Mike’s Missing Journal

Day 1
Today my sister and my brother ran away. I don’t think I’m OK. I mean, I killed my parents and forced my siblings to kill innocent people so I could have my skin back. I only have my carving knives and some bark. I saw Slenderman a few days ago. I think I’m becoming what I’ve always feared, a creepypasta.

Day 2
I found a river and I made a steak out of the bark I had. I saw SCP-173 running around earlier. I don’t know why but he keeps bothering me like I’m his friend.

Day 3
SCP-173 is back but he won’t leave. I think he wants me to follow him.
He brought me to a cabin so I looked through the window. I saw blood everywhere and some skin coming out of a room. I told him I was good, how I am, and he’s just following me around now.

Day 4
SCP-173 is my new best friend and I think I saw some government workers looking for him. So I’ve been hiding him. I had to kill a few, but that’s it.

Day 5
I think there is a spy. I’ve been seeing strange things. I don’t know if I’m going insane or if I’m paranoid. I have seen bullets and I’ve been hit by one.

Day 6
I know there is a spy because I saw it. They have shot my arm a few times. I am only minorly injured so I’m fine.

Day 7
I found a chip in SCP. Now I know how they found us. I removed it and killed the spy but I’m not sure if it’s safe to be here.

Day 8
I made a disguise. I look normal and I’m going to pretend this never happened. I lie to my siblings to hopefully get them to trust me. I will still visit SCP. This is my last journal entry until I hide it away forever.

Goodbye journal.

  • IronMosquito

    This was just as bad as your first story. “Ooh, I saw Slenderman! Ohh, SCP!”
    First off, SCP-173 has no sense of right and wrong. While it still displays sentience, it will kill whoever it comes in contact with. It’s not gonna make an exception for some emo 12 year old. No one would be able to get close enough to plant a chip in it.
    Other than that major plot hole, it’s a sad excuse for a story and should be printed out, burned, and have its ashes scattered to the four corners of the earth.
    So please, I beg of you, stop writing this story. Or at least try to improve and move away from clichés.

    • Mitchell William Kupietz

      Took the words from my mouth.awful and uncooked pasta. Don’t read!!!

  • Mitchell William Kupietz

    This was absolutely the worst thing I have EVER read…

    • IronMosquito

      Try Cracky Casey and Ticci Toby or Killer Jaz and Eyeless Jack, lol.