Mr. Cottontail

Co-written by T∅M

I don’t know where I went wrong. It just started out as your ordinary test. Okay before I get ahead of myself let me explain a little. I work at a research center for disease control and containment

My job was to create vaccines in case of emergency. In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, I tested the vaccine on several types of animals mainly small animals. I know what you’re going to say “isn’t testing on animals wrong and cruel?”

Yes, it is, however, I assure you that all animals we test are either old sick or dying so whats the harm if they’re dying anyway?

One evening during my shift, I was stuck with my next project in my lab. Working on one of my newest vaccines, I went to test it on one of my animal subjects. The subject which I called Mr. Cottontail the bunny

I took Mr. Cottontail and injected him with the serum to see if I could get the right reaction. Minutes after injection. I sit and wait but it appeared to have no effect on the test subject or so I thought. Several minutes with still no sign my vaccine had the desired effect, I placed Mr. Cottontail back into his cage and I went to the bathroom to take a leak

By the time I came back to my lab I was shocked to see it a torn up mess. All the other animals cages were ripped open and some of the other lab experiments had escaped and as for the rest of them, their carcasses lay sprawled in bent cages.

Ripped to pieces by something. Blood and guts of animals lined the walls, the floor, a top of benches. Flesh wedged between the bars of the cages. The ones who did not die were already devouring the animal carcasses. Witnessing this scene brought bile to my throat. I nearly puked by reflex. I was in an immediate state of panic and shock.

At the time I didn’t notice the only cage that was ripped open from the inside out. Mr. Cottontails cage. I began thinking to myself. Could this be some form of an extreme protest? Had a lunatic somehow broken into the lab? All sorts of things crossed mind until Mr. Cottontails cage came into my view. I stood there utterly shocked and lost for words. Could this be the serum I injected him with? Could he be the one responsible for what happened while I was in the restroom? Is this my fault? What had I done?

My questions were soon answered. In the corner of my eye, I saw something sitting there gnawing and chewing on one of the carcasses of the test animals. God I wish I hadn’t gotten a better look at that horrible scene

What was once Mr. Cottontail, a frail sickly rabbit now stood before me a furious beast. Almost completely unrecognizable if it hadn’t been for his defining ears and fluffy tail I wouldn’t have realized this beast was him. I had created a monster, Mr. Cottontail was no longer a cute cuddly soft bunny. But instead, a freak of nature and it was all my fault. I cautiously approached this creature, trying not to startle it and get myself killed in the process

As I made my way closer to him. All of a sudden his ears perked up and he turned around to face me. Once I came face-to-face with him. I knew this was not the same bunny that I had taken care of

Instead, this Beast that I was looking at was no longer Mr. Cottontail, this thing had elongated teeth and its eyes were a golden yellow, almost reptilian in appearance. His once white fur was caked in fresh blood. I did not know what to do at this point considering my situation is dire at best

So I slowly backed away trying not to startle Cottontail. But for every step I took to distance myself, he took a step forward, drawing menacingly closer to me. I thought I was going to die by the claws of my own creation. Until I heard this thing speak to me

I kid you not. It f*****g spoke to me. Well along the lines of one sentence but that’s more than it’s ever spoken. It called my father

After I heard it say this I tried to communicate with it. To see how far it’s speech patterns were. His intellectual capabilities. “Mr. Cottontail do you know where you are and do you know who I am?” Soon enough this thing replied. “Yes I am in a test facility and you are my father”

“And how do you feel?” I cautiously questioned him. he responded with “I feel great father thank you for making me better. I am no longer sick but I do require a taste for blood and flesh now.” I could not believe what I was hearing not only had I made him well again but I also made him into flesh-eating zombie-like monster

So I pondered on what I was going to do next with him. Then it hit me. I will tranquilize him and contain him in a much stronger cage. I will run more tests on him to see where I went wrong and where I can correct it

So I slowly reach for the tranquilizer gun, however, Mr. Cottontail noticed what I was doing and he did not like my actions so he lunged at me, knocking the gun out of my hand. He began saying “you will not put me back in a cage, I will not allow this father.” He escaped, lunging out the window to the outside world

That happened days ago and I have been looking for him ever since. I haven’t found him yet but the police and news crew had found his victims. Ripped apart, their organs removed from their bodies sometimes parts of their organs were devoured never to be seen at the murder site

It is just total chaos now, ever since he escaped and began killing people. Either way, I will not stop until I find him and destroy him. Because it’s already too late to do anything else but to kill him, forget about science. F*****g forget about lab testing. I just need to find him and set things right.

I think I know where he’s headed next. I have read in the paper that the town zoo has a new shipment of female rabbits and it’s only a matter of time. Mating season is almost here.

I hope to God that his DNA is not genetically sound. Because one monster is enough, we definitely don’t want a bunch of those f*****g things running around killing people. So if you see what appears to be a bunny. I don’t care how you do it. Kill it. At least try to before it kills you.

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