I’m Sorry – Part 1

01/03/14 15:00
Pick up. Please pick up..
Hey, it’s me. I know you don’t want to…
It’s been almost a year you have to…
Just listen to me! You both need to leave.
Can you just listen to me for once, take her and leave
Do. Not. Stop. For. Anything.
It doesn’t matter where you go just f*****g go!
I’ll explain it later just go
I love y….please be safe

01/03/14 18:34
Do you remember when she was born?
You remember how she was so quiet…
See, there is a reason why they didn’t let you hold her right after.
Please, just let me finish.
She…she wasn’t breathing
No, not let me finish
They rushed her out because she was blue. She wasn’t responding. That’s why I went after them.I know I should have told you from the start
Stop, just stop. I get it but you need to let me finish.
There IS a reason I am telling you this now!
As they took her to the NICU, I was stopped by a woman
She asked if the baby was mine and then told me that she could help
What the hell do you think? Of course I said ok! Our baby was dying and you think I asked questions??The only thing she told me after I agreed was that one day I will be called on.
S**t they’re here…..

01/12/14 01:43
This will only take a second
I knew one day this would happen. I knew they’d come.
I gave everything so you both would be happy, I gave my life and soul so you both can be happy
Do you not understand? Do you not get why I had to walk away?
I saved her! I did! Not you, I did it!
I did it to protect you!
I did this all for you! I did it for both of you!
I just want you to know that I love you both so much. I did what I had to do

1/16/14 3:13
Call missed

1/20/14 6:21
3 calls missed

1/23/14 17:33
I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.I never meant to drag you both into this.
I understand now why you won’t talk to me.
But now I know what to do. I know what will make you love me again.
Now I’m going to make things right
I love you..
I will be seeing you both soon.
I promise.

1/24/14 20:54
Six hours and twelve casualties later, the police have finally taken the killer into custody. A twenty-six year old man, whose name has not been released to the public, was taken in.Reports are coming in that all of victims today were hospital staff members from the NICU unit. Police say the motive behind the savage attack is the anniversary of the death of the Killer’s wife and child one year ago today. Eye witnesses have reported that the killer was screaming incoherently at the time of the first attack. One witness reported to us that as he started his rampage, they heard him repeating ” I’m sorry”. We will be continuing to update everyone as the story comes in.

  • FredBot Gaming

    It’s good but I’d liked to know more… 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’m thinking of making this into a series if this is well received. Let’s just say that there may be something causing the madness…

      • FredBot Gaming

        Great can’t wait because I have a feeling this will be quite popular ‘u’

  • Patricia Divinagracia

    I really enjoyed this. So far it’s one of my favorite stories here.. pls make it into a series , that’d be awesome cx

    • Almost cried reading this (happy tears of course)! I’m so glad you enjoy it! I am seriously considering making this a series. 🙂

      • FredBot Gaming

        You really should make it a series pls it’ll give me some other creepy pastas to read that I actually enjoy 🙂

        • Pssttt pt.2 is up

  • Thanks for the feedback! I can see how it could be confusing. I’ll consider making some edits soon 🙂

  • Ray Ramirez

    This is awesome I wanna read more. And I agree with the others, a series of this would be great 🙂

  • Francesco Villacres

    I found this quite interesting and original but very confusing. Looking forward to reading the next part!

  • FredBot Gaming

    Checking through the xyz and then all of a sudden I see a pt.1 and my face turns to this 🙂

    • Pt.2 to be released soon! (hopefully)

      • Pt.2 is now up 🙂

        • FredBot Gaming

          Thanks I’ll try to read it tonight but I’m really busy right now 🙁

  • Benjamin Michael Ripley

    The only disappointment I had with this was that it ended. I’m looking very much forward to part 2! Keep up the amazing work!