A little while ago I was quite a huge fan Namco’s games like Pac Man and the other stuff. I was just browsing away on my PC when I saw something weird… There was a link saying Mappy.EXE, what could it do to hurt me? Curiously I downloaded the file. After clicking on it, it just popped up right on my screen and I realized it was the mouse cop I had played 6 years ago. The memories were all flooding back to me like a waterfall. I pressed start, for half of a second I found that Mappy was looking at me with pitch black eyes. The cats were impaled with sticks and also beheaded.

I started to play the game and I just started go run around and do stuff. I noticed the trampolines were dark. As time progressed the music was starting to slow down. When I caught the last item some text appeared saying, “Get out of here, he’s hungry…” The music then played in reverse and I ran using Mappy and the cats began to fade into flesh.

There was an exit door and when my character¬†got there, it just shut the door. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT…” said Mappy, his eyes began to glow from black to red. He jumped out of the screen, he looked more realistic this time! And I passed out.

I woke up with Mappy hovering over me saying, “Now you will feel what I feel… sadness, loneliness, and pain.” I looked over and found my family dead on the floor. “Now you will join me!” he said… he jumped at me and then I woke up falling in emptiness with Mappy staring at me with three eyes with blood pouring out of them. When I try to sleep in there, he watches me 3 inches away from my face.

Now I’m trapped in this blank world and the reversed music getting louder and louder and the worst part of it all is, I’ll probably never see any part of the outside world again.

  • IronMosquito

    This is obviously a Troll so I’m not even going to address the plethora of problems here.

    • Deckerboy

      Thank you for letting me know,sorry about that,I will try to make better stories in the future.

      • IronMosquito

        Wait, you mean this isn’t satire?

        • Deckerboy

          Yes, it is only for entertainment purposes only.

          • Deckerboy

            It is not intended to be offensive in any way.

          • IronMosquito

            Well, I wasn’t saying it was offensive, I was just wondering if it was terrible on purpose or if this is just a bad story.

          • Deckerboy

            Well this is my first creepypasta story so it’s not gonna be that good.

  • MakaSMess

    I didn’t think it was terrible, if they were trying to make a good story then I’m glad they put it out there. If you liked your story then it’s a good story, but if you want other people to like it then Just keep trying. Write whatever stories you want!

  • HEX

    Not great but not the worse I’ve read here. I do believe you could write a good story just keep trying man stay with it. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    … Huh. So sequels can be better than the original. Good to know. But as someone who wrote stuff way worse than this, I can confidently say that if you keep writing you will 100% make something that you compare to your old writing and cringe. In a good way(?)
    I did like it though. I’m gonna check out any other works of yours!