The Gothic Doll

I was on a trip in England near the The Maunsell Sea Forts which people said was a really freaky place. I work for an online website that finds disturbing videos, pictures and websites. There had been a lot of sightings there of a girl that people say reminds them of a girl like Samara. The fans had nicknamed the girl The Gothic Doll. I wanted to see if it was real because most of the stuff we find is just fake news. I was with my two best friends. Mostly they came along for the screams because we all loved to prank each other and freak each other out. The guys names are Finn and Alex. Because I wasn´t really rich so the three of us just stayed in a log cabin a little ways out in the woods. The cabin was two floor six roomed cabin, three rooms on the first floor and three on the second. The three of us left for England on a Friday so we would get there in the night Saturday. We where early to the airport and found out that a storm would be on the way so the plane would be leaving in an hour. We rushed through security and got to the right area and got on just in time. The plane left and nothing bad happened till we arrived in England.

We had to meet someone past the second security that would have a car outside for us. Once we got to the area we all split up to look for the guy with the car. I texted the guy after five minutes and when there was no answer I understood there was no car and the guy had stole are money for the car and hadn´t come. I went to look around for Finn and Alex. I looked around and found Alex and Finn talking to a guy and I walked over. I found out that the guy Alex and Finn found would lend us a car for a few days for $10 a day. We all agreed and we drove to the cabin. Because we didn´t have the car and it wasted time we got there ten minutes past two. We got the key from under the rock on the door and walked in. We all unpacked and fell asleep fast.

I opened my eyes at least an hour or two later, I could feel something moving up my bed and I held my breath. It could have been Alex or Finn trying to scare me, but it was late and they had said they where going to bed. We all slept in different rooms so Finn or Alex would have had to come in to scare me. I sat up and looked at the end of the bed ready to see Finn or Alex. But I saw a girl sitting on the bed with her back to me. She was holding something but I couldn´t see it. I then said to her, ¨Hi, where are your parents?¨ I guess it was stupid but I was a little freaked out that she was here. How had she got in? I had the key. She didn´t answer but she did stop moving. She then stood up but didn´t turn around. Then she let out a high pitched scream and ran, dropping the thing in her hand. She ran out the door still screaming then the screaming just stopped and Alex and Finn ran in. ¨What the hell was that?!¨ Alex yelled. I was freaking out. Finn picked the thing the girl had dropped off the floor and looked at me. After me having to calm down I told them what happened. They thought I was going crazy. The thing the girl had dropped was a doll. It had black hair and very pale skin. The freaky part was the eyes where red. I´m not going to forget the girl, my guess is she is the same girl from the stories online. How she got in is still a mystery and where she went is a mystery as well. I still have the doll for some reason but its locked away in the attic. Alex, Finn and me never saw anything weird in the Bases but I do believe that night I saw the Gothic Doll.

  • Eagle

    It needs work. The story was full of spelling and grammatical errors and there was too many sentences leading with “I”. It was a good try but all of those components together, for me, ruined the story.

  • Jaime Deane Motter

    I enjoyed the story 🙂