Guardian Angel

Author’s note: The grammar mistakes are done purposely as the story is told through the eyes of a child.

March 10th

Hello diary!!! My name is Amber Burston and I am seven years old. My mommy bott me this diary so I will try to rite in it when I can. Daddy is in a bad mood agin.

March 12th

Today I went to the park by my house. I saw Dillon there he is such a bully. He put sand in my hare agin. I cryed and came home but had to stop before daddy saw me. He wood of made it worse. I’ll rite again soon.

March 15th

Great news!! Today I saw a man at the park. He talked to me after Dillon pushed me down and ran away. He helped me up and asked if I was ok. He told me he was here becuz he’s my gardian angel!!! He helped clean me up and sed for me to come home. He sed he would come see me agin.

March 20th

Dillon has been gone every time I come to the park. A cop came to my house and talked to my mommy and asked if we new anything. Daddy was sleepy after drinking beer so he didnt talk to them. Maybe he ran away.

March 22nd

My gardian angel was at the park again today. I asked if he knew what happened to Dillon. He told me not to worry about it. I like coming to the park a lot more now.

March 24th

Daddy drank too much today. He hit me cuz I spilled one of his beers. It hurts to raze my arm or bend over. He hit me with the belt agin. I asked him to stop. Daddy just yelled more.

March 25th

Mommy left today. She took her clothes in trash bags and sed she wasnt coming back. I wanted to go but she sed no. I cried and cried. That made daddy madder. My leg feels funny. I cant feel anything in it. And my hed has a bump on it. I dont think I like daddy any more.

March 26th

My gardian angel showed up in my room today. He asked why I dont go to the park any more. I told him my body hurts too much becuz of my dad hitting me. He said he wood make daddy stop. I told him ok. I hope he stops.

March 27th

Daddy is still asleep. Hes been in bed sense last night and we have no food to eat. My stomock hurts and so does my back.

March 28th

Daddy still wont wake up. I told him im hungry and he just stays in bed. My gardian angel showed up again. He asked me if I wanna go home with him. He sed his daddy was an angel before and is called loosifer. He gave me a drink to take. He sed when I fall asleep that ill wake up at home with him. I’m getting sleepy. I’ll write in my diary when I wake up. I hope I like it more than here.