I’ve Named It Albus

I’m posting this here because you all are the most likely to know what this thing is.

Basically, last year when girl scouts started up again, we got a bunch of new girls. As the oldest of the troop, a lot of the younger girls liked to hang out with me, so I quickly knew everyone.

We had gone to a winter camp in February, and stayed in a remote part of camp called “dogwood”. I and two friends of mine had decided to go walking down one of the dirt roads into the woods, which I had done many times so I knew the path well. Everything had been fine and dandy until we were coming back, and in a small alcove next to the entrance of the camp, I saw something.

It was tall, around 6″, and completely white. It had no face, no features at all really, and no hands. When I saw it, I screamed and ran, pulling my two friends with me. We ran a little ways, before we realized we had passed the camp, and risked walking back past where we saw the thing, just to see it was gone.

Later that night, I had gone to get another girl out of her cabin for smores. Ever since I saw that white creature, I had started carrying around my pocket knife, so I had that in my hand as I had approached the cabin. Just as I got close enough that I could make out some of the finer details, I noticed something white peaking around the side of the cabin, before ducking back behind. After a couple seconds of debating with myself, I looked behind the cabin to see there was nothing there.

More recently, my friend, one of the ones who I had been hiking with, had come over for a sleepover in my backyard. I had left for a bit to go get sleeping bags since we were staying in a tent, and when I walked back out she looked terrified. She ran up and grabbed me by the shoulders. Before this point, another friend and I had made an online video channel to document everything, and we had called the white thing “Albus”, so I was shocked whenever my scared friend told me she “just saw Albus”.

A few days ago, my friend was once again at my house, and we were discussing the channel I had made, when she mentioned that she had gotten sleep paralysis, and saw Albus, and they had spoken to her. She said that she had woken up unable to move, and before she had opened her eyes she heard a very deep, groggy sounding voice tell her to “open her eyes”. When she did, Albus was standing in her room.

I’m not sure how I should react to all this. So far, Albus doesn’t seem to be a threat, but the whole situation is still unnerving. If anyone has seen something like what I’ve described, please say something, because I’m beginning to think I’m just crazy.