I was a child that has a terrible life. I was bullied on school, I was a loner in the classroom. My home situation was not good at all. My dad hits me all the time. My sister hits me, tortured me. I hate my life. I was alone with the only feeling that’s called pain.

One day I wanna kill myself. With the thought of that, I ride home. My whole body was blue. The teacher let the other kids hit me. I was in pain, in shame.

I sit all alone in my room. A gray creature comes out the wall. “Hello I am Limebix, your friend. I see all the things and you can tell me. I talk and talk and talk the whole day. We play with my toys and draw paintings.” He was my new friend and he was a nice friend.

Every day I come from school, he comes out the wall. A child whom I can play with. He can transform into a monster. He comes at school when I kicked out from the class.

Two weeks when by. On one day, he comes out the wall in the morning with a can of gasoline and matches and glue.

I must glue every person’s chair, even the teacher. In break time I did.

After break, every one comes into the class. In break, I must clean the classroom. The teacher hates me.

After break time, everyone are sitting.

But what’s strange, glue everywhere. Children are screaming like little pigs.

I walked slowly in the classroom with my can. Limebix comes to. Now he looks like the devil. Everyone’s crying.

“Let’s have fun,” Limebix said.

I smiled and sprinkle the gasoline over the children. I did it to the teacher too.

“OK,” I answer. Limebix looks and laughs.

“Hey little piggies, you are going to hell. To burn for eternity. You’re picking one kid, now the kid picks you!” Limebix then grabs my shoulder and say, “Burn them!”

We’re walking to the window outside. I light a matches and throw it into the classroom. The fire went high. I saw the kids as little candles screaming. The smell of burning flesh. And the teacher was the last to set on flames. I smiled. Now I was giving the pain. I loved it. My future was settled.

In hell, every day I can hurt them with fire. But they can’t hurt me. And Limebix is my best friend.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I don’t mean to be rude, but it seems as if English is not your first language. I would recommend working on sentence structure and grammar for future works.

  • HEX

    Three sentences and I’m out. Bad really really bad.