Windy from Hell – Part 9

It has been several years since the unexplained murder of dr. Angela Williams. She was found outside in the parking garage crushed to death. The coroners examine the body and believed that she was dead before she was crushed. The only thing that the coroner and the police department have to go on is a video feed that was recorded in that hospital garage that night.

And since then it remains unsolved and it had Pete the interest of a true-crime podcaster and his fiancé. Their names are Jeff and Lena. Jeff and Lena were doing True Crime broadcast since YouTube has taken off with the craze so since they heard about the unsolved mystery. They wanted to be the first to get their hands on it since it seems like no one else has or, if they had, they refuse to do a video about it.

So Jeff and Lena went to the Ohio police department. As they went in, they had a feeling of unease. The feeling wasn’t going into a police station, that feeling both of them had felt more wrong, felt more terrifying than they could ever put into words.

As they got in, they went to the front desk and ask for one officer Billy Sims. The exception assist at the desk smiled and told them where to go.

The exception: Oh you must be the YouTubers. I’ve been waiting for you. His office is right down the hall and to the left.

Jeff and Lena smiled back and thank the woman. They headed down the hall to officer Sims’ office. When they got to the outside of his office, they both took a deep breath and Jeff cautiously turned the doorknob and opened it.

As they open the door, they were greeted by an older man who wore a handlebar mustache and bad comb-over. He looks like he was just came back from hell as a hard-a*s, but that was far from the truth. Officer Sims look rough but he was a kind man and that surprised the two when he invited them in to sit.

Billy: Well hello there children, come on in have a seat. Let’s get down to business.

Jeff and Lena sat down in front of his desk and sent there within Tissa patient until Billy broke the silence.

Billy: So you do want to know the mystery behind the death of dr. Williams, am I right?

Jeff hesitated for a moment before speaking and answered his question.

Jeff: Yes sir, we are. We jumped at the chance when we saw that the file was open for the public when the case was dropped.

Billy: Yeah it’s sad how that happened, dr. Williams was the one who delivered my first son. It was a shame that I was the first one on call and saw the crushed body of her.

Jeff: Jesus Christ.

Jeff mumbled under his breath before he started to speak again.

Jeff: I am so sorry to hear that and I know it must be hard for you to show us what happened that night.

Billy: Yeah it is but I have to always remember; I’m a cop first and it’s my job to solve a case no matter if I knew the person or not. It’s my sworn duty.

Jeff just shook his head in agreement and looked over to Lana as she begins the speak.

Lana: Mr. Sims.

Billy: Please call me Billy. Mr. Sims just seems too formal.

Lana: Okay Billy, so tell us in your words what happened that night. If you don’t mind we want to hear from your point of view before we see the video.

Lana pulled out a recording device, put it on the table next to Billy, and press play.

Lana: Okay Officer Billy Sims, please tell us exactly what happened that night when you got to the scene.

Billy cleared his throat and slick back what remaining hair he had left and lost all expression in his face as he began to speak.

Billy: I am Officer Billy Sims and this is my statement for the record. That night I was on my break. I figured I would stop and get a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, and that’s when I got a call in.

Dispatcher: Dispatcher to 903, do you read?

Billy: I read you loud and clear. What seems to be the problem?

Dispatch: Yes we just got a call from States Hospital. They didn’t go into detail. All I know is, they found a body. Do you think you can handle it?

Billy: Yes I can handle it. I’m on my way. Over and out. So as I turn down my siren and put my pedals to the metal, I hurried over to the hospital but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I got there. As I got into the parking garage trying to prepare myself, I swear I saw something strange.

Lana: Strange? Like what exactly?

Billy: For the life of me, I don’t know at first glance. It appeared to be a little girl but at the same time it wasn’t. But I just thought that it was just my mind playing with me because I was working overtime and I was tired. That was the reason for the coffee but I shrugged it off and drove right up to the crime scene. I got out of my car. And that’s when I met one of the people who found her body. He was a CNA. I started to talk to him and asking him a bunch of questions like ‘Did you see anyone suspicious?’, ‘Did she have any enemies?’, but of course he said he didn’t know. For all he knew, everyone loved her. He said she was a good doctor. Then I just told him to hang around not to go anywhere. I might have a few more questions to ask him later and that’s what I got close to the body. Got a good look.

Lana: Then what?

Billy: Well it would be exactly what you would expect. A dead body. But something was off about it. Whoever… whatever killed her have done it with extreme force. Her whole entire body was distorted bent and broken like she had been hit by a semi-truck. In all my years on the force, even in my rookie days, I have never seen anything like that. But enough about that, you are here for the video, but I have to warn you what you’re about to see is very graphic and not for the faint of heart.

Lana reached for the recorder the press the stop button and stuck it back into her back, then Billy got up pulled out a DVD placed it in the player that he had in his office and pressed play. The feed was static at first then it wasn’t. It came in crystal clear. As Lana Jeff sat there and watched the video, they saw dr. Williams goes to her car.

As she was about to get into her car, something seemed off about her. She was frantic, now trying to struggle to unlock her door and, as Lana and Jeff were watching, they noticed something peculiar in the right-hand corner. It was a shadow of what appeared to be a shadow moving towards the doctor sneaking its way closer and closer.

And when Miss Williams looked up, she dropped her keys and had the look of sheer terror on her face. Almost as she was looking at the devil himself. As Lana and Jeff kept watching, what’s a song immediately made them both go pale. They saw dr. Williams lifts up out of the air like a rag doll and the two podcasters couldn’t believe what they were seeing was impossible.

But it was right there in front of their eyes. Lana’s eyes grew wider and wider as the body continues to rise up into the air and Jeff was speechless he can’t believe it either. That is until what had her in its grasp crushed her like a grape. You can see the blood pour out of the poor doctor’s mouth and her eyes bulging out of her head almost about to pop out.

Lana and Jeff both felt like they were about to puke after seeing this but it wasn’t over yet. As the Unseen Force continue to squeeze the last life out of the doctor, it lifted her up a little higher and brought her down like a hammer finishing her off completely. Then it fills the video with black once more and out of the blackness. From a video feed, that should have no sound, they heard something that made all three of them have ice in their veins and the words stuck in their throat.

Windy: Someone come play with me.

The video ends with static and all three of them just sat there and silence for a good moment. Billy broke the silence.

Billy: So what do you think? This would be good for your podcast.

The two remained silent for about a second and Jeff spoke up.

Jeff: Yeah I think we got it. Well Billy, thank you for your cooperation and showing us that video. Expect this report to be up very soon.

Billy: Well alright, if we find any more we will be sure to let you know.

Lana: That’s quite alright, Billy. I think we got what we needed. We don’t need anything else.

Jeff and Lana smiled at Billy again and each hold his hand then left. When they got outside of his office, Lana ran to the bathroom then throw-up. As she was done, she walked out pretending there was nothing wrong but Jeff saw it in her eyes. The video unnerved her, frightened her. Something in their whole entire years together doing the True Crime podcast, nothing has ever gotten to her like that.

They headed out of the police station, got into their car. They went home to set up for the next podcast. And not knowing what will happen and the next few hours.

Billy was still in his office. After the two left, he figured he would do more research. He did a lot of digging. He told a lot of strings until he found something a lost file that was registered by his grandfather FBI director, John Sims. As he was going through his grandfather’s files, he stumbled upon something that his grandfather thought no one would ever find.

A tape that was simply labeled the Satanist Massacre. So Billy went and looked for an old recorder to play the tape on and when he did, he place the tape into player and play the tape all the way through. Billy was in shock he couldn’t believe his ears. In the tape he heard the exact same words that he heard in video camera feed; “Come play with me.” When Billy heard those words again, he brushed to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet. When he was done, he went to the sink and washed off his face thinking the cold water would make him forget what he had heard and when he was done.

He looked up into the mirror and he saw something standing right there in one of the closed state’s. He swore he saw two legs that appeared to belong to a young girl and on these legs wear black and white striped stockings that appeared to be tattered and torn and the shoes that used to be white were now a dingy brown.

Billy rubbed his eyes. As he did, the legs were gone, so he thought. He got out of the bathroom and ran back to his office to gather his things. He wasn’t staying there for much longer. As he was about to put on his hat and coat and go out the door, he heard something that made his heart stop.

Windy: Come play with me. Don’t you want to play Mr. Policeman?

Billy slowly turned around and standing right there face to face was a little girl with dingy red hair that was gathered and pigtails and porcelain white skin that appeared to be cracked in places and her eyes were nothing but an empty void and each socket were dripping a black gooey substance from them.

Billy backed up slowly and with fear in his throat, he choked out one thing.

Billy: Who are you?

The girl like creature tilted her head slowly and gave him a twisted demented smile before speaking.

Windy: Well, I’m windy Mr. Officer man and I came here to play. So will you play with me?

After she was done, she started to laugh dementedly and Billy’s fight or flight mode kicked in and without hesitation. He took out his can of pepper spray the beast in her dark eyes and he ran. As he was booking it, he heard the creature let out a loud shriek and only thought ran through Billy’s mind.

Billy: Jesus. If you’re up there, get the f**k out of here, or at least send me someone to kill this thing if I don’t make it out.

When Billy got to his car, he fumbled with the keys until he finally unlocks the door. As he got in and started up the engine, something big and heavy land on the roof of his car. It started to beat on it. Billy’s through the car in reverse and started to hit the gas. As he did, the creature flying through the air landing on the pavement below and when it came allowed crack from the creature.

Without hesitation, Billy put the car back into drive and took off as fast as he could to get to safety. So he thought as he was headed down the road breathing heavily thinking it was finally over. That is until he started hearing giggling coming from the backseat of his car.

He readjusted his front mirror to take a look in the back seat and all he saw what’s a pair sharp teeth glowing in the darkness and a pair of sharp claws wrapping around his neck pulling him into his seat slowly squeezing the life out of him and that’s when he knew he was going to die. He lost control of his car as it started to swerve back and forth uncontrollably.

And the last words he had heard before the car swerved off the road and off a cliff were,

“Come play with me.”

That next morning when Jeff and Lana woke up and turned on the TV a news broadcast came on.

News anchor: Breaking news. Today local police officer Billy Sims was found dead this morning. His car was found totaled off of 9 highway today. The coroner said it was a traffic accident gone wrong. More details at 11.

After the news broadcast was over Jeff and Lana both looked at each other with shocked expressions on their faces. They couldn’t believe Billy was dead. It had to be a coincidence, they thought. Like the news anchor said, it had to be an accident. They both agreed that it was an accident. That is until the doorbell rang and Jeff answered the door. As he answers the door, there was no one there. He looked around until he looked down and he saw a small box. It was wrapped neatly with a cute red and blue bow. She brought it inside thinking nothing of it.

As he put the box on the counter, he started to open it along with Lana. As they opened it together, they noticed something oozing out of the box. When the paper was removed, it was a crimson red liquid. As they remove the lid, what they saw will forever haunt them. In the box was a human heart and next to the heart was a card. Jeff carefully removed the card without touching the heart as he picked it up and opened it.

And in the card written in black. It said,

Windy: Let me know. Officer wouldn’t play with me so I had to break him and I really hope you like the present I give you. I am hoping to play with you real soon as well and hoping you will play nice unlike him. Well, see you soon my new playmates — love, your new friend, Windy.

Jeff showed the card to Lana and her eyes started to get wide like dinner plates and she jerked the card out of Jeff’s hand. She started to rip it up. And she ran to their bedroom started to pack everything yelling frantically.

Lana: Damn it Jeff, we got to get out of here. We got to leave now. Whatever killed him is coming for us next. We got to f*****g go.

Jeff: Lana calm down. It’ll be alright. It just got to figure out who she is and why she’s doing this and maybe we can stop this.

Lana stopped what she was doing and grabbed a hold of Jeff and hug him tight.

Lana: You’re right. We got to be professional about this and maybe everything will be alright.

So Lana and Jeff started to make some phone calls and does a little deeper and try to pull some strings themselves.

Couple days went by without incident until finally, their strings have finally attached to something. A man who is found half-dead and is home now take residence at the same Hospital dr. Williams had died in a few years before.

Jeff and Lana packed up their things and started to drive to the hospital to get their answers to so many questions hoping it’s not too late just save their souls.

Author’s Note: Artwork by Alexa