Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt. 6

I woke to the shaking of Toby’s hands. He lifted my head slightly as I began to open my eyes. I felt a wet sensation around the wound I got from that creature. I looked up at Toby, but with a sudden jerk back, he stared at me, deeply terrified. I looked at him, and stood up, approaching him slowly. I stepped closer to meet a few inches from him. He flinched again.

“T-Toby,” I paused. My voice was noticeably deeper. I placed my hand on my throat, and tried to speak again, “Toby-” I paused again. I stepped back from Toby and inched to my bed, staring directly at Toby, whilst moving back. Toby ran out of the room, and I dropped to the foot of my bed. A sudden sharp pain jabbed into my side and flowed up my body in what felt like veins of surging agony. I whelped and yelled, then began to claw at my bandaging where the wound was. I ripped it off and looked down at it. It was black around it, with black veins flowing up my body. I took off my hoodie to reveal more of these black veins. I stumbled to a mirror over a desk and crawled up to it. I swung myself to my feet, leaning on my arms to look at myself. I looked up and trembled at my face. My eyes were surrounded by black and my eyes were completely black. the only color I could see in them was a small red dot where my pupil should be. I screamed at the sight and bashed the mirror into tiny pieces.  I crashed into my dresser and fell to the floor.

“AAH WHERE AM I!? I… MUST… I must… GAUUUH EAAAAAT!” I screamed as my body felt more and more pain. I pulled my hands in front of my face. The were slowly becoming black. I looked again to m wound. It was gone, all that was left was a black origin of a thousand veins. I slowly lost sight of natural color, and all I saw was red. Then, it all stopped. The pain, the black, all I knew was eat. I stood up and crashed the door down. Hoodie stepped in front of me, ready to see if I was okay, bust fell back at the sight of me. I looked just like the silent killer. I felt my mouth close up and vanish. I began to lengthen my claws, and try to stab Hoodie. He swept my foot from under me and pushed me back from grabbing his leg. He ran to grab Masky and they both ran for their lives. Toby came running out from his place of hiding and I swiftly turned my head to him. He began backing away, and picked up a knife left on a small table. I stumbled my way to my feet and began to rush towards him. I felt then a powerful energy, telling me to stay back and leave him unharmed. I crashed to my knees and held my head in my hands. I whelped in self and monster contradictory. I ran away screaming, into the woods. I ran closer to the house we found and I ran in there. After hours of sitting, a creature, just like me came in. It walked to me and stared at me with empty eyes. Its eyes were different from mine. It had white eyes, when mine were black with red pupils. I looked up at it and suddenly pounced on it, tearing out its guts. Blood spewed everywhere and covered me in it. That moment of true monster-like thought and action, Toby came in. He followed me, and with him, was Slenderman. I glared up at them, feeding the urge to kill, with a jolt towards them. I dove to stab into them and kill them there, but I missed. Slenderman extended his long arms from his back, and grabbed me, binding my limbs down, and holding me still.

“Do it!” Slenderman yelled. Toby pulled out a needle with red liquid in it. I struggled to get free. In fear, I bit at the arms holding me still, and broke from his grasp. Toby tried to get me with the needle but I dodged each attack. I fell back, and Toby jumped on top of me.

“No! Casy NO! Look at me!” Toby yelled, And I began to weaken. I slowed down with my struggle. Toby dropped the needle, and placed his hands on my now, black and bloody face.

“It’s me, Casy. Look at me. Remember me,” he said. I stared at him, but lashed out, breaking free. I stumbled backwards and hid in a corner. Toby rushed over to me, and stabbed me with the needle. I fell flat, and felt a power flow out of me. My strength was lost, I had lost my hunger. I then felt nothing but hands holding my head. There, I passed out.

I woke up in my bed, there with Toby leaning over me.

” Okay, let’s see, no black eyes. Your side seemed to be fine, um, do you have a sudden urge to kill?” He asked, examining me.

“Huh? No,” I said quietly.

“Good, now, do you remember any events from the passed few hours?” He asked, nervously.

“I remember, flashing. Red. I remember running, blood and black. I remember that silent killer looking thing, and it…dead. I uh, remember you, a needle and the boss running into a house. That’s it.” I said, trying to remember everything. He smiled and lifted me up.

“Good. Now, one thing.” He said.

“What?” I became extremely anxious for some reason. Toby said nothing, but fulled me in his arms, hugging me tightly. He then whispered something in my ear.

“I love you.” he whispered. I smiled and held him tighter. Soon after Hoodie and Masky came rushing in.

“She’s good? Okay yep! Let’s go love birds! We have a visitor! No, we have four!” Hoodie screamed at us. We quickly grabbed our weapons and ran out. There stood four people. Two girls and two guys. I knew them from stories of their lives, but never imagined to see them. Jeff the killer stood in the front, arms crossed and a devious smile running across his face. Jane the killer stood there next to him, seeming angry with him, as she usually is, seeing as she hates him. In the back was a teenage boy with a familiar blue mask, with black eye holes and black running down from them. Eyeless Jack. And there next to him was Clockwork. She had her one eye and her clock eye in the other socket. All of them were covered in blood. I was happy to see them, and wanted to meet them all.

“Hello, you must be Casy. We’ve heard mush about you.” Jack said

“Eh, cut the crap, idiot. We all know we have come to this place for something, Now what is it?” Jeff said, sounding ticked off with Jack.

“Jeff!” Yelled Clockwork. She already was mad.

“Hey, I’m with Jeff on this one, for the first time, and I wanna know. What are we here for?” Jane said, snarling at Jeff. Toby approached the four and let them in.

“Jack, is this your posy of kids here?” He said, knuckle bumping him and giving him a pat on the back.

“Nah, I just had to find ’em and bring ’em here. How you doing?” He said

“Cool. Hey Casy! Come over here!” he said, and I ran towards him.

“Jack, this is Casy. Casy, Jack. She’s my girlfriend.” Toby said proudly.

“Knew it. Ya look just like him. Great to finally meet ya Casy.” Jack said. Slenderman walked out of the last room in the hall, and began to speak.

“You all have been called here for a certain reason. I’m sure you all are aware that people have been wondering who we are, and have began to figure that out. We cannot have that. This is where Hoodie, Masky, Toby and Casy have been hiding. You all, on the other hand, have been everywhere, and cannot be safe. We have recently found a house that belonged to a granny who had died and became a phantom. She is gone now, thanks to Casy and Toby. There I see that you all my seek refuge there.” He finished speaking, and Jeff yelled at him.

“Why do we have to be in hiding? We’re fine the way we are! Gosh, if this is all we came for, then I’m out!” Jeff yelled and began to walk to the open door. Slenderman shut it quickly with his extending arms.

“That is not all! I am seeking to recruit you all. I cannot find any reason for you to join as you are a fool.” He said sternly. Jeff turned around and begged to become a Proxy.

“You don’t just become a Proxy,” Toby began to say, “The only reason Casy and Masky became Proxy’s is because we found them and made them. You all have to be tested.” Toby said. Slenderman gestured for them to follow. They went to the house, and Toby and I went with them.

“Tomorrow, you begin.” Slenderman said, and left. Toby, Masky, Hoodie and I followed.

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