Little Girls New Life

Hello…you can call me…well maybe we can hold off on the names…i’m here to tell you a story, now this is a story about a little girl named Sara. Sara was a good little girl always got her homework done, listened to her parents, always used manners, she sounds like a lovely girl doesn’t she? One day Sara was watching TV with her brother Robert. Robert always hated Sara due to the fact she was the “good child”.
Robert was giving this glare at Sara and she noticed. “What’s wrong brother?” Sara asked “…you are…” Robert said silently Sara was confused “you are whats wrong…im tired of being the bad kid…” Robert got up and when to the kitchen Sara got up with hands in her pockets and went to the kitchen with him. “Am I really that bad?” Sara asked with big puppy eyes “…yes” Robert said while pulling out a knife from the drawer. “Well that’s too bad…I kinda liked having you as my brother” Sara said looking slightly down with a crooked smile “Now there is no point to keep you here now is there?” Robert looked at Sara Confused and a bit worried. He took a second to think whats going on then her remembered what he was gonna do.
Robert raised the knife up Getting ready to stab Sara but before he could Sara pulls a knife out of her pocket trying to cut Robert just barely missing him. Robert fell to the floor in shock “Sara..?” Robert said in a quiet voice but Sara didn’t give an answer she just stood there with her crooked smile giving him a cold stare. Robert got up and ran out of the kitchen to their parents room. he knew where their dad kept his gun but when he got up stare the door was locked.
“Robert? Where did you go? I thought we were having fun? Isn’t this fun?” Sara said slowly making her way to the steps. Robert tried knocking down the door it wouldn’t budge “Come on let’s keep playing Robert” Sara said as she made her way slowly up the steps Robert tried again no effect he tried one last time and busted the door down and he fell to the ground with the door.
It took he a second to gather himself once he did he looked up and saw their mother hanging from the ceiling missing her jaw and their dad propped up against the wall with his eyes cut out. He froze in terror “Robert mother and father is tired of playing you should leave them alone” Robert rolled onto his back and next thing he knew Sara had stabbed him through the heart the last thing he saw was that crooked smile and those cold eyes on the one he hated so much.
After that Sara realized she had no one else to play with and decided to pack and leave before someone else came to ruin her fun. After she packed and changed she headed out to find a new place for her to have fun. It was dark and not a car in sight.
She started walking down the dark road thinking to herself (maybe the woods might be a good place for me to have fun) After a few minutes of thinking about it she decided to go to the forest. Once she got there the sun was rising and she stopped to enjoy the colors from the sun before going into the woods, but she felt like someone was watching her from the woods she decided to see if anyone was and if they wanted to have fun. After walking around the woods for a bit she noticed that the sun couldn’t shine in this part of the forest and she kinda liked it. She was lost in the forest at this point but kept moving forward, after a while of wandering through the forest she saw a mansion.
She ran right up to the gates only to find a tall man in all black “hello Sara nice to finally meet you welcome to your new home” the man said. “Who are you?” sara asked “well…maybe we can hold off on the names for now, until then welcome!” the gates open behind the man when he was done talking and they both walked to the mansion and faded away the closer they got until they were finally gone from sight.
The End

  • Swegmstr

    So Sarah wasn’t the good child?

  • wawe

    Dont involve other pastas in a pastas first story, the story was good untill you mentioned the woods, then we all knew what was coming and im sure most people will stop reading at that point. Please remove everything with the woods (this is a tip). And maybe you can add some more about what happened before instead, is there a reason she had a knife in her pocket at random? Thx for reading.

  • Dakota Workman

    A good tip that really helps with writing is proofread. When you are done with your story go back and re-read it. Correct grammar, fix the punctuations and… The best tip I can give, is BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Do you like the way it looks? Does the story have a flow or rhythm? Would you show this to an executive at Stephen Kings office?
    If not, then you’re not done. Keep fixing and changing and re-writing until you are 1000% satisfied with it.