Mike the Murderer Origin

Mike was a normal child. He had dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes. He had a twin brother and a little sister. His sister Emily had light green eyes and pink dyed hair. His twin brother Brad had light green hair and light blue eyes. His siblings were cat humans. His father was a cat human from a lab accident and his mother was a normal human. His mom had light blue eyes and dirty blonde hair his father had dark green eyes and light green hair.

Mike and Brad were 7 and Emily was 4. They had a hamster and Mike felt bad for it and wanted to put it out of its misery. When he finally stabbed the hamster, it felt right to him. He felt as if all his pains had melted away and he buried it in the back yard. After a few years it was his and brad’s first year of middle school.

“I hope everyone is nice here,” Brad said.

“I have a feeling they will be,” Mike replied.

“How do you kn-” Brad didn’t get to finish his sentence because the bell rang.

Mike met a boy named Zach and they soon became enemies. One day while walking to school, Zach started to fight Mike. The fight escalated to the school and into the kitchen. Zach grabbed a near by knife and stabbed Mike. Mike screamed as if he was being burned. Then Mike spotted the deep fryer and shoved Zach’s head into it. He had the same feeling from when he was seven then he realized this was his passion. His eyes instantly turned black with red pupils. Then he tripped into the deep fryer and his face melted and his skin turned grey. He ran home and made a disguise, a dark green mask and a dark green hoodie. He killed his parents and forced his siblings to join him. His siblings ran away after a month and he can be found in the woods looking for them.


    Why? Why subject readers to this? A hatred of humanity perhaps? These stories continue to get worse daily it seems….

  • IronMosquito

    This was just terrible. More overused crap shoved into a “story”.