Tales From the Realm of Fears: Chionophobia

He was searching, sniffing, looking for where I was. I was separated from the group. We got ambushed. Two are dead. A scream a male one and then a crunch. But I wasn’t really worried about that I was worried about what was a few feet away from me.

He was cold and lifeless, yet he seemed angry that he couldn’t find me. There was a house maybe 8 feet from where I was. Wait for an opportunity to run then make a break for it. Then I hear a crunch, leaves and twigs breaking. A boy about 17 ran for the house. The monster focused his attention onto him. That’s when I got up and ran.

The monster caught us both in his vision. His cold blue eyes staring at us. I heard him chant something, it sounded like Chionophobia but then it all went white, I couldn’t see anything. But when my vision came to it was… snowing? It wasn’t snowing a second ago why was it snowing now? The dude next to me seemed just as confused as I was, but at least the monster was gone. He signaled for me to go to the house so I did.

I took about two steps and then it started snowing harder. I picked up the pace to maybe get in side before a snowstorm comes. But then another inch fell. It took about three seconds and another inch fell. At that point I started running, but when I looked behind me the dude was having some trouble. A hand grabbed his ankle and was pulling him away from the house. By this point two inches had fallen so I had to get inside.

I reached the door just in time to witness something terrifying. Bodies were clawing at the dude dragging him back, scratching his face, drawing blood by the second. Half a foot was falling and it consumed him. Then bodies rush toward me. I had to shut the door and locked it. By then the windows were blocked by snow and the dudes muffled screams slowly faded. The window cracked, then it cracked again it all happened so fast. Three seconds passed and it burst open, sending a piece of glass straight into my throat.

A few minutes later a survivor came over and saw two dead bodies, one frozen to death, and one with a neck wound. Then something caught her eye, a boy about 14 with long curly hair which was put into a ponytail standing over them with his fingers in their forehead. When he was finished, he said, “Done gathering a story.” Then he disappeared into the night.

Chionophobia – The fear of snow.