Lye Conemor was a young boy at age 12, his life was normal like anyone else but he acts different than others. He has a unique talent in drawing but his drawings were what others called weird. Some of his drawings could have been gore or exotic art. His father left him cause he didn’t want to have anything to do with his own kid anymore and his mother, his mother became a drug addict after the father left them. The kids at school even picked on him for being so weird. What makes it even worse the teachers even picked on him as well.

Each morning he would either get dragged out of bed and thrown down the stairs or have a cold bucket of water splashed on him. Every day at school

He sits on his bed thinking of all the bad things done to him constantly, each day he lived through that had gotten worse. He slowly puts the knife to his throat then… well you know what happens next. Suddenly a demon appears before him, this demon was the cause of his problems, but he didn’t mean for Lye to kill himself, so he feels the soul’s pain and knowingly he wants revenge, so he granted him a second life.

With his throat stitched up he awakens, he looks at the clock, only three hours has passed. He goes downstairs to see his mother over dosed, but he didn’t care, one less soul to worry about. The next day he went to school but he only stayed at the playground, waiting for his “friends” when play time came, and when it did… he definitely had play time with them. He even took care of his teachers one by one, with others at school not knowing what was going on, so they closed down the school because of all the unknowing killings going on. Then next day he found out where his dad was living so he showed up at his door step, he reaches to ring the doorbell, his dad open it to answer but he never got passed the first few letters of the word “hello”, well now that there is an axe in his father’s face he couldn’t say anything at all. When it was all over the demon convinces him that it was over now and wanted his soul, he convinces Lye to kill him self, as soon as Lye was going to kill himself again a tall dark faceless figure stand behind him, with not a mouth he says to him, “Lye, this is not the end… This is just the Beginning for you,” at that point he knew that the tall figure was right.

  • Simon

    Yeah, uhh… this is pretty flawed, to put it lightly.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    The pretense and thought behind it is good. But you didn’t put enough details or description in it. I’d love to read this once it’s finished.