This may be my last post. I’ve been sleeping less and less. That in of itself is a bad thing… but now… I’m questioning my sanity.

Let me explain my situation before I pull this trigger. As a kid, I never had the luxury of having friends. So in a feeble attempt to make myself happy, I made imaginary friends. At first, they were normal but as time passed and I got older, they started to… change. Their appearances were more… adult and their actions were worse. For example, I had woken up one morning to the sound of Janis screaming (Janis was the first female friend I made in my mind). So I quickly got up and ran to the source. I wish I hadn’t. The sight I saw I could only describe as a brutal, disgusting, blood filled sight. By the time I got there Janis was strung up by her intestines and blood was everywhere. That sight would scar any human being, but being eight the first thing I did was scream. My parents came in and asked me what was wrong. I hadn’t told them about my “friends” so I said I hurt my toe. They sighed in relief and looked at my toe. Nothing was wrong with it of course and they went on with their normal duties. After they left I got Janis down and being only eight at the time I just started shoving her insides back inside her. She softly smiled at me and weakly giggled as she put her hand on my face.

“I-I love you,” is what she said to me as the life faded from her eyes. She died in my arms. I was devastated for months. None of my other “friends” said anything about it. When I hit 17 is when it got worse. I started focusing on school, trying to get a job and… the love of my life. But it became increasingly harder as the “friends” I had before never left and only became more disturbing. They tried killing each other several times, causing me to wake up to the bloody mess they had created. By this time, my mother had died of lung cancer and my dad just started having symptoms of lung cancer. I couldn’t tell anyone about the sights I had woken up to so I wrote them down. One day I took the book I wrote them down in and I sat with my girlfriend. She took my book and read it before I even knew what happened. She looked at me with terror in her eyes for a second then her look softened.

“I see them too…” she says as she pointed to Ken. I slightly smiled and gasped. She then proceeded to explain how she had done the same thing I had as a child. They just followed her for a while and got worse as time went on. During my computer class I had done some research on what these things may have been. After thirty minutes of looking I came across a website about these things called Darklings. They were beings from another dimension that came to ours for one reason… and that was to feed. See? That wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t involve humans. They feasted on fear and anger, basically all emotion in general. I printed off as much of that s**t as I f*****g could. I mean, until the printer ran out of paper and ink!

I rushed off to find Crystalline (my girlfriend). I ran into the Auditorium and skidded to a halt as I saw her. I showed her the papers and… if I said that she was interested, that would be a f*****g understatement. She became obsessed about them and she kept studying up on them. After a few months her eyes had rings under them and it was obvious she hadn’t gotten sleep. Every time I asked her about it she said it was none of my business.

A few days afterwards I was laying on my bed, it was twelve o-clock at night. After about twenty minutes I got a message from her.

“T- they’re after me! They know I know too much!! Please help me!!” that’s what she said to me. I told her that she needed to get some sleep. She agreed and cut her phone off. Oh how I wish I had’ve kept her up. As soon as I walked into school I knew something was off. We were packed into the Auditorium and I didn’t really think about it until I heard Crystals name. It turns out her mutilated corpse was found in her room. A message was written in her blood. “The unseen are not always safe.” that’s what she wrote.

Now, a year later, I’ve seen this shadow everywhere I go. I haven’t slept and the “friends” I had created are now attempting to end my life. Before they can, I will do it myself. Before I do, I have to warn all of you. If you ever start to lose sleep or see a shadow sliding across the wall that should be… run… as far away as you f*****g can, because if you don’t, he’ll get you too. Now I will die with no regre-

Hello… You don’t know me but I know you… oh yes… I’m speaking to you reader. Thinking this is just another scary story attempting to get into your head… but I assure you… I am as real as the bed you’re laying on, as the laptop or phone or tablet you’re reading this on. You see, I know everything about you. Every single secret you hide from everyone. You should be very afraid but I know you won’t be. You’ll just shrug this off as another story trying to get into your head, but the thing is dear reader… I’m already inside of your head, feeding on that fear that you get. That moving shadow on your wall, that blur in the corner of your eyes… soon… your fate will be like this poor sap. See you soon.



  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    It was cliche but it was written all right, and the ending was interesting.