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My name is Mia.

Lately, I’ve been hearing reports of bodies found around this little town, all said to have their heads missing. Even my father, a sheriff seemed to have no idea how they ended up like that as they have no evidence pointing out a killer on the loose.

This night, my father told me to lock the doors and check the windows everytime he goes out and left with a report stating another dead body has been found.

I look at the sight of the leaving car and slowly shut the door.

Thinking of other things to do, I check the windows just as father asked me to and then finally went back to my room. I grab a book to read and lay down without doing anything after that.

In that time, I wondered. If it was a professional killer who was responsible for all those reports, why would he or she do it? What reason and for what benefit does it gives him or her? And if it wasn’t, should I worry about evil ghosts then?

As time passed on, the hour-hand on the clock hits 8pm. It’s dark outside.

I remove my rounded glasses for reading and put down the book. Grabbing the hooded coat on the desk, I go out on the rainy night.

Hmmm… I wonder why I did that?

I wanted to visit the neighbors around the house and knocked on Mr. Richard’s door.

“Coming! Just wait a sec.”

I hear the door click and what meets me is their son, Ronald.

“Heyy Ron! Your parent’s home?”

“Ah! They aren’t here right now. They said there was something wrong at work so they went and had trouble fixing it. Were you expecting them?”

Well… That’s unusual, Mr. and Mrs.Richard were always good at fixing things. Oh well.

“Nah, just having a visit. May I come in?”

“Sure. Though having a girl around here is embarrassing.”

And so… The night passed and I wake up with the sound of police alarms resounding through my room. I hear a knock on my door and my father comes in with an anxious expression.

“What’s wrong dad?” I ask.

“Mia… I… I’m glad your safe.”

“What is it?? Why is your face like that?”

He tries to answer but his voice sounds cracked.

“I-it’s your friend… Ronald. He’s found dead in his room. The same case with the others.”


I cast down my eyes on my hands.

“B-but we’ll figure this out honey! We will definitely find out the culprit behind all of this! Trust me.” He then goes out of the room in fast strides.

My sights looms over at the door where my father exits. And I stare on top of my cabinet.

I smile.

“Dad… He’s not dead. He’s with me now.”

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