Liu’s Journal #1

January 25 2012

More than three years after the murders. If I die, the killer is my brother, Jeffery Woods. He murders more 20 people in span of a week. So if he kills me, there is information he hides out in the house on Ferris Ave 1427.

January 26 2012

Jeff hasn’t been here. I also put a map under my pillow. That’s where I’m going to hide this journal. I don’t have anything say.

January 27 2012

Jeff finally came. Well, he broke in, but it was in the middle of the night. He says what he always says; “Go to sleep”, but this time it was more horrifying.

January 28 2012

After my weird encounter with Jeff, nothing really happened. I’m still getting news station calling me for an interview, it’s getting annoying.

January 29 2012

Nothing bad happened after Jeff visited me today, but he’s acting weird like I found this note that says “I might have to kill Liu.” When I read that, I was in shock and disbelief. Besides that nothing more to report.

January 30 2012

Jeff knows I know about the note. Tonight I was trying to sleep, I heard him waiting pounce to kill me. I don’t know how long I was fake sleeping, but I eventually fell asleep.

January 31 2012

Jeff said something weird; “Liu, join me”, I was questioning to do it or not. I went to the bathroom and thought about what he just said. Was he being serious? I guess I never know.

February 1 2012

Today I started having deja vu. Jeff breaking in the house in the middle of the night saying; “Join me”. I don’t what’s going on. He even sat staring at me with his weird smile, worst than Joker’s smile. But it’s over now.

February 2 2012

I went walking to the park after being inside all of last week and saw wanted and missing poster. When I got to the park, I saw Jeff just standing there.

February 3 2012

I went to local restaurant and not to my surprise, Jeff was there staring at me like he did to me yesterday. Nothing weird happened, so that’s good.

February 4 2012

Today I finished my favorite book series Holders. Tonight I looked at my window that said go to sleep. I did because I know what my brother is capable of.

February 5 2012

Nothing bad or weird happen today.

February 6 2012

Jeff is acting weird bringing dead bodies at my house. I might have to pack everything.

February 7 2012

Jeff saw I was packing. He asked, “why are you packing?” I lied and said, “so you have more bodies to store” and I put everything in my trunk. I tried to leave but somebody has slashed my tires.

February 8 2012

Jeff started putting bodies in my room so now I have to smell a rotten corpse smell.

February 9 2012

I got new tires and I drove off but crashed my car and Jeff has put dead body’s in the trunk. I defended myself from the police. I was going to jail until they found Jeff’s fingerprints on the body’s, so I was free to go.

February 10 2012

Today nothing weird or interesting, except Jeff did have to hide at his place when I talk about the address on page.

February 11 2012

Nothing weird going, something must be wrong.

February 15 2012

The reason I haven’t written anything for 4 days is that, Jeff isn’t killing people. He must be planning something big.

February 20 2012

Nothing interesting happening, something is wrong.

February 21 2012

Today I went to Jeff’s house and I saw everything ready for his plan. On April 20, he has something planned and I don’t know what but, whatever it is I will stop it.

February 22 2012

Jeff is now watching every night waiting for me to go get water or go to the bathroom but I can feel his presence in front of me.

February 23 2012

The author of Holders made a new book so I have to read that. New book series SCP foundation.

February 24 2012

I went to Jeff’s house again, but this time I still couldn’t tell what it is but I know he going to try to kill us all. We don’t do anything.

February 25 2012

News was and Jeff’s bounty was raised from 10,000 to 100,000. I could rat him out but not yet.

February 26 2012

Police are checking every house even the house on Ferris Avenue 1427. The cops went to my house first then went to every house until they got to Jeff’s house. Jeff kills them and hides their bodies somewhere.

February 27 2012

Now Jeff is at my house more often. I don’t know why.

February 28 2012

Last day of February Jeff watched me sleep again. I knew if I moved, I was done for.

March 1 2012

I went to Jeff’s house again and found he has postpone his plan to April. For some reason, Jeff keeps coming to my house.

March 2 2012

I can’t trust anyone. I might have to kill Jeff. For some reason I can’t trust anybody.

This is Liu Woods signing off. Maybe for a little bit, or maybe forever.