Entry #2

April 20, 2019

I managed to outsmart the f****r by using my old flip phone instead of a smart phone to capture him as evidence. I walked into the woods alone with my flashlight, journal, and flip phone. As I started hearing hysterical laughter echoing in the woods through the trees at night, I flipped my flip phone and then turned on the recording in the camera. As he finally appears I captured the entire chase revealing his face. He tried to hack the thing but he can’t, it’s just an old phone.

I captured his face and clothing with his knife with blood in on it many times so I made my way back into home after I got away from the intense chase from that psychopath! I unlocked the door and went inside, I closed it then locked it with multiple locks from top to bottom of the door. I even had the sliding glass doors and windows paced with metal bars so he can’t get in.

Finally I can rest. I jumped on my bed and fell fast asleep with my flip phone on hand.


By the time I woke up in the morning the phone is gone, I searched it everywhere around the house but nothing’s there so I checked my surveillance camera recordings in my computer and saw him inside my house where the house was completely locked up to the point where no one can get in nor get out. There was no evidence of him destroying any metal bars or locks around the house but I don’t know how he got in. I checked everywhere around the house to look for clues on what he could have destroyed to get in but there was nothing he just appeared inside my room. I saw him in the cameras taking my phone and kissing my cheek then walked away slowly as he stares at me licking his knife.

Which where I noticed he was smoking that time and left a used cigarette in my room as he thrown it away. He goes out of my room and smiled at the camera and shaped his hands into a heart giving me a flying kiss through the camera. He hacked the cameras using his phone then after the distortion for 3 seconds of the camera… HE WAS GONE! DISAPPEARED IN THIN AIR!

I thought it would be pretty interesting to use a gun now so I went to my deceased father’s bedroom and unlocked his briefcase, I took out a pistol and an extra magazine putting it in my pocket. Then I made my way outside and saw from my feet that there are traces of cigarettes that leads to the forest. I followed the cigarette tracks and after an hour of walking in the woods I saw something burning. I saw my flip phone was burning as the killer just sits on a log cooking his marshmallows and asked me “Want some?” smiling at me.

I took out my gun and pointed it at him then he frowns angrily taking out his knife flipping it fast open. I laughed at him saying what a knife is gonna do with a gun as he slowly walks more steps closer to me as I stepped back a bit more. I shouted at him to stay back or I’ll shoot. Then I warned him again, one last final step and he dies. He didn’t heed my warning so I shot him closing my eyes.


He’s not dead! I shot him again multiple times but he just quickly deflects the bullets so fast. I shot him over and over again as his knife keeps deflecting the bullets. I started to get scared shaking nervous as I trembled while I reload my gun then started shooting again but it was no use! He just keeps on coming to me while his angry frown turned out to be a lunatic smile.

I can’t do this anymore. I dropped the gun and ran away but it was my biggest mistake, I gave him a gun by accident…