sharp was in my mouth and I couldn’t see out of my left eye and hair drooping over it. I saw a mirror in the corner of the room. I climb off the bed and walk to it. I looked in the mirror and almost gasped hard enough to choke. What I saw as me, or Marry-an-ette. I was in shock as I looked exactly her. I didn’t take much thought to it, as the door swung open and a man walked in. He saw me and stood there for a second before taking a step back, turning around and running. I heard him scream help. I was shocked but went after him for some reason. I was then looked at by a lot of other people in lab coats.

They all looked at me in shock and some even surrounded me, I guess trying to grab me. I was scared because I was in a place I didn’t know, and was around people I didn’t know. I guess I was so scared it got me angry, because all I saw was red. The next thing I know was me lunging at one of them and clawed them with the steel claws on my fingers. I was soon covered in blood, and was on top of the person also covered in blood and unconscious. I heard screaming from the other people around, which made me even more mad, so I attacked other people and others started to run. It was at that time that everything they did, pissed me off. I just kept slashing and slashing anything in my line of sight until all I saw was blood and bodies everywhere. When I finally calmed down, I saw something strange, there were blue flaming, glowing balls over every body. I was confused for a moment, then I went to touch one thinking it would get hot, but it was more cold, not really cold but not warm either. I took it in my hand and looked at it for a second. It seemed, mesmerizing. I didn’t know what to do with it, though I even know what it is. But I just took it with me. Where was I going you asked? I was going to look for William. I knew he was around since he’s the reason I’m here and I was planning on finding him.

Right after I thought that, my sight was like an x-ray and I saw everything though the walls. The other employees, other machinery, and… William. I was in full rage when I saw that familiar figure of him. I instantly started going over to where he was. I kept my eyes on him as I was heading to his room. One of the employees entered the room with William. Even though they were on a different floor I kept my eyes on them. Finally, I got to the door the room. I was about to bust in, but then the employee started walking to the door. I got an evil plan. As soon as the employee stared walking toward the door, I banged in and grabbed him. I could see the shock on the employee and Williams shock.

I put my arm around the employees neck and said, “We meet again don’t we, old friend?” When I said that, William looked confused at my remark. It didn’t seem like he got what I said, “What? Don’t remember cutting me off?” I then point to my head, smiling. The shock on his face was satisfying. Shaking, he said, “Y-you, why?” guess he knows. Then the employee started to speak, “Will, who is this, what the hell’s going on?” William had his mouth a-gape and was still shocked by whats happening. It took him a minute to come back to reality. “W-well since you’re here, why don’t you talk to me and not hold Matt, alright?” I didn’t budge and that only made it more awkward. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t agree. Well, it was because I didn’t trust William, at all. He always tried to “pursued” people to get what he wants, and would be the only receiver sometimes. So you could guess I didn’t take any of his b******t.

After a while, William seemed to have an Idea and said, “Ah, I can get you something. It’s something you would love. He then told me to wait right there so he could get it. He shuffled passed us and started running down the hall. It was quiet in the room. I kept my eyes on him with my x-ray vision and saw him walk into the lab, get shock and maybe a little scared by all the dead bodies and walk towards the exit and stared to drive off. I then got angry. Not only did he lie to me, but also left his friend/worker alone with a psychopath. “He left,” I said. “What?” Matt said. “He left you,” I said to him. Matt seem to be in shock. There was no complaints like that’s impossible or no way so I’m guessing he’s done this to him before to him. I let him go since I know he isn’t a threat. He looks at me confused by that so I said, “You don’t seem to be a threat to me. You also didn’t question when I said you left. does he do that often enough to believe it?” Matt was silent for a second then said, “He… does it a lot. One time when we had gone in debt, he left me to take the blame. I don’t think I’m the only one in this lab though,” he had a sad look on his face. “Follow me,” I said and walked back to the main lab. When we got there Matt entered first and gasped at the sight of all his dead co-workers. I could see the shock and horror from him, even behind him. He started to turn around to asked what I have done, but I pointed my finger at him, which had a huge black claw on it. “I’ll need you and your car,” I said, glaring at him.

Soon we were on the road to where William went. I couldn’t see him now since he was too far away, so I had to ask Matt for places William would go. Matt tried to make conversation, but I could tell he was shaking. “So… why are you after William? Are you um… going to… kill him?” he said with a cold sweat. I think he thought that I would kill him if I said the wrong thing. “I won’t just kill him, I’ll show him the pain he put me through.” It went quiet after that. Then Matt asked what he did to me. I took a second to think if I really want to tell him, but I just ended up letting it all out. Even what happened with me and my mom. It felt good to tell someone. Matt was shocked by what I said or he didn’t believe at first, but I guess he believed all the info I had on thing. “Wow, I… I can’t believe this. I can’t tell if it’s real or not, but It sound horrid for this to happen to anyone. Especially a child.” Matt was asking more questions and I could tell he started to believe me completely after that. Soon he started trying to comfort me even if I didn’t need it and told me that William was planning to examine me and use me to go world-wide with his business. I couldn’t really care about all that because I was still trying to look for William as best I could.

Matt told me William would usually come to this park surrounded by forest. He was right. I saw Williams figure in the park. I tell Matt to stop the car. I get out and start to walk over when Matt stops me. He said, “Wait, do you really have to do this? Is it really worth it?” I smiled and said, “I’m sorry. I need to and I can’t stop myself. If I don’t, others will end up like me. I’m sorry.” Matt doesn’t say a word, puts his head down and said, “If you need ANYTHING, you know who to call,” and with that, he got in his car and left. I was a little sad that he left since he’s the only one other than myself that knows what all happened to me. But I had bigger priorities right now. I walk over to where William and hide behind a bush. Waiting for my opportunity.

  • teresa robinson

    This really is a great series. The only critique I have is watching out for grammatical errors. There are several throughout the story and it makes it hard to follow at times. Other than that though, fantastic job!

    • Marry-an-ette

      Sorry for the grammar. Thx for the support! I’ll try my best next time.