Is Tamra Home?

Author’s Note: This creepypasta is based off of the Strangers and the Strangers Prey at Night. Watch one of the movies so you get some of it. Please enjoy!

Marissa and Shaun had just got married and moved into a house up in the mountains. A radio tower was near and they had WI-FI. Marissa’s family had money, so they both could live happily. The house was near the base of the mountain, and was close to a hiking trail. One night, Shaun and Marissa were watching a movie, when there was a knock at the door. Marissa stood up, but Shaun looked over. “I’ll get it my love,” Shaun stood up and walked to the door. He opened it and there was a blonde haired girl standing on the porch. The porch light was broken, and flickered. “I-is Tamra home?”

“I’m sorry, who?”


“No I’m sorry. I don’t know any Tamras.” Shaun shut the door and sat back down. Marissa walked into the kitchen to get food.

“Shaun, there is a knife missing from the rack.” Shaun walked in and saw it too. “It doesn’t matter. Can you go to the store and pick up milk?”

“Yeah sure,” Shaun Grabbed his keys, kissed Marissa, and left. Marissa changed the channel and started watching a true crime channel.

“Today’s episode is based off of the Manson family murders,” Marissa smiled, as she studied the murders and wanted to see if the information matched up. Unknown to her, a blonde haired girl put on a plastic mask with lipstick and blonde hair. She looked over to her friend, who put on a mask with Black hair, lipstick, and Rosy cheeks. Finally, a tall thin man smiled and put on a mask with two holes for eyes. The mask wasn’t plastic, instead a rough potato bag.

“Showtime girls.”

Shaun got home and opened the door Marissa grabbed him and pulled him into a closet. “I saw someone.”

“I do too!” Marissa and Shaun ran out, and a girl with a pin-up mask. Bag mask and blonde mask formed a circle around them. Shaun ran at bag mask, but he was stabbed in the chest. Marissa was knocked down, and her ears started to ring. She was tied up, and watched as her husband was mutilated by three masked monsters. “Why are you doing this? Why!”

Bag mask grabbed her cheeks with his thumb and fingers. “Because you were home,” he walked away took off his mask. The other Strangers did the same and stared at Marissa. They both came at her with knives, and three minutes later, was nearly unrecognizable. The Strangers grabbed their masks, and walked outside. They got into a pick up truck and drove off.

  • Love2Bscared

    Um, this story wasn’t “based” off the movie ‘The Strangers’ it basically WAS the movie ‘The Strangers’! All you did was completely shorten the story line and change the characters names! Smh