Pasta War: Down Hill (6)

“As you all know, I have been cursed with a mystical power that got me thrown into a mass war. I can either help save or end the universe as we know it, but there’s something that I haven’t been honest about… my wife is currently in a Satanic cult. I know you may think this is irrelevant from this situation, but the cult doesn’t directly worship Satan. I hate to tell you but… Huh… Nevermind, you wouldn’t care. You’re not the one who’s being forced to murder their family.”

I got out of bed and angrily walked to the kitchen to get a knife. Jeff had been standing there, waiting for me. “Do you mind getting the hell outta my way Jeff,” I snapped.

“Do you mind calming down? You were only given one job,” said Jeff. “I have to kill the rest of that stupid cult with Jack.”

“Oh yeah! Well I have to kill my wife and kids! You don’t think that’s hard,” I yelled. “You sadistic murderer, you’re too crazy to understand!”

Jeff grabbed my shirt by the collar and pinned me up against a wall. “You better watch your mouth kid! The only thing between you and death is me and my goals.”

I pushed Jeff away and punched him in the nose, stunning him in the process. I quickly lounged for a knife before Jeff had pulled me to the floor. He slammed his fist into my face several time, then I grabbed his fist and slammed it into his own face. I proceeded to grab a knife and I swung it towards Jeff’s head. However, something stopped me. A black tendril was wrapped around my forearm, it was Slenderman.

“You two must stop this nonsense,” said Slenderman. “I told you to get to work, now!” Slenderman let go of my arm and warped away.

I put the knife back and left the mansion. My wife and kids should be at home, she gets the first and second of July to celebrate my birthday with me. It looks like my gift is insanity. I walked in my house and my wife dropped her book, just to run over and kiss me.

“Where were you,” she said. “I was worried about you, you’ve been gone for almost two days now.”

“I had to visit some old friends of mine,” I said.

“Well come sit at the table, we can talk there.”

I walked over to the table and sat down. I heard the kids yelling upstairs like usual. “So babe, huh..” My eyes began to water and a tear fell from my eye.

She grabbed my hand and looked at me. “What’s wrong, you were fine just a second ago?”

“Nothing, do you wanna go hiking with the kids?”

“I mean… Sure, I guess. I’ll get them ready. Kids!”

I hurried to my room and opened my safe, grabbing my… revolver. I put it in my pocket and went to the door. When we left, I felt a wave of sadness come over me. We hiked for about an hour or two before I left my family. I saw one bullet in my gun, this would be hard. I returned to them.

“Kids, can you stay here for a second? I need to talk with your mother,” I said.

“Sure daddy,” said my daughter. My son nodded in approval.

I lead my wife to a large, eighty degree sloped hill. We sat at the edge, talking. I kept her busy as long as I could, then I looked at the rocks at the bottom of the hill. She grew impatient with me, so I kissed her. She smiled at me and I got up, I then helped her up halfway. Why halfway… because I let go. She slipped and twisted her ankle before rolling down the hill and slamming into the rocks. One was dead…

I began to cry as I pulled out my revolver and walked to my kids. “Sit down kids, now!” I pointed the gun at them. They sat on a rock and cried, but were too scared to speak. I closed my eyes and shot, I had killed my fourteen year old daughter. I looked at my son, who was only six years old. My cheeks and chin was soaked in tears.

I heard a noise come from behind him, he fell to the ground and stopped moving. He was now dead, but I didn’t kill him. I couldn’t find out who did it. I just walked to the mansion, depressed. The sun had set and rose during this time.

“Well… happy birthday to me… Oh, I also found something. I heard a noise in the wall of my room. I busted it open and found… You know what, you can wait until I’m ready to tell you. Goodbye!”

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    Oh God…. This took a turn…. More please?

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    This turned real sad but he had go do it but I want to how many he will do.

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    His ears began to water…

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      He means eyes its Odocerect

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    God job man you could have asked me to help if you knew who i was
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