Lavender Trevor Morgan (“Flower’s Home”)

A boy and girl were driving down a rainy road, the boy was at least in his 20’s and the girl was about 15. The boy had a major cut on his left eye was struggling to drive, but the girl didn’t have any visible marks on her. “Did they catch up to us??” The boy asked scared. She looked back.”No, we’re still clear…” Then from out of nowhere, a truck pulled out in front of them and they hit the back of it causing the load to come down of the front of their car. Then everything went blank…

A few moments later, the girl woke up groaning in pain. She looked down and one of the poles from the truck’s load had impaled her leg to the seat, she tried to squirm to get it free but she was stuck. “Matt! Matt!” She looked over at her brother panicked then saw the gruesome sight of his mangled body, one pole had nearly taken apart his head, another almost took off his arm, then one more finished him off right through the torso. The girl turned her head and sobbed.

3 years later the girl has now recovered and was now living with her grandmother. “Lavender?” The lady called out. “Are you ready for supper?” Lavender went down the stairs and a lovely old woman smiled at her when she came down. “Yes ma’am.” She sat down at the table where two tables were placed, then the grandma served them both a serving of a casserole. Lavender sighed and smiled at the food she was given. “I’m sorry I don’t have the high life you were living in before your accident…” the grandma said sitting down. “What? No, I’m not sad about that… it’s just that… I’m upset you having to drop everything to take care of me. You had a life too you know.” The grandma laughed a bit at the remark. “Sweetie, all my life is now is trying to keep you in a home where you can feel safe. That’s all that matters to me.” She held her granddaughter’s hand and gave her a warm smile. Then Lavender held her hand too and they laughed before they began to eat.

Later at night, Lavender was sleeping in her bed until she heard the sound of her window creaking open. She darted her head up and looked over at her window and didn’t see anything at first, then when her eyes got used to the darkness she saw the silhouette of two men emerging from her window. She gasped then caught the attention of one of the men. He lunged towards her but she picked up a picture frame and threw it at him before jumping up and running to the door. But one of the men grabbed her from behind and stuck something in her neck. She fought back though and got the man off her back. But before she could get out the door her vision began to blur and she grew weak. Then she blacked out.

Hours later, she woke up dazed by the tranquilizer. Then she began to sit up but noticed her wrists were tied down. After he vision had cleaned she looked at her wrists and saw they were tied to the head of an old bed. Then she began to struggle with the bonds. She looked around and saw she was in a cellar of some sort. “Where am I? What is this?!” She struggled some more before she heard heavy footsteps coming towards her. Then the door to her cell opened up and one of the hooded men steeped inside. “Hey there, Lavender.” He said as he walked over to her. “F**k off!” She kicked and tried to do anything to keep the guy away from her. “Oh sweetie… you’re such a feisty little thing…” He stroked her cheek and she jerked her head away from his hand. “Why did you bring me here?!” Lavender was on the verge of crying and that somehow brought joy to the man. “You were part of the deal.” He said as he got up. “D-d-deal??” Lavender said keeping her eyes glued to the man who walked to the door and slightly put his hand on the handle. “You’ll see…” Then with that, he closed the door.

9 months later, Lavender was heard screaming and groaning from the darkness. Before a baby’s cry broke the screams. Lavender was laying in a bed now with a crying baby wrapped in a cloth being held in her arms. Then she noticed the baby was tiny and didn’t look like it had developed all the way. “What the hell is that little troll and why is it so small??” The man asked as Lavender glared at him. “It’s my baby girl…” The man scoffed and left Lavender alone with her baby. Then that night Lavender was rocking her baby to sleep when her quiet snore ended, and the baby had stopped breathing. Lavender looked at the baby and saw her pale skin and her dead blue eyes. Then she shook her daughter and began to cry. “Hey…hey! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!” She shouted as she tried to help her baby. Then the man ran down the stairs and saw Lavender trying to save the baby. “No no no! Come back to me baby! Come back!!” Then the man grabbed Lavender and she kicked and screamed for him to let her go. “She’s gone you stupid b***h!!! Let it go!!” He yelled as Lavender grabbed hold of his arm and bit down on it until he bled. Then he punched her down and she looked up at him as he glared at her. “Now you’re gonna pay!” He grabbed her by her hair and dragged her up the flight of stairs to his home, then he dragged her to the kitchen and grabbed a small but sharp knife from the drawer. Then he drove it into her eye socket and she screamed in pain and agony as she struggled to get free.

2 years later, Lavender sat alone in her bed and she hummed a sing-song to herself. She now had a bandage where her eye used to be but it had mostly healed. She overheard a door open from upstairs and looked through a small hole of the wooden ceiling and saw her mom… She dressed in the nicest clothing now and had very expensive jewelry and accessories all around her. “Well the child?” She asked. “It didn’t live, I’m sorry–” He was interrupted by a slap to the face. “Sorry?! You’re the imbecile who said you would successfully give me a child!!” She said in rage. “You’re the one who gave us the girl in the first place!” Lavender gasped and covered her mouth. She then collapsed and began to sob. “Well, try it again! If it doesn’t work this time, just kill her…” The woman stormed out of the house and slammed the door shut behind her. Then Lavender pulled herself together and got up. She then found in the corner of her room, the knife the kidnapper used to take her eye. She gripped it in her hand and slid behind the door. Then when the man came in Lavender drove the knife into the man’s arm and he screamed in pain. Then the man kicked her leg out and she collapsed to the floor. Then as she tried to make her escape, the man grabbed her foot and pulled her towards him with his good arm. He pulled and pulled and lavender tried to get away, but she couldn’t. Then the man got her close enough to him and got on top of her as she tried to push and kick. Then she finally got a hold of the knife from his arm and drove it deep into his chest. He slowly coughed up blood onto Lavender’s face and he grabbed at the knife with the last bit of life he had. Then he collapsed next to her dead. She got up panting and wiped the blood off her face, then she headed up the stairs to his home and went to his kitchen. She looked around for a knife holder and found one on the counter. She took a large knife from the rack and admired the sharp blade. “Watch out mommy… flower’s coming home…”

The mom got home and shut the door behind her, she looked at her husband who was on his recliner in front of the lit fireplace reading a magazine. “Well did he make it happen?” He asked. “No, the child didn’t make it. But in the next 10 months we’ll have our new baby…” She said with a bit of sympathy. Then a knock was heard at the door. “Who in the world could that be?” The mom asked as she walked over to the door, she opened it and screamed. There was Lavender, her long brown hair dangled over her face that wore a deathly smile. “Flower’s home…” Lavender clutched the knife in her hand and lunged at her mother…

Later Lavender sat on the couch by the fire and sat her head back still holding the bloody knife. “I don’t know why you thought trying to sell me to a sick b*****d like the guy I was stuck with for nearly a year would help you guys get rid of the guilt you had when you first started to hurt me… I just don’t…” She looked over at her parents who was still alive, just tied to a chair with gags in their mouths. “Do you think that getting rid of me was the only way you could get money? Did you ever think about anyone but yourselves?” She got up and walked over to her parents. “Dont you think I wanted my baby to survive so I could have someone to love?” She cut the gag out of her father’s mouth and he gasped for air. “Please… please… you can have all of our money, just don’t hurt us… please…” He begged. But Lavender only laughed. “Old man… I don’t want the f*****g money… I want my old life back!!” She drove the knife into his gut and him and his wife screamed. But then Lavender grabbed the chair, pulled out the knife, and stabbed him again and again until her stopped breathing and stopped screaming. Her mother sobbed and screamed as she tried to avert her eyes from her husband’s dead body. “Don’t worry mommy… you’ll see him in hell soon enough…” Lavender drove the knife into her chest and she gagged up blood which flowed down her face along with her tears. Then Lavender took out the knife and drove it into her gut twice. Then she took her knife out stepped away to see her mother fade away. Then she took her knife and put it into the fire-place, she looked around and found a match and some gasoline in the basement. She doused the house and everything around her in the liquid then stepped out back to light the match. The match landed on the trail of gasoline that lead to the house and set the house aflame in a matter of seconds. Then s he ran away into the woods. Never to be seen again…

  • Puddin Tane

    The only thing I see wrong is your over use of the word “then”. It starts almost every other sentence. Try coming up with other words. Use a thesaurus.