It’s Not Me Anymore

We’ve moved to this house three days ago.

I knew it was a bad idea, I f*****g knew it from the beginning.

First day we arrived I saw something behind a tree. I thought that maybe it’s a swing or something but then I come closer and saw it. It was a rope. Stained with blood.

I called my mum, but when she came it disappeared. I swear I’ve never been frightened like this before.

And it was only a day one.

First night I couldn’t sleep, because of strange noises floating outside. Once I fancied that I hear voices.

The third night I was sure that they are voices. Whispering all the time, calling my name, arguing with each other.

After a month spent in this terrifying place things started getting worse.

One day I stood in front of a mirror to look on my clothes. I saw my hand rising and wrapping around my neck. Then my fingers tightened and I started choking.

I felt on my knees and looked down.

I saw my arms touching the floor but the pressure on my neck hasn’t disappeared.

I looked in the mirror and saw me suffocating myself again.

Then I heard evil whisper: ‘we won’t ever kill you, you’ll do it by yourself’

Then it stopped.

I looked in my eyes without emotion, adjusted clothes and walked to school.

After a year I started seeing bad creatures. I think they were demons.

Now it’s worse. Much, much worse. It’s like I am the one of them. But inside.

Because I look like a normal teenager, it’s nothing special in my behaviour. Maybe just the lack of emotions.

It’s a holiday time.

Parents are visiting someone somewhere but I won’t go with them. This house won’t let me.

So there I am, home alone. It’s time to stop this s**t.

I am taking the rope, placing it on a tree I saw it first day we arrived.

And I know this creature was right.

I don’t f*****g care.

The plus is it will die with me.

  • Bonnie Manz

    I feel like this story is unfinished. You have a lot of gaps in the time line. And the ending was rushed. You also need to edit the story your grammar needs work.

    • Maja Kozieł

      Thank you for your advices. It’s my first creepypasta and you’re right I should practice my grammar skills. I’m from Poland and I’m still learning and thanks for writing this.

  • GMD Kurt

    It Was Great It Scared Me