It Has My Eyes

I can’t move, I feel nothing, I can’t speak, but I can see. The sight that I’m seeing is not my own. My eyes are gone, they were taken. I’m seeing what it sees. I am forced to bear witness to its heinous acts, forced to see things no one would ever wish to see. It likes to eat people, likes to maul them.

It eats parts of their brain, dragging their deaths out as long as possible, all the while I’m forced to watch. I can’t escape this hellish circle of vivid, nightmarish imagery that it has bestowed upon me. I can do nothing but watch as it plunders about, rendering those who stand in its to nothing more piles blood and flesh. The ones that fight back, those are the ones it seems to like most, it gets stronger with every blow they dish. I’ve never seen anyone make it out of its clutches alive.

It seems to derive pleasure in my being forced to watch it do these horrendous things. It uses its victims bodies to taunt me, knowing I see what it sees, and I have no control. It killed my entire family, tore each of them apart beyond recognition, all of which I had a front row seat to. I couldn’t save them, they all died and I’m stuck here. Sometimes, It allows me to catch a glimpse of my own house from its perspective, all the while, people walk past, not even acknowledging its existence.

It wants me, everyday it gets slightly closer than the last. It somehow knows where I am. I fear that one day, the person that I see it savagely mauling will be me. It has finally done it, gained entrance to my house. I can see it, as it lurks round the living room. It doesn’t head up to my room immediately, instead, it decides to go downstairs.

I finally get a glimpse of what this thing is as it reaches the bottom. There’s another hidden in the basement, far larger than the one my vision shows through. It is a spider-like creature that sits on four sprawled, spiked legs. It is hunched over with its spine protruding from its back. In its eye sockets hangs the eyes of presumably another person, one being tortured much the same as me.

The creatures then begin performing what looks to be some sort of ritual. This goes on for some time until it is abruptly cut short when the one I’m seeing through reaches into the other one’s chest with utmost force. Upon doing so, it begins breaking bones away and tearing out organs, until the strangest thing happens, a human body spills out, still moving and with eyes completely missing. They begin to devour him, I can’t, but it looks like he’s screaming. He’s in agony from them ripping away chunks of flesh. They don’t think twice about finishing him though, they leave him there to suffer.

That’s when it happens, the larger one turns its gaze to me. It reaches inside the other monsters chest and begins ripping away. I then begin to feel like I’m being pulled. Before I know it, I feel the familiar coldness of my basement floor on my face. Through its vision, I see myself lying there on the floor. I then feel the sharp pain of needle like teeth as they sink deep into my legs, making their way up.

I try to break free, but I can’t. They are simply too strong. Soon they begin chomping on my back as I grow colder and colder from loss of blood. I have no fight left, and no choice but to die. At least they let me experience one last sliver of a sensation before I died, even if it was pain. Now I’m trapped in the purgatory they’ve created for me, and they still taunt me with my own body.