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“Hello and welcome back to another episode of Glitched, back with your beloved hostess, MaayaPlayz! If you’re new to my channel and you like what you saw here, don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button for more creepy, fun, nerdy content! Today, we’re going to be exploring a few possibly ‘haunted’ video games, and a few bootlegs I got for fun. First up, we have a very suspicious version of Pokèmon Red, which I conveniently found at a yard sale. Now I know what everyone’s gonna say, but I’m not joking.”

The pretty brunette behind the camera smiled, her blue eyes sparkling as she pulled out an old GameBoy cartridge. The cover was blank, save for a few scraps of glue-infused paper that clung to it, seemingly where they had failed to be ripped off. The words Pokemon Red were drawn on in silver sharpie, the handwriting neat.

“I’ve known these people for a while, actually, they’re not creepy. Their son is a bit destructive, which is why I assume the label was ripped off, but they’re good people and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give me an evil game that’ll bring a horrible death upon me. However if it does, contact Vikki,” a link to another YouTube channel flashed on the screen, ViktoriousGaming, “and tell her what happened. She knows what to do.”

Laughing, Maaya pulled out an old GBA from somewhere off camera, dramatic music playing as she inserted the cartridge. “Wish me luck!” she said with a charming grin as she turned on the system. Cutting to a split view of Maaya and the GBA screen, the iconic Pokèmon theme played sweetly through the speakers as the screen flashed to the start. ‘POKèMON RED Version’ appeared on the top along with a detailed-ish sprite of the protagonist RED and the typical Pokèmon scrolling through.

“Man, this game brings back memories. Anyone remember left-right-left-right-up-down-up-down A-B-A-B start? Am I saying that right? It’s been a while,” Maaya laughed again, Pokèmon still scrolling away as she spoke.

She started up the game, seeing the normal screen with the normal options, ‘NEW GAME’ and ‘CONTINUE’.

“…You all know what I’m gonna do,” she said, scrolling down and clicking CONTINUE.

The screen showed a character standing in front of the Elite Four, probably right before the final battle. “Was he about to beat the game then quit?” her surprise was very obvious, but she quickly shook it off and opened the Bag. It had all the normal things a trainer should have, except there wasn’t a single TM to be found.

“Weird, there’s usually either that one that you keep for that perfect Pokèmon or that one that just s***s so bad that you never force a Pokèmon to learn it.” Upon saying that, she grinned. “Maybe he didn’t know TMs disappear when you use them in older games. And yes, all the HMs are here, people.” She opened the TM/HM pocket again, showing all the proper HMs for a trainer at the Elite Four. She then exited the Bag and entered the Pokèmon screen, seeing a full team, five out of six at LVL 100.

“So… Not right before the Elite Four?” she thought aloud, slightly impressed. The only one that was not max level was the one in the last slot, and she immediately went to examine it. It was a Pidgeot named Flaps that knew Fly, and a few other moves that a flying type ought to know. Its held item was the EXP share, the OT was registered as Leo and the Nature was Feisty. “Man, this kid must have spent more time on this game than I did. It took forever for me to train my Pokèmon up to level 60 in this game…” she said, casually scrolling through the other Pokèmon.

The other members of the team consisted of a Blastoise named Squirt, a Charizard named Charlie, a Venusaur named Ivy, a Pikachu named Zap, and a Mew named Kitten.

“Damn, it’s been forever since I’ve seen a Mew. He probably hacked it in…” Maaya said, promptly checking the Mew’s stats. Its Nature was Timid, the OT was again registered as Leo, and it knew Dream Eater, Psychic, Teleport, and… Sing?

“Well boys, girls, sentient mayonnaise, we’ve found it. The Pokèmon that is obviously going to kill me. In case you all didn’t know, Gen 1 Mew definitely cannot learn Sing by any normal means. Definitely a malicious being and not just a glitched in Pokèmon with a hacked move,” Maaya said, laughing.

“Well, let’s see what else is in store!” she said, going to the other four. The Pikachu’s Nature was Stubborn, its OT was, again, Leo, and it had a normal moveset. Thunder, Toxic, Flash, and Substitute. She clicked to go to the next one, the Venusaur. “Many of you may not know this, but Bulbasaur is definitely a fantastic starter. I actually transferred my Bulbasaur from my original Pokèmon Yellow version all the way up to my Ultra Moon game, and we are currently trouncing the competition,” Maaya said, examining the stats.

The Venusaur’s Nature was Timid, like the Mew, but the OT was Jeff instead of Leo. “Ooh, traded in starters from his friends, smart. Also, if you have another DS, 3DS, GameBoy, whatever, and a new copy of the game, or something from the same or a very close gen you can just trade the starter to another game once you get it and then restart and do it again until you feel satisfied.” Maaya dropped this advice, then went back to checking the grass/poison Pokèmon. It knew Solar Beam, Leech Seed, Hyper Beam, and Cut. “Nice,” Maaya commented, before going on to the next Pokèmon. The Charizard, with a Feisty Nature and an OT of Jenna, had, again, a normal moveset. It knew Strength, Flamethrower, Rage, and Mimic. “Mimic, dang, that brings back memories. I always just use Copycat…” Maaya reminisced, then checked the final Pokèmon, the one in the first slot, Blastoise. “I’ve always had a soft spot for Squirtle, but Blastoise is definitely one of the coolest looking final evolutions in my opinion. I mean, a giant blue turtle monster with cannons sounds pretty cool when you think about it, right?” Maaya said, raising her eyebrows at the camera. She then laughed and actually looked at the stats.

Its OT was Leo, its Nature was Laid Back, and its moveset consisted of Bite, Hydro Pump, Surf, and Blizzard. “I might need to go to a large body of water and Surf around fighting with Mew,” Maaya said. “But first, the trainer card!” she added, quickly exiting the Pokèmon screen and entering the Trainer Card. It showed the traditional RED sprite, the name, Leo, hours logged, badges, all that. He had 197 hours logged, which made Maaya blink. “…Seems like me.” she said after a moment, laughing at herself.

“Okay, this is gonna take up more time than I thought. So instead of doing all the games I picked out, I’m just gonna do this and one of the bootlegs and save the rest for next episode,” Maaya said, smiling. “But before that, I really wanna use this Mew.” She exited the Trainer Card and began moving the little sprite almost into the Elite Four’s building, before stopping. She then went into the Pokèmon menu and switched Blastoise and Mew. Although, she noticed something a little odd in Mew’s menu… She brushed it off, going back out and into the building.

The video cut to the battle scene and Mew’s sprite bobbed cheerfully in the foreground, while the opponent’s Pokémon moved to a slightly slower rhythm. “…So, everyone ready to witness me destroy my GameBoy?” Maaya asked with a sly grin as she went into the move list and selected Sing.

The system played the familiar sequence of notes, a dialogue box popping up with the text [Kitten used Sing! Dewgong was put to sleep!] The Mew did an animation, and the Dewgong sprite appeared to be asleep.

“That was… Weirdly normal,” Maaya commented. The enemy’s turn came, the dialogue box [Dewgong is still asleep!] appeared, and she took her next turn. A few clicks later, Maaya had the Mew use Dream Eater. The Dewgong took some damage and a healing animation showed on Mew, though no health was healed because it was already full. “Alright, I’m gonna edit out the uninteresting bits, so see you at the other side!” Maaya winked, a small clip of her intro played, and then the screen cut to about midway through the battle with the next member.

They looked like they had just sent out a new Pokèmon, by the health bar. Maaya seemed to have just said something, and was moving onto the next topic. “…So I just noticed something, even though Mew’s Dream Eater can usually annihilate the opposition in one hit, no matter how long the battle takes the other Pokèmon never wakes up. Watch,” she said, then had Mew use Sing on the poor, unsuspecting Hitmonlee.

The normal dialogue boxes showed up, then the screen sped up as Maaya switched Pokèmon for twenty rounds or so. At that point, time returned to normal and Maaya finally had Mew, who she had returned to the battle, use Dream Eater and end it.

It then cut to a view of Maaya on the Pokèmon screen, highlighting Charizard. “I’ve always wondered, why can’t Charizard learn Fly in gen 1? I mean, it can fly, it has wings. Anyways.” She moved over to Pidgeot, and had it use Fly. “So, the game crashed. Instead of doing the whole thing again, I decided to be reckless. Also, I’m surprised that this Leo did the Mew glitch but not the MissingNo. one, but I guess I get it. I would rather have a cute psychic cat thing than a glitchy mass of code. No offense, MissingNo. Anyways, I’m sure you could guess by my not subtle at all behavior what I’m doing,” Maaya said as her sprite arrived at her destination. She walked into the Poke Center behind her, depositing the Pikachu and leaving an open space in her party. After that, the screen cut to outside.

She then proceeded to speak with an old man, fly to an island, and swim around on a giant turtle tank. “This is what I hope for the future. Rideable turtle tanks,” she said, laughing.

Just then, the encounter screen flashed and a familiar glitchy mass of code opposed the sweet, innocent Pokèmon known as Mew. “Found you!” Maaya said, selecting Sing from Mew’s movelist. The game lagged for a moment before executing the command, but the lighthearted bobbing of Mew brushed aside any suspicions Maaya may have had, despite the strange feedback that played during the song. The SLP effect appeared by MissingNo’s name, making Maaya smile. “Time to catch you!” Maaya said, though the audio glitched for a moment during this.

She entered the Bag, pulling out an Ultra Ball. Then small catching animation played, and the victory music played not long after. Maaya went into her Pokèmon screen, seeing MissingNo. in the last slot. “Nice,” she said, going into her bag. Inside, she found the Master Balls she had prepared off-camera. “Well, I think now is a good time to move on, I do want to get to at least one of my bootlegs today,” she said, saving the game almost on instinct. She turned off the GBA after that, setting it aside.

The screen then cut to a large-screen image of a computer desktop, a smaller face cam of Maaya in the top left corner. “As long time fans can see, I have turned my individual bootleg clutter into one massive glitchy folder in the top right here. In there, I have four new games. But I decided to make it a Pokèmon theme for today!” she said, opening the folder and selecting a coverless file titled Pokèmon Lavender. “I know, it sounds so sweet and innocent, right? I found it randomly while searching for weird emulated hacks, so I decided to whip it out for today,” Maaya said, opening the game. It took her to a loading screen of what appeared to be a Pokèball spinning in the center of the screen. That continued for several seconds, the colors seeming to pulse occasionally.

Then, the game loaded up. It was a normal Pokèmon Red/Blue start screen, save for everything was tinted slightly purple and, of course, it said Lavender instead of Red or Blue. Another odd detail, there wasn’t a trainer sprite or any Pokèmon that scrolled through, just the deceptively nostalgic music and the blocky letters. “I wonder what horrors this game will bring upon our psyche!” Maaya sang. “It’s kinda weird that there isn’t Buried Alive or something on the start though,” she added, pressing Start. It had the normal New Game option, which Maaya pressed.

That was where the game changed drastically. Instead of Professor Oak’s speech, it appeared to be some sort of eulogy. The camera panned over several strangely detailed pixel graves surrounded by black-clad Pokèmon characters in what appeared to be Pokèmon Tower, and text printed out just fast enough to be read before disappearing to make way for the next box of text.

[We are gathered here in loving memory of those we have lost. They may be gone, but they are not forgotten.]

[We bring them here in hope that they can find peace within the protective walls of this sanctuary…]

[And that we ourselves may find closure for this terrible tragedy.]

The screen then cut to the normal overhead player view, though it never asked for a name or anything, and it started in the Pokèmon Tower. “First things first, let’s check our info,” Maaya said, unfazed by this turn of events.

She opened the Trainer Card, checking everything. The name set was DEATH and the hours logged was set to an infinity symbol. The normal detailed sprite was changed to a black hooded figure with two pure white dots to represent eyes. Maaya burst out laughing, going out of frame for a moment as she failed to regain her composure.

A few moments later Maaya reappeared on camera, wiping tears out of the corners of her eyes. “Oh, that was great,” she said, closing out the Trainer Card. She then opened the Pokèmon menu, looking at the party. It was empty, save for an Egg.

The egg was named, however. “Malice Seed” and when checked, it displayed a message of [I am asleep]

“Oh myGod, that’s just… That’s so great,” Maaya said, laughing again. She closed the Pokèmon menu and walked around. After a few steps, the screen shook like a Pokèmon was poisoned in her party. She went into the Pokèmon screen again, and checked the egg. A single pixel looked glitched, but it was ignored.

This time, a different message popped up when checked. [I am hungry] “Is this gonna turn into one of those games where you run around getting food for a baby?” Maaya thought aloud. She took another few steps, and the screen shook again.

This time she ignored it, continuing to walk. She came across a little girl, standing by a tombstone. When interacted with, the screen displayed a dialogue box of [Feed me] and then a Yes/No choice. Maaya, out of curiosity, pressed yes. The screen cut to black and a loud scream played, making Maaya wince. The black faded away to reveal another tombstone next to the original, with the tile in front of the tombstone appearing a slightly lighter color than the others. “Did I just feed that child to the demonic entity inside that egg?” Maaya asked, blinking. She interacted with the tombstone, and a dialogue box appeared. [It was not her time…]

Any later attempts to interact with the tombstone gave no response. Maaya checked the Pokèmon page, selecting the egg. When zoomed, it had a line of black pixels supposedly representing cracks at the top. Maaya brushed this aside, checking the egg.  [I am hunger] the text box claimed this time. “Well, should we feed this demonic entity?” Maaya paused for a moment, then shook her head.

“I’m just gonna do it. If things get bad, I can either delete the save file or smash my PC into a million pieces with this sledgehammer here,” Maaya paused to pick up a small sledgehammer and put it in the camera’s view. She then half-dropped it on the ground and returned her focus to the game.

The screen cut to her in front of another person, also mourning. “Well, we’ve found our next ‘victim’, let’s interact with them,” she said, then a dialogue box popped up. [Give me more] It demanded. Another Yes/No choice appeared. Maaya chose yes, making the screen cut to black once more and another scream play. A different scream than before, rare with these types of games.

When the map returned, yet another tombstone with the off-color dirt had appeared. Upon interacting with it, another dialogue box popped up. [This one should have lived much longer…] Yet again, it would not allow further interaction. This process was repeated several times, all on mourning children. They all gave slightly different responses, though it all followed a certain theme. It shouldn’t have been them.

Maaya caught on around the fifth child she sacrificed to the demon egg. She checked in on it, this time it printed [I am waking] and Maaya decided to find a different target. “So, we’re apparently not killing the right people? I keep getting disapproved messages when I check the tombstones, so… either that or I’m not supposed to feed the demon egg, but I don’t see that happening,” Maaya said.

She laughed it off, going down to the lower levels. There, she encountered an actual ‘event’ in the game. There was an adult sprite and a child sprite, apparently engaged in some sort of argument.

[FATHER: Sarah, it’s dead. You need to come home.]

[SARAH: No! I can’t leave her! She won’t be able to find her way back if I leave her!]

[FATHER: Now, Sarah!]

[SARAH: No!]

A loud *SMACK* sound effect played through the speakers, making Maaya wince. Although, the only animation was the ‘father’ sprite moving towards ‘Sarah’ and a screen shake. “…Looks like we’ve found our victim,” Maaya said in an uncharacteristically dark tone. As she regained control, Maaya immediately moved up to the father. [Give the to me] The dialogue box demanded when she clicked on him.

“‘Them’? Sarah nuuuu!” Maaya said, selecting No for the first time. The screen glitched, but otherwise nothing happened. She went into the Pokèmon screen, selected the egg and… burst out laughing. There was a spiderweb of glitchy cracks on the egg sprite, and in the center lay a single bright red eye.

“HAH! Oh my God, this is great. I wonder what happens when the egg hatches though…” Maaya thought aloud, then exited the menu. She selected the father again, this time from a different side. Surprisingly, the egg did not have a demand this time.

[FATHER: What do you want?!] The dialogue box spoke as the little father sprite shook in anger. “I want you to stop being a total a- I mean, jerk,” Maaya said a bit angrily, then moved to speak to Sarah.

[SARAH: S-sorry, daddy doesn’t like me talking to strangers…] Sarah’s text scrolled much slower than the others, though it still displayed fast due to Maaya just clicking through most of the print process. As Maaya turned to leave, a box of text appeared.

[SARAH: I wish daddy would go away…]

A Yes/No choice appeared. “Is- Is she asking me to go all Dark Brotherhood on that guy?” Maaya commented, looking faintly amused. She selected yes, and the screen cut to black. Although instead of the strangely unique scream playing, a simple *THUD* played, along with a small grunt.

“Nice.” Maaya said as the screen faded back in. The girl was alone, another grave stood next to her in place of her father. Maaya interacted with her.

[Give her to me] popped up on the screen, along with another yes or no choice. Maaya immediately chose no, having grown rather attached in such a short amount of time.

“Oh, cool. It’s growling now,” Maaya said, rolling her eyes.

The speakers were silent, save for the low music of Pokèmon Tower.

Maaya went to interact with Sarah again, but this time the screen glitched out. Maaya was denied all further input, so she closed the entire program. When she did, a low static sound played for a moment, though it stopped as quickly as it started.

She opened the game back up, the Pokèball loading screen popping into view. A few seconds later, the POKèMON LAVENDER screen popped up, though a sprite was on the start this time. A little girl. It then cycled to a little boy, and three other unique child sprites. They all had empty expressions and stood facing forward with their arms at their side. After that, the ‘father’ sprite appeared, though the side of his head was partially disfigured and a trail of black pixels presumably representing blood nearly covered the rest of that side of his face.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today! See you glitchletts later!” Maaya said, turning off the computer.

Instead of her outro, however, a small transition clip played and it cut to Maaya, dressed in the same clothing she was in previous clips only appearing slightly more disheveled. “So, I played Red again. Found out that Mew’s Sing move is kinda off pitch, searched stuff up, found nothing but poorly written creepypastas and some alright fanart. I kinda like it though. Gives me similar vibes to the Lavender Town theme, but I like that stuff. Anyways, I’m gonna catch some Z’s. See you glitchletts later!” Maaya said. The video cut to her outro.


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    In case it wasn’t clear, this is written as a transcription of a ‘video’ into purely text.

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    That really flowed like a video! I felt like I was watching it, rather than reading it, hahaha. And the character was really developed, which I liked. Also, it was decently spooky, and Maaya reacted naturally to things, which was cool. Good story.