Mr. Köhler

All my life I’ve been living in fear, my mother was abusive, my father drank and also abusive. My siblings never treated me right, they all hated my guts, and they even wanted me dead. In school I was bullied, my teacher would pick on me calling me “autistic,” or telling me that I have no future. One night, on a Monday, I made a new friend. His name is Mr. Köhler.

He wears a black fedora, and a black trench coat, his face is white almost pale, he has no eyelids, and he has sharp teeth. That night my life changed he would come to school with me, and play with me, people would say they can’t see him. One night during dinner my Mom asked me a question “Where’s your new friend? People have been talking about him.” And I said that he is standing next to her and she started screaming at me about him saying “He’s not here! He is f*****g fake!” And it made Mr. Köhler sad and he went away.

Days have gone by, since the night Mr. Köhler left I was all alone, I felt like I was nothing. The day he came back saying in a cackling voice, “I am sorry for leaving you, your mother isn’t going to be here anymore, I took care of her for you.” But then there is my Dad he is always drinking, and like I said he is also abusive. One night Mr. Köhler and I were talking, and my Dad came in my room and he asked me, “Who are you talking to?”

I answered Mr. Köhler and he started to yell at me calling me: “F*****g Crazy!” and that made Mr. Köhler mad and right when Dad was ready to lay his hands on me, Mr. Köhler struck at my Dad in order to defend me. Mr. Köhler then killed my Dad by throwing him out of the window. Mr. Köhler told me that I can get superpowers, I was amazed and he told, “If you want my superpowers, all you have to do is let me in. It’s that simple.” I decided to let him in. Now I have his superpowers, he told me that I can: Control Reality, Fly, Teleport, and Shape Shift.

I’m happy that Mr. Köhler came to me. Mr. Köhler is my best friend ever!

  • Puddin Tane

    Your story needs a ton of work. I had a hard time not deleting it from my list.

  • Venus Neely

    I love this story!! Keeping me interested. Looking forward to next chapter. Doing good, keep writing.

    • IronMosquito

      Wtf how

  • IronMosquito

    This was downright terrible. Like seriously. This sounds like that scary kids art video from Dangmattsmith. And superpowers? “Ohh wow I have superpowers now that’s cool.” What was up with “letting him in”? He was in your house to begin so… That didn’t make sense.

  • IronMosquito

    Also 1 more thing. Black fedora. He sounds like a “Nice guy”