Appetite for Murder

So there I was, sitting in class listing to another boring lecture from my professor. My professor really pissed me off with his long pointless lectures, he would be the first. So I waited till the end of class, when everyone had left. I walked up to his desk, grabbed the pair of scissors off his desk and logged them into his neck.

Next was that worthless grocery bagger at the store. Always putting cans on top of my bread and breaking my eggs. I followed him on the bus and to his house so I knew where to find him. I plotted that night on how I was going to dispose of him. I ended up deciding on a hammer, so I waited until about midnight. When I got to his house I started looking for a window to enter through. The last window I checked happened to be unlocked. I climbed through and found myself in the kitchen. I slowly crept up to his room making sure not to wake him. When I found his room I raised the hammer and started pounding his face in with powerful blows.

It was time to leave town, I went to the next town over where my ex lived. She dumped me because she thought I had some serious anger issues. Well now she’ll learn not to dump me. I drove through the alley behind her house. I noticed her out working on her garden by herself. I looked around to make sure we were completely alone, not a soul in sight. I quietly walked up behind her, grabbed the hedge trimmers laying near her and cut her head clean off.

I decided to go for a walk in the park, and as doing so someone ran into me. How dare he, and how dare he tell me to watch where I was going. I picked up a big rock and knocked him unconscious. I found a rope in the parks utility shed, hung it from a tree and lynched him. I didn’t realize someone had watched the whole thing. I ran away as fast as I could and took shelter in the nearby woods.

Now they have my description and could link me to the murders, but for now I stay hidden where they couldn’t find me. If only they knew I was doing everyone a favor, they don’t realize how these people deserved what they had coming for them. The news reporter called me a monster, this infuriated me. I made my way to the news station the next day and waited for the crew to come in for work. When the last person entered, I quickly doused the place in kerosene and struck a match. I watched as the building set ablaze, with a huge grin upon my face.

By this time there was a nationwide manhunt for me. So I made my way to a small town and found a little dinner. I approached the dinner and walked in, decided to have a little brunch. I must have not been paying attention, as there was a wanted sign with my picture on it. I thought I’d be fine here, I thought small town so they probably haven’t heard. But they noticed, they didn’t act strange, very polite actually. I sat down ordered my food and waited twenty minutes. They finally brought my food out, it was french toast, sausage, eggs, and some hash browns. Fifteen minutes into my delicious meal a swat team stormed in. All I could think is those bastards turned me in, didn’t even let me finish my food.

Now I’m sitting in a courtroom, things aren’t looking good for me. I told the judge I was only doing good deeds by riding of these foul people. He called me sick and disgusting, a disgrace of the human race. I was sentenced to life and put on death row. What they don’t know is it’s not over yet, for I have a trick up my sleeve.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I like it. I like the plot, but I wish there was more details in the killing. Good job though, hoping for a part 2!

  • OwenTurner

    “Discussing”. Did you mean disgusting?
    Good story though

  • Amber Watrous

    I thought the story over all was good. I like the plot, and how it is from the “bad guy’s” point of view. However, spell and grammar check go a long way. Also, if he was put on death row he would get a death sentence, not a life sentence. This really was an interesting story, and I would read part 2 if you wrote it.