Lynx The Familiar

(This story goes out to my friend who recently had to put her cat down due to old age. Cats and Dogs aren’t just pets, they’re also family, and when you lose one, it feels like you lost a family member. Show your fur babies some love and remember the good times with past pets!)

Know that saying if a black cat crosses your path, it’s bad luck? Well, I’m kind of the reason why it got started. I remember The Salem Witch Trials. I remember seeing women of all ages were killed, being ripped away from their families. Friends and family members turned against one another all because someone was accused of being a witch or practicing witchcraft. Sure some were witches, but the others were innocent women. My first owner was one of the witches murdered.

I was her Familiar! That means it was my job to keep her safe, to look out for her! Yet… she ordered me not to save her when they came for her, I wasn’t allowed to stop them, but I was to hide and let them kill her…! I had to watch her being hanged with other women as the people cheered and screamed out, “Kill the witches!”

I cried and cried after her death, but then it hit me, and it was something I couldn’t understand. They were killing the “evil” women. My first owner wasn’t evil, she was a healer, and I knew the other witches that were killed as well they were kind or harmful! So why did the innocent die and the real evil ones get to live!?

Since that day and realization, I would walk the small town in my cat form, of course, and when someone who was responsible for the murders of the many innocent women and witches was near, I’d follow the scent till I find them.

I would always let them see me because back then, black cats were seen to be wicked. Sadly it’s the same way present day, but anyway, it was scary for them to see a black cat staring them down! Whenever I found who I was searching for, I would follow them back to their homes. In the morning, they’ll be found dead, along with the people who live with them.

Be careful when a black cat crosses your path. You may end up dead!

Over the years, I was having a hard time trying to find reasons to keep going, but once an animal becomes a witch’s Familiar, we can’t die. We’re immortal. Unlike our owners…

However, the only way we can actually die is to be killed by another witch, but it’s so hard to find one that’s a pure-blood witch. I was still killing whenever I got the scent of a person being a descendant of the people who murdered all those women.

I was getting close to finding one, but my new owner got to them before I could. He wasn’t a witch, and he wasn’t even human. I’m not really sure what he is.

He’s oddly tall for a living being, and he doesn’t have a face, it’s just like a blank canvas. At first, I was scared and was trying my harders to look scary myself by putting my ears back and puffing my tail up, hissing and growling, it… didn’t work. All he did was put a hand on my head. I was worried that he was going to hurt me, but he took me to his home.

Other people live with him. Some took me in right away and welcomed me. As for the others, they didn’t care if I was there. The little girl Sally likes to pull on my tail, though. But she’s too cute to get mad at, and she knows how to pet I haven’t purred that much in such a long time. The boy Toby likes to mess with my ears when I’m not in my cat form, and when I am and trying to sleep, he bugs me it doesn’t matter how many times I claw him, he still does it. However, I feel at home with them all of them.

Sure, my new owner isn’t a witch, but I’ll keep him safe, it’s my job to do that and to take out the evil who are getting too close to knowing the truth about my owner and the others. I won’t let ANYTHING happen to them! And if they give me the order to run I won’t follow it! Not this time!

I still miss my first owner, but I know she’s happy where ever she’s at, and she’d also be glad to know I’m doing well now.

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    Ouch, the slender mansion, wasn’t expecting that. Warn a guy next time

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    I am sorry to hear about your friends loss.