Dinner’s Ready

Crystal, a girl in her mid20’s with bright orange hair pulled out the tray that was baking some steak from the oven and placed them on the counter, earning a few satisfied smiles from the other guests who leaned in to smell the delicious scent that was wafting out from the meat and into the kitchen, filling up the room with the smoky aroma.

Jared, who’s at least a foot taller than everyone else with dyed blonde hair and overly tanned skin is outside with a few other guys is busy turning the pieces of steak around and over, making sure they don’t stick to the scorching hot grill as they enjoy their sweet but bitter beer held in their hands and indulging on the beautiful obsidian shade night sky view which is filled with billions of burning stars far into the galaxy. And once in a while a roar of laughter can be heard from them if one of them told a joke or accidentally stumbled over their own feet, intoxicated.

The house is filled with guests, friends and family members came from across the country to Mike’s house since he invited them for a big dinner party with meat being on the main course on the menu. It was a pretty big surprise when they got the invitation either via email or by him inviting them in real life since he’s usually much more on the quieter side. He never really goes to any parties and hardly even held one.

He made up an excuse that it’s a celebration party since he just got accepted for a new job he applied at a small local company to be one of their clerks. Except that there was no job applied under his name ever, nor has he been employed for the last few months. The thought of how he’s so good at lying tickles him, amuses him.

Mike stared at himself in the mirror of his bathroom. The voices in his head is ringing his ear drums, driving him insane. His dark hair is messy and hasn’t been washed in a while. The navy blue plaid shirt he’s wearing hasn’t been changed. His usual bright green eyes are now dull, lifeless. And the dark circles underneath his eyes and his hollow cheekbones seems more pronounced these past couple of weeks. His eyes twitched.

His lips curved into a twisted smile.

He turned around and walked out of the bathroom, running his fingers through his hair, pretending to be fixing it. He straightened his shirt down and started walking through the hallway and into the kitchen, his head jerked.

He then enters the living room, packed with guests and filled with chatters. His head is buzzing. The loud noises and chatter is irritating. His hands balled up into fists, his knuckles turned white.

The doorbell rang and Mike ran up to get it. He opened the door and saw that it was his sister and her boyfriend who had come over for the party.

“Oh Mike, been so long since I’ve seen you!” She said with glee, leaning in to give Mike a hug. She pushed herself away from the hug, a soft smile can be seen on her face.

“Congratulations on getting a new job by the way. Mom would be so proud of you if she’s still with us..” She added. Mike forced a smile, hating the way how she now makes him remember their mother. She’s long gone, forget about her! Mike thought to himself, but those words kept lock behind his throat, cautious to not let them spill out by accident.

“Ah it’s nothing. Surely she’d be more proud of her only daughter who is now an accountant than her beloved son..” Mike replied, spitting out the word beloved out to her face, disgusted. She replied back with a raised eyebrow, slightly concerned.

Mike pushed himself out from blocking the entrance and gestured for them to come in. “Make yourself at home.” He added. His sister hesitated before walking in, turning her head around a few times once she walked past him. He closed the front door shut walked away.

He then walked past Laura, one of his old childhood friends who’s sitting at the dining table and only seems to be helping herself to the veggie platter, dipping the little baby carrots into the dipping sauce before taking a bite. He walked over and placed his hands on her shoulders which caught her attention and disrupting the conversation she was just having with someone. She looked up and saw Mike staring down at her. She gave him a friendly smile.

“Help yourself to a few pieces of steak, darling. Don’t worry, we have plenty.” Mike said with a monotone voice before his lips twisted into a smile.

Laura stared at him for a while before started chewing the food in her mouth so she could talk. “Oh it’s fine, I’m vegetarian.” She explained. Mike raised an eyebrow before letting out a few breaths of laughter.

“So you don’t eat animal meat?” Mike asked, earning a questioned look from Laura.

“Yeah?” She hesitated before answering, wondering if Mike genuinely doesn’t know what vegetarian means. Mike smiled, a twisted one before leaning closer to her until his lips is right next to her ear. Laura felt awkward and uncomfortable and started fidgeting in her seat.

“But what about non-animal meat?” Mike whispered in her ear. He let out a grin and pushed himself away from her ear. Laura froze to her seat, confused and dumbfounded. She turned her head quickly but realised that Mike had already walked away.

“Wait, what do you mean?!” She shouted out. But Mike continued walking away, pretending like he didn’t hear her. He rolled his head around his shoulders with his eyes closed, his fingers twitched.

His shoulder then was tapped by someone, catching his attention. He turned his head to find Jared, glistened with sweat. He had to tilt his head up and felt like it would give his neck cramps. The view sickened Mike, he felt disgusted.

“Hey man I was wondering if there’s more meat left maybe in your freezer. There’s more guests coming and we’re already running out of them over at the grill.” He asked.

Mike gave him a smile.

“Yes, I do indeed have more. Excuse me as I go to get some more.” Mike replied, turning on the balls of his feet and started walking away.

“Oh do you like, need help getting the meat out and-”

“No, no! It’s fine, I can do it myself.” He cut off Jared who already made his move to start following Mike but was stopped. He stared down at Mike and raised an eyebrow. He raised his hands up in surrender. “Alrighty then..”

Mike walked away and was about to enter the hall in his house once again but was stopped by a guest named Lara, a woman who lived next door. She twisted her curly brunette hair with her fingers, intertwining her fingers with the pieces of her hair and brushed Mike’s shoulder. She has always been showing interest towards him. But he felt like her life should be spared and her beauty should be indulged by another man who truly deserves her.

Her fingers then slowly trailed down to his hand, tangling her own fingers with his. She raised their hand up and planted a kiss on the back of Mike’s hand, staining them with her wine red lipstick. She bursts out into a soft giggle. She stopped and looked back up at Mike before pursing out her bottom lip, realising that Mike is showing no interest and desire towards her since the expression on his face hasn’t changed. His expression remained blank and cold.

“Well, for your information, it’s usually the time where the guy I’m seducing right now swoons and instantly falls in love with me all over again. But it seems like, you’re not interested? Tell me so, Mike.” Her voice was tender and clear. From afar he could hear people bursting out into laughter, enjoying themselves.

Lara’s question sparked images in Mike’s mind towards what he desires about love. Images of pieces of meat being grilled on the stove as the sizzling sound it creates remind him the familiar sound of a scream, begging for help. Images of knives as the scarlet and thick blood drips off at the end of the blade and onto the floor and trails of the red substance run down his arms and towards the end of his fingertips. A smile could be seen forming on Mike’s face even though the hallway is not well lighten.

You could just feel the sly smile appear on his face as the muscles on his face wrinkles up. You can feel its cold and dark presence. You could almost hear it forms.

“I’m sorry, but my ideal choice for love very much different..” Mike paused, peeling her fingers and hand away from his. He brushed her hair away from her face and tucked them behind her ears, brushing her jawline as he removes his hand away from her, sending shivers down her spine.

“I desire something, different..” He added before turning around and continued walking through the hallway and into the storage room quickly before Lara even got the slightest chance to say something to him.

Lara continued to stand there, leaning against the wall and looking down onto the floor and back up to the door Mike went in. She eventually walked away, brushing her short black dress and flattening them down, disappointed.

Mike locked the door behind him before turning on the lights. He let out a sigh of relief and walked behind the shelf that holds boxes and containers and pushed it aside, revealing a secret wooden door behind it. He then searched for the keys inside his pocket and unlocked the wooden door.

A pungent smell instantly wafts out from the room and up into Mike’s nostrils. The smell of death, coldness and loneliness. The familiar smell put a smile on his face. He bit his lip.

His fingers went along the walls for a moment, dancing to find its way to the light switch. Once he felt it, the flicked the switch on, causing the lights began to flash as it struggle to turn on because of its age.

The lights then revealed the room soaked in blood, with the blood on the walls is still making its way down as it’s being pulled by gravity, signaling that the blood is still fresh and runny. There’s a wooden chair could be seen next to an old wooden wardrobe which is both has soaked up the blood and had stained the wood a dark shade of red. The chair holds a bloody knife and a piece of rope which hangs around it loosely. And on the floor right next to the chair a bloody whip could be seen, triggering the moments in Mike’s head once again.

He closed his eyes for a while, savouring the smell and the sights in the room which triggers the old memories of fun he had. He could remember the feel of the sharp knife glides against her skin causing it to rip open. He remembers the screams, the blood spilling. Those images flashes in his head once again, making the little hairs on his arms to stick up.

The smell in the room is indescribable. But it sure does tingle Mike’s spots all in the right possible ways.

He was delighted, his grin and eyes widened sickeningly. He closed the door shut behind him slowly as the door knob slips from his fingers since it is slippery. He checked his hand and saw his fingers covered with blood. It must’ve came from the door knob, winding him up just a peg.

He slowly approaches the wardrobe placed at the end of the room as his converse shoes splashes in puddles of blood. He closed his eyes and stroked the wardrobe gently with his fingers, caressing and feeling the energy coming through his fingertips. He breathed in deeply, getting a good waft of the pungent smell of the room.

He opens the door, revealing the bloody insides of the wardrobe. He kneeled down onto the floor and opened the metal container placed inside it. He was then immediately greeted by the severed head that was once belonged to Myra, his wife, with her eyes wide opened, bloodshot and red and full of terror. Mike gave her a smile.

“No time to talk, love. The guests want some more of you..” Mike whispered softly to the severed head, brushing her blood stained blonde hair away from her face, placing his hand behind her head and brushed her cheeks softly using his thumb.

He let go of her and went over to pick up the sharp knife sat on top of a chair with loose ropes hanging off it. He went back to the body and try to find some more meat he could savage as this sick satisfaction goes through his body like electricity. He rolled his head, enjoying the satisfaction as the knife glides on her soft skin and down to her flesh.

He quickly forced the knife through a big piece of flesh and used all of his will to saw whatever bits and chunks he could get. Even though the knife is well sharpened, it still took a while and some force to saw through the meat. He cut up pieces small enough and placed them on the tray he brought with him.

He stood back up once he felt the amount of meat is enough and gave Myra one last smile before he closes the door. “I’ll see you later, sweetie.” He whispered through the cracks on the wardrobe, tossing the knife back down onto the ground and walking back out. He turned the lights off and shut the door behind him with a slam.

He took off his bloody shoes and continued making his way out of the storage room. He walks out and closed the storage door once he got out. He makes his way fast back to the kitchen and was greeted with loud cheers once they saw him bringing in more meat for the guests.

A smile appeared on his face and he placed the tray down with pieces of flesh piled on it onto the countertop. “Enjoy.” He said aloud, his tone mischievous and sly, earning cheers from the clueless guests.

Mike then backed away and headed for the sink to wash his hands. He wipes his hands on the towel placed next to the sink and started making his way towards the patio at his backyard where the pieces of meat is being grilled over scorching hot charcoals, wanting to indulge on some food himself.

He pushed the glass door over and walked over to pick up a paper plate. He then walked over to the table where several trays were set, filled with steak which were just took off from the grill since he could feel the heat coming from it. Jared then walked back out, holding a plate full of raw meat Mike just got and saw him looking at the option of food.

He placed the plate full of raw meat down and picked up another plate of smoked ribs sitting right next to the grill he spared for himself to enjoy later, but decided since Mike had been kind enough to throw this party, he should be the one enjoying it. He walked over to Mike who looked up from looking down at the ray of several options with the plate in hand.

Jared gave him a smile and handed Mike his plate once he got close enough to him. Mike looked at the piece of ribs he was handed for a moment before looking up at Jared with a small smile on his face. “Thank you.” Mike said quietly but with a clear voice before putting his empty paper plate down and accepting the offer he was given.

“Hey, no problem man. Awesome party, by the way.” Jared replied. Mike turned around and started walking away but stopped when he heard Jared saying something.

“But I wanted to know, where and how do you get this much meat from?” Jared added. A sick and twisted smile could be seen formed on Mike’s face. He ignored the question and continued walking away as the cold and stiff grass crunch underneath his bare feet. He walked fast and far away from Jared, leaving his question unanswered and him to wonder on his own.

Mike walked fast and slowed down once he reached the side of his house where no one could be seen around. His breath could be seen as smokes in the cold night air. Mike leaned over the wall before sliding down to sit down and placed the plate on his lap.

The warmth from the plate went through his jeans and could be felt on his calves. He smiled to himself before picking the ribs up, holding it in his hands and gave it a good sniff, taking in that delicious smell.

He grabbed one of the bones and ripped it off, getting a smaller piece for him to be able to consume. He closes his eyes and gave the piece of meat stuck to the piece of bone held in his fingers a lick, tasting it before going in and bite the piece off with his sharp teeth, chewing it in his mouth.

He opened his eyes, still chewing the meat in his mouth and looked at the piece of bone in his hand. He leaned in and gave it a lick before his lips curved into a grin, a sick and psychotic grin.

He could taste the screams in each chew. He could taste the pain. He could taste the suffering. He could taste the torturing.

He could taste Myra.

  • Katina Walden

    Love the detail. If I had to point out anything at all it would be the flipping steaks over and over, flipping too soon is actually something that can cause them to stick. I hope you’ve got more stories!

    • Shafiqah Ashiqin

      Thank you so much! Yeah and when I wrote this I wasn’t really planning on sharing it with others so I didn’t really cared lol. But hey, you learn from your mistakes right! I’ll definitely try to post more, but school’s in the way *sad face*… xS

  • Osvaldo Perales

    Well written love how this was well detailed

    • Shafiqah Ashiqin

      Thank you! xS

  • Shafiqah Ashiqin

    Thanks! Yeah I should’ve but I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read this tbh haha! xS

  • Nathan Abc

    Amazing creepypasta!!!! It was one of the best ones I’ve seen and I’ve seen hundreds! Also i have a creepypasta idea you could do. Could you do a Vashta Narada. It’s a swarm of blackness that hides in shadows any meat or human flash or meat that goes in the shadow that is filled with the Vashta Narada will get instant eatan into bone instantly the Vashta Narada is not in every shadow but it can be in any shadow also nobody has done a creepy pasta on that also look it up!!!!

    • Scarlett Fingers

      Thanks for reading! I’m pretty sure that “creature” has been in an episode of Doctor Who with Eleven or Ten. Yeah that seems pretty cool, but I’m just afraid that Whovians will come for me saying that I stole an idea from DW lol. I might twist the concept of Vashta Narada and write a stroy bout it! Keep your eyes peeled for that (not literally) xS