First Showing of Amanda and Jessica

Readers Note: Go read The girl in the Corner Before this, or you won’t understand any of it.

“… Jessica’s mom and dad walked in, they bursted into tears, Jessica was dead, and lying next to her was a picture of Amanda,” I said, nearly scaring the pants of my little sister.

My sister ran away screaming, “Mom!! Dad!! Alex is scaring me again!!”

I chuckled, it was always fun to scare her, she was scared of anything imaginable, snakes, spiders, bugs, even ladybugs, and of people mostly, but the worst ones were the dead ones.

One Month Earlier

I was searching the web for a scary story to tell my sister. Then I found this YouTube channel. I never watch the latest video unless I’m caught up in the YouTube channel. This channel was different from others.

The YouTube channel name was, Jessica and Amanda’s Fun House. I never watched YouTube for DIYs or girly stuff like that, but this Jessica was so beautiful.

I wanted more of her. I binged for days, just watching those videos, I even dreamt about it. I forgot all about school, pranking my sister, family, friends, ect.

I was in love. I dreampt about her everyday, I dreamt about us kissing, I dreamt of spending the rest of my life with her, and even dreaming of her family and them loving me, as much as I loved her.

I was there, I got to the last video, when it was just her, I watched it, I noticed something, in the corner, I paused the video, I focused as hard as possible on this figure. Was it who I thought? Amanda? Is that really her? I noticed something else, Jessica looked different from the last video, she looked, older?

I looked at the video date, it was posted a month ago, I watched the whole video through, Jessica looked upset, and depressed. Was she? Every so often I looked at the figure. I paused the video again, I didn’t know what to think, but then I remembered the one video.

I hurried and searched for the video, it was their first Q & A, I hurried, I needed to find this video, I got to the video, I watches it to the certain part, “I, Jessica,” Jessica started.

“And I, Amanda,” Amanda started.

“We solemnly swear,” they stated together, “We won’t ever post a YouTube without both of us.”

I backed out of the video, scrolled all the way to the top, something was wrong. I clicked the video and watched it, Jessica kept saying “The Accident”. What was this Accident she was talking about?

A thought came into my head, “Did Amanda die? And she was the figure in this video? That was it huh, she died, but how”

I instantly pulled a new tab up, I type the words, “What happened to Jessica and Amanda from Jessica and Amanda’s Fun House?”

A link to the CreepyPasta website came up, it was the newest story, The Girl in the Corner. Was it true? I didn’t know if I should of believed it. But I thought it was just a stupid story.

I fell asleep, thinking nothing of the story.

3:33 A.M.

I woke up, I quickly looked at the time. 3:33 it read. Uh oh I thought.

I quickly pulled my blankets over my head, this wasn’t happening!! I stayed under the covers for about 5 minutes. I slowly pulled the blankets down, I let my eyes focus in the room, I looked around. There were two girls standing at the foot of my bed, I looked around for something, grabbing my knife.

The two girls snickered, Jessica climbed onto my bed, she whispered in my ear, “I know you like me, and you have never loved someone like me.”

Amanda disappeared. “She’s gone, a little bit of privacy,” she whispered in my ear again.

Then out of no where, I felt a shape pain in my stomach. It hurt so bad, I grabbed my stomach, I felt a liquid escaping my body.

2 Weeks Later

I walked to my sister, I felt it was time to tell her the story, it was perfect. I made ever single part sound real, and every part scary.

When I was done, she ran away screaming, “Mom!! Dad!! Alex is scaring me again!!”

“How many times do we got to tell you, Becky?!” My mom began, voice cracking, “Alex is in a better place now.”

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    If you(Alex) are dead how can you post this?